March 30th, 2012


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I've got a little tube of paint that I'm using and somehow when I went to put the cap back on a bit of the plastic inside must have broken because now I can't tighten it back up. What can I do to seal it up properly so my paint doesn't dry up or go all over the place?

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For those of you who have been pregnant in the past, or are pregnant now, how did you go about identifying the gender (or genders):
Did you wait, or did you ask your doctor to reveal the sex?
If you didn't wait, how far along were you when you found out?

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If you found out you had exactly six months to live, how would you spend it?

- you will be healthy enough to do what you want to do - after 6 months you'll suddenly drop dead
- there is no cure or way to slow the process so spending the six months trying to find a cure would be pointless.

edit: what if you had a year? would that change things?

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So I just noticed that I was invited to some event on facebook.

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I kinda get this is some burning man thing, but still -- anyone have any idea wtf I was invited to?

I don't want to wear any bags of shame, or have to locate where any bags of shame happen to be -- what the hell am I supposed to dress up as? Can I recycle my chicken costume for this?

Should I just skip out since the promoters can't seem to figure out where/were? Or is that supposed to be some kinda charm to this tomfoolery?

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We're really desperate for my husband to get a job and he was just offered one - working with the homewrecker that my ex cheated on me with/left me for. TQC, am I absolutely nuts for asking him to refuse this job because of that?

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I have a mildly unpleasant hangover.
I've been watching what I eat for the month and would like either pizza or a bagel.

What should I get?
Of the two, which would you prefer? How do you like your bagels and pizza?

pizza bagels are a blasphemous option that will not be considered.

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Congratulations, thequestionclub-ers! It's pay day and after paying your bills and the other obligations you have [putting some towards debts or some into savings] you have $200 left. What do you do with it?

You have food until your next pay. You have gas to last you for awhile or bus tickets to get around. What do you WANT to buy with $200?
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What are your thoughts of a professor who outright tells you that their expectations is that their students should pass their exams with a 75% and more than one person getting a higher grade means the test was too easy and she will make sure to make it harder next time?

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My lips get very dry when it's cold out. I have no idea where to begin looking for something to help and I heard that chapstick dries out your lips (although I don't know if that's true or not), so, what is a good moisturizing lip balm?
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Who wants to play a game with me? 

I think we should play a month long game of who can complete the most miles.  The game is simple as 1, 2, & 3.

1.  Sign up on
2.  Select this challenge I am maintaining. 
&. Start logging in any kind of cardio you enjoy most. 
3.  Fill up the comment box on the challenge page and even here with smack about how much more awesome you are. 

Perfect way to interact and stay active.  <3 

This challenge officially starts April 1st. 

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Santorum almost calls Obama the N word

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How does this impact your feelings of Rick Santorum?

It really doesn't change my feelings that much
I liked him before, but after this, sheesh
I didn't really think much of him before, but after seeing this video, I can finally relate to him
I hated him before with the heat of a dozen suns. Now it's with the heat of a hundred suns
I liked him before. Now I love him
Who's this racist?

Stage Fright.

I have a talent show at 6:00, which gives me 2 hours. I'm really nervous. Like, really flipping nervous. Maybe it's the social anxiety, I don't know. It's gonna be my first time performing as a solo on stage. Everyone's gonna be there. Deep breathing isn't helping. I don't know what to do. I'm worried I might get a panic attack or something. My hands were shaking so bad I could barely play at the rehearsal. Any suggestions to calm down? And to fellow pianists, what do you do to get ready for a performance like this? I'm having second thoughts on showing up.

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So let's say that you work for a company. This company decides that they are going to try to sell the division that you work for. If it doesn't get sold, they'll keep you on, but if it gets sold, you are sold to the new company as well. You don't know who the new company could be, or what it would mean in terms of salary, job security, or location. So, as a logical person, you start applying for new jobs, because there are just too many variables here.

