March 26th, 2012


Cost of living

What is the most money you've spent in a single trip to the grocery store (excluding shopping for holiday meals)?

I shop for two people, in Stop and Shop, and regularly get up into the $300 range.

Boobs still rock my world. All sizes and shapes. No moobs please.

I am not asking for a picture post. I would like to know, on average, how long it would be okay for a male (say, over 20 yo {or, say, over twice that age[sigh]}) can stare at your boobs.
If the answer is not at all, please say so. Doesn't matter how big or small you are. If we are looking, assume we are enjoying what we see.
P.S. for no extra points: Can you make yourself nip?

Remember me?

I have the answers I needed. BTW, yes, I am vulgar. Always have been and probably always will be. It helps thin out the crowds.
Now, since I am new here, was this line of questioning inappropriate for this community? Is there a list of restrictions?
I want to thank you for all the truthful answers. Since the main one was one of discomfort at the prospect of being stared at, that is the pathway I will now officially follow. I did this as a serious question, from the standpoint of the oaf that I am. I really wanted an answer. And thank you everyone for your input.
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My current friend without benefits is leaving. My previous friend without benefits left me for another woman. How do I secure another friend without benifts to leave me in 8 months?

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So, I wrote a story that primarily features macarons. Macarons, for those who are unfamiliar, are a French candy that look almost like a little spaceship. The word itself will also come up as "not found" on most spellchecks because it is a French word. But whatever, I thought; I sent it in to a lit mag and they accepted it (yay!).

This morning, the issue went live, and lo and behold, to my horror, I found that the editor had changed every instance of me using "macarons" to "macaroons." They're a completely different sweet, first of all, and secondly, I was not informed or asked if I'd just managed to mess up the spelling of the word all ten or fifteen times I used it within the story. Even barring the obviously gargantuan task of emailing me, a simple Google search would have told the editor that I obviously meant "macarons" and not "macaroons." I've emailed the editor asking if it could be changed back, since the magazine is in an online format, but I'm not hopeful; the best I can hope for is a correction in the next issue, right? What would you do in this situation?

DK/DC: What are you up to today?

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I just got a job! I'm super excited because I've worked at Target forever but now I finally have a job (which I'll be working in addition to Target) that's actually relevant to what I'm studying (fashion - the job's making and selling dancewear/costumes). My question is: If I add the company to my employers on facebook, will they be able to see that I've added them as my employer?

I want to let everyone know about the job because I'm really pleased, even though it's one day a week to start out with. But I'm worried about the people I'll be working for seeing that I've added them as an employer. I'm not sure why I care, it just feels weird because I don't start until Saturday, and I haven't gotten to know anyone there yet so I don't want them knowing about my facebook before they know me, if that makes sense? I don't know.

DK/DC: Since I've shared some good news, will you tell me something good/exciting that's happening in your life?
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curiosity question

I'm honestly curious about this, because I just have no idea.

I've seen these ads on tv for SpeediCath, which is a small catheter. They have a girl giving a testimony about how great it is. She said that she can't go without using one, even when she's out to dinner and whatnot.

My question is, what could be the reason for needing a catheter? What kind of medical condition would necessitate needing one every single time you need to pee? The girl on the ad is probably in her mid-30s, which I don't usually associate as needing a catheter.

Thanks. Just curious.
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Say you already have this dvd/cd/whatever and then you find another of the same, but it's a "deluxe" edition that comes with a few extras (such as a few extra songs, extra footage, photo books, and other random stuff).

It's under 20 dollars and you have the money. Would you buy it?

edit: nevermind, ended up buying a tote bag instead. Which is more practical. I REGRET NOTHING!

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Will you tell me about something that your parents did for you as a child that you never really appreciated then but that you really appreciate now?

Also, if you don't live in your hometown, what do you miss about it, if anything?

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Anyone have experience getting a personal loan online or through another source?

I found a sailboat that is perfect for me that the seller is selling tomorrow.He has other serious buyers but has agreed to meet me first yet I am going to have to need about $3600.

Are online personal loans legit? I have a application with a credit union but I don't see how long it will take and I have to meet him tomorrow at 1:30, help please TQC.

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Which movie are you looking forward more to seeing?

Mirror Mirror
Snow White and the Huntsman
I will see neither

Which movie do you think will be a bigger hit overall?

Mirror Mirror
Snow White and the Huntsman

Which movie do you think will be a bigger hit overall?

The Hunger Games
The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises

Are you more supportive of Twilight or the Hunger Games?

