March 28th, 2012

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This is going to sound really, really silly and childish, but I have very little experience in the dating world so I don't really know anything....

I met this guy at a small concert a few weeks ago. I noticed him smiling at me a few times and he came up to me and a friend and we talked for about 10 minutes. He suggested we come to a student run cafe he's a part of.
I went to the dinner last night and I tried to catch him alone, but he knows EVERYONE so I wasn't able to.
He was talking to some girl as he was walking out and I was leaving as the same time. I think they were just friends, but I don't know.
When I stepped out of the building, they were standing in front of the door talking. Not too close or anything, so I think they're friends?
I was just going to say hi and keep walking, but he started talking to me. We talked for a few minutes and he asked me if I was going to be at the cafe later this week and he said he hoped to see me around more often.

That was about the third/fourth time we had talked.
Do you think he would've asked me for my number if he was interested?
Should I just give it to him next time I see him?

I sound really dumb and young, but I'm 20 years old and I've never been on a date. So I'm really not good at taking cues or anything.
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I'd like to start biking to work. The commute annoys me in a car in traffic (45 min) and I can bike it in probably an hour and a half. Just over 16 miles, mostly along the river on bike paths or low-traffic roads.

I know I have to train myself before I just attempt to bike it. I can do a 10 mile ride without pain now, but I definitely feel the exertion, and I don't do it very often. Any tips? The main part I need to prepare for is riding uphill.

And my real question is, how can I clean up at work without showers? I sweat a lot... will baby wipes and fresh clothes do it?

Cycling with pretty views is pretty much the only form of exercise I really enjoy, but I never have the time, especially during daylight hours. So I'd like to commit to getting it shape + saving gas, etc. at least once or twice per week.
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1. What are some life lessons that you have learned throughout your time on this Earth?

2. What have your experiences been with long-distance relationships?

3. For those in a LDR - do you ever find it unbearable how much you miss your SO?

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Do you think it's possibly for a non-sociopath person to not feel love for one of their [biological] children? What about no love all of their children? Does it make a difference if they are the mother or the father of those kids?

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I've come to realize that when I see someone using faulty logic or an argument filled with fallacies and nonsense, I'm far more bothered when that argument is in defense of something I support versus something I don't support. I feel like my side, which obviously has to be the right side or I wouldn't agree with them, should be smarter than the other folks and so I hold them to a higher standard.

Have you ever been in the position where someone came to a conclusion you agreed with, but you didn't agree with their reasoning?

What do you do? What should I do?

Do you have any examples of someone using a shitty argument to come to a conclusion you support?

The other day a friend posted on Facebook this image about how the average model's weight was 8% lower than the average woman's weight 20 years ago, but today it's now 20% lower. Problem is this doesn't take into account the fact that the average woman's weight has ballooned in those same 20 years. Take that into account and the average model went from 8% to 9% -- a much less impressive jump. I fully support people accepting and loving the body they have, and realizing that the commercial portrayal of women isn't anywhere close to reality...but that was a stupid and misleading way to go about it.

Or like vamp_tramp009's entire existence.

Or is there anyone/a group of people you hold to a higher standard than others?
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Oh, politics...

The topics of Abortion and birth-control are always up for debate. How do you feel about it? Do you think it's right that the government is trying to ban it? I am for being able to have the choice. I think that is our right. A right to be able to make a choice in this "free" country. If the government bans Abortion and birth-control they are taking away our right to choose. So, what's next, banning our right to practice a certain religion?

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Have you ever known anyone for a significant amount of time who reminded you of yourself to a significant degree? What was that like?

If you've never been able to relate to anyone like that, how have you dealt with it? Do you feel like you're missing out on something?

Do you believe that there are certain personality archetypes among people?
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What do you think of the following?

"The more that you talk about a person as a social construction, or as a confluence of forces, or as fragmented or marginalized, what you do is you open up a whole new world of excuses."

Have you seen the movie Waking Life? Did you like it?

just something i've been pondering...e-reader questions

Do you have an e-reader?
If so, what kind do you have? Why did you choose that one?
Are you satisfied with it? Do you wish you'd gotten another instead?

If I already have some ebooks downloaded on PC Kindle program, does that make it more worth it
for me to just grab a kindle? Is there any good reason to avoid Kindles?
If I generally *hate* adverts but also have limited funds, would getting an ad-supported model be worth the discount?
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My mom and I recently remodeled a kitchen and ended up install this wine rack next to the oven because it was the only box cabinet we could find that was the right size that we could paint to match the existing ones without looking weird. Obviously, this is not ideal for storing wine, because of the heat.

Collapse )

What else could it be used for? I should have thought about hacking it to put small drawers for spices in before it was installed, but it already has a countertop on it now and is all built in.

Alternatively I've thought of filling empty wine bottles with something and putting them on the oven side, and putting actual wine bottles on the fridge side.

Any other ideas? It's really just there so we have the 9" surface between the fridge and the oven, but it'd be nice if it could also have a practical function.

