March 29th, 2012

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What is one thing you really wish would or had happen(ed)? (For example: you wish a certain actor would record a CD, an idea in your head was an actual novel, a TV show's series finale ended a different way or anything else you can think of)

For me I wish Kate Winslet would record a CD. It is because of her one song, What If. She has an incredible singing voice.

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I'm looking to buy a book or two for my dad's upcoming birthday. We used to have very similar reading tastes, but lately he's gotten into Dan Brown's stuff -- which is really not my thing.

Sooo, can anyone suggest some titles to get him? I know there's plenty of if-you-like-The-Da-Vinci-Code-then-read-this lists to be had off the net, but I'd prefer to get some personal recommendations :)

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I have a few jars of alfredo sauce in my cupboard and I'm going grocery shopping today to buy other ingredients, what should I make?

What would be a good dessert to go with it?

Can we just have a delicious food post? lol
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A dude gets out of a light prop driven airplane after a flight and walks into the still spinning prop, losing an arm.
the insurance company offers him $200,000 as compensation. Its part of the passenger clause.
Dude refuses it and sues for more because he claims he wasn't in the aircraft and therefore wasn't a passenger at the time.

What do you think TQC???

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Hi TQC! Long time, no see.

I am planning on moving to Boston this summer but due to my schedule/SO's schedule...we can only get 2 days off together to go up and look at places (4 days w travel but whatev.). I am wanting to find lots of places online to look at (hopefully with pictures!) so I can compile a list that we want to look at in person. What is the best place to look for places to rent online? We also have a budget of $2300/mo. without utilities included, are we likely to find a decent 2bdroom place in Boston?

Also, I'm a small town girl and still don't understand the concept of "condos". Are they just fancy apartments? Do you pay for them like houses/mortgage/etc or is it rent? Are they worth the cost?

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Congratulations, you're a critic! What sort of things are you going to critique? Choices would include food, wine, hotels, video games-- basically anything where there are a lot of choices out there. And... why?

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TQC, I walk three miles a day, five days a week. Due to familial obligations, I don't have the option of going to a gym, but I'd like to do fun workouts at home in addition to my walks. What kinds of at-home workouts can you recommend me? The less equipment required, the better, and I'd really like to tone my upper arms and lose fat in my belly.

DK/DC: What's your favorite quick, filling breakfast?

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Divorce. Dinosaurs, Birthdays. Religion. Halloween. Christmas. Television. These are a few of the 50-plus words and references the New York City Department of Education is hoping to ban from the city’s standardized tests.
The Department of Education's says that avoiding sensitive words on tests is nothing new, and that New York City is not the only locale to do so. California avoids the use of the word "weed" on tests and Florida avoids the phrases that use "Hurricane" or "Wildfires," according to a statement by the New York City Department of Education.
Matthew Mittenthal, a spokesman for the NYC Department of Education, said this is the fifth year they have created such a list. He said such topics "could evoke unpleasant emotions in the students."
In general, do you agree with the creation of such lists?

What words, especially those local to your own area, do you think should be on such lists?

"Dinosaurs" evoking unpleasant emotions? The New York Post speculated that the "dinosaurs" could "call to mind evolution, which might upset fundamentalists.”
Do you agree with the inclusion of "dinosaurs" in this instance?

Any other thoughts on this issue?

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Worth a shot, right?

On the off-chance, does anyone know anyone who can help my husband get a job in Orange County, California? He can do IT or general office stuff. I've become accustomed to eating and having somewhere to live, so it would be kinda cool to continue doing so.

ETA: He's obviously not above doing retail work or anything like that either. He doesn't have experience in it, but he's a smart guy and can pick it up.
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My aunt told me that she wants an assortment of cute Easter mugs for her birthday. I have been to Target, Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Kohls, and Pier 1. What other non-internet stores should I check?

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If we define 'visited' to mean stayed there for at least 24 hours and did not spend the entire time inside a moving car or in an airport...

How many US States have you visited?
How many foreign countries have you visited?
How many different continents have you visited?
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I'm attending a house warming party this Saturday, and want to bring a gift. I asked the hostess for suggestions, and she says their house is already furnished and everything. I still want to bring something for other reasons. Something small, and easily available since I only have until Saturday. Any ideas?

Should I just cook something like a pan of brownies instead?
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What's with the very common atheist belief that religion/religious people are out to get you and convert you? Crazy evangelicalism and nutty people aside, not every Christian is a psychopath Bible loving nut.