Hunger Games
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have you had a moment/event that bears little to no significance in your life, yet it makes you suddenly realize how old you are? if so, what was it?
Taking Back Sunday's album "Tell All Your Friends" is 10 years old today. Holy shit.

no/dk/dc/i am timeless & ancient: did you have a teddy bear or a security blanket of some form as a child? what was it? what happened to it?
my mum told me that when she was little, her pediatrician told my gran to burn her blanket in front of her face, so she'd know it was gone. my blankie just "fell apart in the wash" but mum later fessed up that they thought it was time and just put it away. much better than seeing it burn!
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Would black pants, a plain colored t-shirt (white, red, blue, gray, or black), and a pin stripped business suit jacket for men be considered business casual or a suit? How about black pants, a plain colored t-shirt, and an open collared shirt (pin striped black or white/black plaid)?

My husband has his final job interview tomorrow (yay!). We got his suit cleaned and everything, but today the company emailed him and said in bold letters "Do NOT wear a suit. We are business casual." I've googled images and I just see men in button down shirts which look absolutely ridiculous on my SO, as do tucked in shirts. It's not a problem with a jacket though. I just listed his entire wardrobe above.

I have no knowledge whatsoever with fashion!

EDIT: To help with the confusion as to why he can't wear a button down shirt.

We've actually never found a proper fitting button down shirt for him to close, which is why the few he has look hilarious and are only there to be under a suit. He's very short, but very broad and overweight. In order to get a size to fit him they generally go down to his knees! I don't remember the reasoning why (we had this issue back when we got married and he needed a shirt), but tailors couldn't fix the shirt to the extent he needed it. Too much work had to be done in the arms, shoulders, and back or something. He needed a custom shirt.
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Have you ever had someone totally ruin a movie experience for you? (Did it affect how much you liked the moive?) What movie? What were they doing?

I went to a midnight viewing of Battle Royale in Seattle this last weekend. (Definitely spoilers in this comment.) There was some guy down my row that would laugh whenever something really violent would happen. I realize the movie is really cheesy and hard to take too seriously anyways, but he would be the only person laughing, and at things that are kind of demented to laugh at. Like the audience would laugh when people were confessing their love or dying dramatically. But this guy would laugh whenever this one character was gunning people down, or at not-so-cheesy violence, like when the one girl got the knife in her skull. It really angered me and made me more sensitive to the violence in the movie.
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I just e-mailed my landlord and asked to go month to month on my lease.

Assuming he doesn't jack the price up, how long should I give my employer before I give them my two weeks notice? Enough to save a year's worth of rent, or just say to hell with it?
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My friend is coming over in a few, I cooked some soup and we were planning on watching a movie... but I didn't get to redbox like I wanted. What's a good movie on netflix instant right now? We typically watch stupid/comedy movies, sometimes a "cult classic".
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If you have Netflix, and also do workout videos, have you tried any of the ones on Netflix? 

What would you recommend for basic weight loss and muscle tone?

I can't believe I didn't think to search for work out videos on Netflix until now. 
Bug-eyed Earl

I am a long-haired white dude with a beard not wearing a Rob Zombie shirt.

I'm not upset or trolling or crying reverse racism.. just curious to people's opinions because I wouldn't say something like this to a stranger.

I went to the dollar store and as I was checking out, the Hispanic cashier goes "ROB ZOMBIE! YEAAAA!".

Do you think that's racist/biased, based on my appearance or just plain stupid?

What if I went up a non-white person and said "Kanye West! (or something) YEAAAA!"? Would that be racist? Would I get my ass kicked?
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So I'm renting this house with a large yard, and the other day the owners turned up to remove an old cement water tank that had collapsed. I wasn't notified beforehand that they would be coming, and now there is this HUGE hole in my yard and the bulldozer basically tore up all the grass and it's been raining constantly so the whole yard is like a mud wrestling pit. This is a pain because a) I can't park my car without getting bogged and b) I have to walk through it to get in and out of the house so I'm constantly getting mud everywhere.
I really want them to do something, but every time I mention it to the realestate they blow me off like, "That's a bummer, man. It was just poor timing with the rain and everything."

I know this is kind of a long shot, but does anyone know what my rights are in this situation?

Have you discovered anything lately that you want to recommend to everyone? I've been reading Locke & Key and ugh it's so good I can't stop thinking about it.

People who play Skyrim - Should I join the Imperial Army or the Stormcloaks? They both seem kind of awful.

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If I like TV shows with large season long story arcs(LOST, Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire) but don't really care about horror things like zombies, would I like AMC's Walking Dead?

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every time i go to whole foods i walk past the church of scientology building. they have a big sign in front offering free tours. whats the worst that could happen if i pretended interest and went inside to explore just for kicks and giggles?
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I'm currently reading the first book in the The Hunger Games series and I'm nearly finished. My boyfriend has bought me the other two books in the series, but I won't see him until late Wednesday night.

Should I read (and finish) another book before I see him and get the next two books in the series? Or should I just wait till Wednesday and NOT read another book in between now and then (when I get Catching Fire)? Would it matter if I broke the reading chain, so to speak?