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i'm brewing a vanilla chai stout that i'm planning to have done for a friend's graduation party. that's in one of my fermenters.

but i also have an empty fermenter that i want to put a pale ale in, to be done/ready around the same time.

what should go in the pale ale?
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i have 2 choices with my current residence TQC:
a) a studio apartment that is smaller to the one i have now, but has a huge window so i won't need to use electricity (lights) as often
b) my current studio apartment, which is about 2x3m larger (more kitchen space really, but it looks a lot less stifling that the smaller room) but the window is frosted so not much sunlight gets in and i can't see through it. so i'm always either in the dark or using up electricity.

the rent is the same. which should i choose TQC?
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I want to start riding my bike to the grocery store. It is just over 3 miles one way and I would have to cross two highways. I recently bought a big sturdy basket to carry the groceries. I have a helmet, an assortment of reflectors and flashing led lights (I don't plan on going when it's dark,) and two different types of locks (I read that I should have one for the frame and one for the wheels?) What else should I have? I've never gone anywhere on my bike where I've left it unattended for any amount of time. I don't usually ride on busy roads either. I am nervous.

Also, if you ride your bike to stores, do you bring your helmet in with you? Do you feel weird carrying it around?

weird neighbor behavior, maybe?

We got new neighbors a couple weeks ago. So far, we haven't really spoken.

At about 5 pm, he knocked on my door and asked if "the tall guy" (my husband) was home. I said he'd be home in a couple hours. He asked me to let him know the neighbor stopped by. Then he asked if I smoked and went back into his apartment.

Husband comes home, I tell him neighbor asked about him. Husband goes over, neighbor wanted to bum a cigarette. No dice, we don't smoke. A few minutes later, he comes by and asks if we have any paint. Nope, no paint, sorry. He goes home.

A few minutes after that, he asks if we have any colored pencils, crayons, anything like that, in a variety of colors. While I am getting some, he asks if he can come see the layout of our apartment (these are new buildings, they are all the same, just mirrored). Husband shows him the living room and kitchen and points to the bedrooms/bathrooms. Neighbor comments on our microwave stand, entertainment system, asks about our speakers and computers, comments on a photograph and thanks us for the colored pencils. He goes back home after promising not to bother us for the night. Asked husband to stop by after work tomorrow to pick up the pencils.

Was that weird, or am I overly suspicious of my new neighbors?

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1)do you think golden raisins taste different from dark raisins? do you think that would make a difference in mole sauce?
2)Can you properly peel an apple/potato/other thing that needs peeling with a paring knife or do you always use a vegetable peeler?
3)What do you think/know is the oldest building in your city?

If you were in these shoes

If you were the victim of what Spike Lee irresponsibly did, would you accept just an apology? Or would you try to sue him?

For those who aren't familiar with this case ~ Spike Lee tweeted the address of what he thought was George Zimmerman, needless to say a mob showed up at the house and drove an elderly couple in their 70's out of their own home due to fear of injury to themselves.
Personally I think Spike Lee is a piece of sh*t who should do far more than apologize to this innocent couple who were driven from their home by his stupidity. I think this couple should sue (and I am not a sue happy person) the crap out of Spike Lee and be awarded millions for what he caused to happen to them.
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I have 1/2 lb of ground chicken left over from dinner tonight (I made ground chicken meatballs.) What should I do with it for lunch tomorrow? I have lots of other food in the house and can go to the grocery store to get anything needed.

What was for dinner tonight?
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My great Spring dilemma is upon me. I need to take a week-long vacation in May or June. Prfereably a short hop from Dubai. I'd like to meet a TQCer if I could.
Anybody in Europe wanna see a Hajio?

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TQC, would you rather be a member of the Duggar family, the Bin Laden family, or the Tudor family, though this means time travel to the 16th century

Which Game of Thrones House do you think you'd belong to?

Me: Tudor family, and while I think the Targaryens have the best house colors, I'm totally a Greyjoy. I like seafood waaaaay too much, and "We Do Not Sow" are badass house words.

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Are there any musicians out there that look way different than you would expect them to based on their sound?  Videos are helpful

inspired by my fiance saying that Regina Spektor looks different from what he thought she looked like based on her voice.

Serious moral dilemma.

I suspect I have strep. Should I skip class until I can see a doctor to confirm? 
On one hand, I've had symptoms since Sunday and I've gone to all of my class and a play rehearsal, so everyone who I see has already been exposed at least once. On the other hand, I'm also feeling increasingly worse and exhausted aaaand it doesn't really matter if I make it to my classes tomorrow. 
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I work every Friday & Saturday night. I'm a server/bartender so those are the busiest nights that the restaurant always needs me. (I'm at law school during the week & I have to work in order to get by).

My boyfriend works a regular weekday job, and knows I have to work every weekend. I would like to hang out with him some week-evenings and stay over since I don't get to at the weekend. He has joined sports clubs Monday through Wednesday night that meet every week, and goes out with his roommates every Thursday night. I am SO glad that he has his own hobbies and interests, but is it totally unreasonable to be a little bugged that he makes so many commitments during the week so can never really hang out?

I know I can rely on you to tell me if I'm being unreasonable/unfair, TQC.

EDIT: resolved, thanks for the insight!

DC: What are the little things you argue about with your SO?

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What's the furthest you've gone for a celebrity crush? (Camping out for tickets for a concert, trying to get them to reply to you on twitter by constantly replying to their tweets, if you live in same city trying to run into them on the street, putting up a shrine or covering your every inch of your room with pictures, ect.. for some examples)

What is one celebrity you really liked in the 90's?

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? (Anything. Music, movies, TV or w/e)