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i'm going to get a macbook sometime in the next week or so, are there any apps you'd recommend for students? (even better, anything re: history/poli sci/language learning??)

other app recs? any you wish you hadn't purchased?

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Okay so it has now been 3 months since my breakup and i think I am getting worse. Before when I had posted I told him i couldnt talk to him anymore he said he hated me and then we didnt talk for 3 weeks...but then he saw me at the gym talking to another guy and he just got all upset and followed me when i was leaving the gym and I tried to be nice and normal with him but he was just rude... I guess because he was upset and then he texted me that i shouldnt go to his gym because it messes him up.. So i never responded but then I got super intoxicated that night and texted him all of this emotional crazy crap saying i hated him and just how I was doing fine until he approached me and looked all sad and then 2 days later I talked to him at the gym and he still seemed really upset about it and he said I hurt him more than ever and he was to emotional to be my friend but then on My birthday all he said was happy birthday and i was really emotional and just sent all these texts with one reply that said he didnt care anymore and after i sent those texts he just stopped caring. He said "i care about you perhaps its love but i dont know what that means anymore and i dont think we could ever be again. You changed to much to fast, I dont want a gf, I didnt like how I acted and how jealous i got when we were dating. Im still learning and growing" Ever since I have been a i was in denial that this would somehow work out one day even if it is one Year from now... Just because I love him so much but he doesnt love me nor care nor want to be with me. Its like he purposefully did that at the gym to mess me up while he moves on with his merry life. I feel like I need him as a friend even though I still love him and I tried and he said we could be friends yet he didnt mean it....He never tried to contact me since and its like he wants no part of my life. I just want to talk to him about life and I dont think I will ever stop loving him and move on. Im so sad all the time??? Any advice would be appreciated.:(

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My husband has a thingamajig that plugs into the outlet charger in the car and converts it to a standard three-prong outlet. We're visiting his sister, who lives about forty minutes to an hour away, on Sunday. She just had a baby, so I'll be bringing dinner. I'd like to crockpot something, but it's a dish that takes 12 hours, so we'd have to start it here, unplug it, and then finish it at their place (we'll be visiting for awhile, probably at least 6-8 hours). Would it be absolutely insane to plug the crockpot in in the car? Do you think it would drain too much power or be too dangerous?

The safer option would likely be to get it started here, unplug it for the ride, and then finish it at their place. The downside of that is that it might not cook in that time though, and I wouldn't be able to claim that I'd cooked a corned beef in a car!

What's the biggest appliance you've ever plugged in in a car outlet?

I know you guys hate food questions, so don't answer this last one if you want-- if you were eating a frozen dish with eggs (it's kind of a casserole/quiche/yum) where the last step is pouring whisked eggs over the dish and then baking for 20 minutes, would you rather eat defrosted reheated eggs or would you rather defrost the dish and pour fresh eggs over it before baking?

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Have you ever planned something out and managed to execute it exactly according to plans?

If so, can you tell us about it?

If not, can you tell us about your most amusing/epic/memorable failed plans?

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If you enjoy coffee shops, what do you like about it? The colors? Smells? Entertainment? Menu? Something else? Feel free to reminisce as much as you want.

I enjoy everything I think. Brings back enjoyable memories of having extra time, rainy days in Everett, WA just chilling and reading some random book in a corner. I'd enjoy people watching too.
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i just moved to a new city along with my (now) ex. i didnt have my own place for the first 2 months so i stayed with my ex. i offered to pay half his rent for this time, but he refused and said i didnt need to. he eventually developed a gambling habit where he quit his new job, maybe cause he wasnt motivated enough to work since he was winning huge amounts at the casino. he then lost $10k and is now requesting that i pay for my stay at his place because he isn't able to afford rent. i took a couple of days to think about this while we were going through the break up. he didnt go to the casino for a few days after this but i know that he's still unemployed, still going out, still going to the casino, and still blowing money away on stays at the casino's suites, etc. 

i feel like it's right to pay for my stay at his place, but i feel like he'll be irresponsible with my money. plus he's being a huge dick to me atm.

what to do, TQC?

ETA: i'm an unemployed student, if that matters, and no im not still staying with him. i stayed with him for 2 months and am now in my own residence.
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What (type of) questions do you generally dislike being asked? For example, questions you feel are asked too frequently, require negative/complicated responses, are inappropriate, etc.
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1. What are your thoughts on living with a significant other before marriage?