You get a new job offer. Once you tell your current company about the new job offer (which you have accepted), they start throwing buckets of money at you to get you to stay. And by buckets, I mean an 11% raise, and a 15% retention bonus to be paid out 2 months after the sale (or non-sale) of your division.

What would you do? Stay or leave?
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I've never owned a dog, but I want one. I'm about to move to a place where a large dog could run and play freely.

What's the best dog breed evar?

Edit: I live in southern Arizona where it occasionally hits 115°F in the summer, and the normal temp is 105.

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I'm potentially on the verge of taking a work-from-home contract job with potential to convert to full-time employee. This will allow me to move back to Austin, Texas.

How much drinking on 6th street do you think I'll have to accomplish to forget about my California acquaintance who did me a favor?

Alternatively, what's your threshold for moving someone from acquaintance to friend?
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decide my fate

i have to fly out of lax tomorrow night to go to vegas. my flight leaves at 7:40pm. they say you should arrive two hours before. i cannot even remotely leave until 5pm, because i work in radio and as a producer, if i'm not there for the show everything goes to shit. given traffic, i'm paranoid about the time. my question is this: should i be stressing? would online check-in make this better? will security be a nightmare?

EDIT: am i completely subhuman for keeping this icon of kim jong il?

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When you are telling someone the length of a relationship with a SO, do you go by the first date or by when you officially declared that you were in a relationship?

What is your preferred method of prepared potatoes?

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My 2 best girl friends and I are going to LA for 5 days for a MUCH needed vacation.
Where should we go? Which bars should we check out?

We are all 25. I haven't been since I was a child.

We're staying in a hostel but haven't decided which one yet so suggestions on that would be lovely.

Will you tell me about your last great vacation?

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What do you think of someone that consumes Metamucil four to five times a day and has no medical or constipation problems?  Would you consider this consumption excessive and possibly dangerous? 

For the past four weeks my parents have been doing this and for some reason I think this diet is weird and no good can come from it. 

Tell me about yours or others weird eating habits. 
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5 ?s

What's the last really bad movie you saw?

What kind of phone do you have?

When you take a shower, what do you do first:

Turn off the water
Press the bathtub nozzle*
I have a shower only, so there's no release valve

*I'm not sure what the nozzle that you pull up or push down is that switches it from coming out of the faucet or from the shower head so I'm calling it the bathtub nozzle* ETA: I mean when you are finishing up your shower, what do you do first. I hope this makes sense.

If you play it, are you any good at the game Draw Something?

Do you take good care of your feet?

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Why am I sad, TQC? My life is, for once, going great. I've got money in the bank, lots of hours at work, been more running lately, got a great deal at my gym, finished off my honey do list...

What gives?

Non srs answers plz
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How do you deal with death? My emotions are completely out of control right now. I am doing my best to think and act rationally to the point were I am hesitant about everything I do or say. 

What should I read?

I just had the appalling realization that I haven't read any books just for pleasure for at least 3-5 weeks and I'm out of new releases by my favorite authors.

I like a little bit of pretty much everything, but my main escape is epic fantasy. Bonus points if your recommendation is downloadable. Triple chocolate brownie points if it's a female author.

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Assuming all of these were physically and financially feasible for you, but otherwise still carried the normal risks and discomfort factors, which would you be interested in doing?

Get launched into space
Ride on a submarine
Fly a 1920's style solo plane
Fly in a helicopter
Hike through the amazon
Ride a camel through a desert
Complete a triathalon
Drive a monster truck
Climb Mt. Everest
Explore the deepest underground cave in the world
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what is your favorite method of hair removal? why?

dk/dc: you must pick up the following items, but due to time constraints, you can only go to one store. based on the list, to which store do you go?

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Wedding Reception Ettiquette

My husband and I were invited to my coworker's wedding reception tomorrow (they had a courthouse wedding last week), so I have a few questions.

Apparently no one else from work will be there (I won't know anyone except for the groom) and it's a very casual reception in a church, how long is appropriate for us to stay?

Also, I gave money to the office gift for him and from our little work group, should I take another gift and/or a card tomorrow?