2. What are your experiences with living with a partner before marriage?

3. What criteria would you want to have in place before moving in with someone who you're dating? How big of a deal would it be for your to move in with your SO? (I edited the question b/c I found it unclear -- sorry.)

4. Do you in any way see it as a promise that you will, or want to, marry that person?

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I mentioned a while back a friend that was staying with me and my roommate since he has a drug problem, homeless, etc. He is usually in a hostile aggressive mood which I tolerate. Though today he directed it toward me which I usually let slide which but I'm over it.

I was in my room and someone came in the house, didn't know if it was the landlords, my roommate him or what but then the person slowly began to open my door, no knocking, just slowly opening it. My WTF face was on and when he saw it and he got angry and said something like "You always use that face toward me" and left my angrily and said "bitch" and in my opinion he looks for the face in me because he feels uncomfortable being here and yes he is irritating me being here but I tolerate it because he is my friend as long as he didn't infringe on me which he now did I didn't have a problem.

So I'm new in confronting people. Should I text him now as to how I feel or should I wait for him in person? In text I feel I can get everything out but he might misinterpret it. In person I feel like my anger will come out and it won't be pretty. What do you think?

Edit: Ok after reading you guys post I confronted him which was pretty hard for me to do but I was over it. So he was in the bathroom and I tell him not to direct aggression my way if I didn't do it toward him. He denied being aggressive and said he was just frustrated, we went back and forth and I just got angry and went into my room. Cooled down a bit and went back out and told him since I am moving in a few days just don't talk to me or bother me and we shouldn't have a problem. He said he felt that based on my face and attitude he felt like I didn't want him to be here and he blew up in frustration when he saw my face when he opened my door. I told him regardless he can't make assumptions and that I was just going through my own stuff but I also admitted to him that yes he does irritate me being here which I was holding in so it is possible he picked up on it but it wasn't solely about him. So yes some of you mentioned that maybe he isn't much of a friend as my roommate and that I accepted him being here when in reality I actually didn't want him here is somewhat true. But I have known him for over eight years and decided to tolerate him but accepted him over my toleration limit also I rationalized that I was moving. It felt like the air was cleared and we were friendly but I'm still cool on him, I don't think he is much of a friend.

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I was going to ask you to decide my vacation plans for me, but while I was typing it out, I made my decision.

My best buddy and I are going to Florida for 9 days. We're going to fly into West Palm Beach and spend 9 days around there. I'm going to drag him with me to see my grandma and aunt in Port Saint Lucie.

What are some other fun and random things we could do? I haven't been on a vacation.....ever. I'll be 28 in August. So....I want to make the most of it. Have the "perfect, cliche" vacation..if you will. lol

That being said....I have never flown. And I'm terrified. But I'm not driving 18ish hours there and 18ish hours back. Tips for nervous flyers?

Where/what is your favorite thing to go/do on vacation?

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Guys! I'm doing my part to support the youth in my region (or something like that) and am going to be teaching a group of middle schoolers in a school club about special effects makeup in film and theatre. I will be going to their classroom, doing some demonstrations, and taking their questions. 

My question is: What should I wear? Slacks, professional attire, or what I would normally wear to a makeup job? I've never had a job in a school environment like this.

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How do you tell your roommate that it's not working out and you plan on moving out ?

When was the last time you told someone things weren't working out?

Scooter and I argue almost daily. It could be over the stupidest thing like taking out the trash. Or like today the arguement was over his refusal to call the former landlord about our security deposit. He can't afford to live on his own and I don't want to live alone, but this isn't healthy for either of us at this point. Things are complicated with our relationship. By all appearances we are a couple, but according to him we aren't.

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What's the most extreme* road trip in which you've partaken? My friend and I are currently sketching out a Chicago to Seattle road trip, and it's already overwhelming.

*define extreme as you see fit


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I have a really bad virus, strep without the benefits (all the symptoms with none of the antibiotics or excused absences), and my throat hurts so bad. Any home remedies for a sore throat? Right now all I'm doing is taking tylenol and drinking hot tea with honey.
It's not working.
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I'm scoping out a PhD. program in history tomorrow. I have some questions written down to ask, but I feel like I don't have enough. What sorts of questions should I ask?