March 25th, 2012

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Questions about Obscure French Story

I don't understand The Madman by Olivier Duchemin. Can anybody give me a clear synopsis of what the hell is going on?
I gather he might be sleeping in a castle that's about to fall apart, and I guess he meets up with some creep he passed in the carriage, but that's just a guess.
And what's the punchline? I don't understand the conclusion, either.
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Now let me get this straight. You put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em BOTH up?

Also if someone IMs you and you don't know who it is, do you ask who it is, ignore them, block them, something else?
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TQC, I was going to go to a concert tonight, but I got asked to babysit. They stayed local, just going out for dinner, and said they'd be back early, so I agreed. The concert started at 10:30 and ends at 2:30, and is ~45 minutes away. I went ahead and got all gussied up (rockabilly style), but they're still not home and it's approaching 12:30 AM. Should I even waste the gas at this point?

DK/DC: When was the last time you felt ridiculously overdressed?

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I have a problem...

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I'm still trying to figure out what I think about this idea. What would you do?

(I will however be taking bets on how long it would take my son to find some normally peaceful African herbivore, do something to piss it off and be eaten anyway as the exception to nature's rule. If anyone could possibly find a way to be eaten by an enraged giraffe...yeah, this child is probably that person!)
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By using only prior knowledge, how different do you think the adoption process is in real life, versus how various medias portray it? Can you think of any specific differences?

Have you ever bought into any of the "collect them all!" crazes?

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I committed to buy 4 items from a seller on ebay. It says they combine shipping but it's been 5 days and they have yet to send me an invoice. I've requested the total twice and sent them a message asking them to send me an invoice for my items. They haven't responded so when I try to pay, it wants me to pay $10 shipping per item (so $40 for first class international shipping. I don't think so.). The seller's a power seller who has been leaving at least 50 feedback everyday so it's not like they haven't been on ebay.

If I knew it was going to take so long, I wouldn't have bothered with this seller. My question is how long should I wait until I just buy the items from someone else? I can't "resolve a problem" through ebay until the 30th but I really need these things asap and I expected them to have been paid for and shipped by now. But I'm worried that the original seller might finally contact me after I buy them from someone else and I'll have to pay for 2 lots of items.
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Name that Song

Earlier today I heard this song and absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately for me I remember no distinct lyrics and no melody I could hum into anything like Shazam. That's where you come in, TQC!

This is incredibly obscure, so I apologize in advance.

Song criteria:
-Rock with a bit of an electronic sound
-Male singer
-Lyrics included things along the lines of "I wouldn't have to lie" and "I wouldn't have to say goodbye"
-"Girl" referenced as main subject of song

Those obviously aren't exact lyrics or else Google would have been my go-to (I even tried Google with those lyrics and the results were fruitless...)

And so I beg of you...WHAT IS THIS SONG?
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i'm hungover, exhausted, and my legs hurt. i was supposed to get to school to work on something with a friend but she's not answering my texts. should i drag myself out of bed and go try find her or laze around all day like i really want to? (it's been several weeks since i've had an off day, meaning not going to school or working, and i can really use one. and i did all the work i absolutely needed to get done since i knew i wouldn't want to today.)

dk/dc: what do you think about this picture?

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Looking for some entertainment...

What are some of your favourite skits on youtube?

Also what is your favourite video game like Mario, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Luigis Mansion, ect?... (Nintendo or not but one of the cartoon or cartoon like kind)

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And my favourite cartoon like video game is Mario Wii or any Pokemon game. I cannot decide which.

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Are you watching the Mad Men premiere tonight?
Are you drinking during?
Matthew Weiner has said that he likes to give different characters more face time than others each season. Who are you hoping we see more of? Less of?

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TQC, I got word last night that one of my short stories is being published in an online literary magazine! I'm seeing an old friend for dinner tonight; where do you think we should go to celebrate? Where do you like to go to celebrate a small victory like this?

Also, are you as stubborn about showering as I am? I'm fine once I'm IN there, but making myself get up off the couch and actually go in the bathroom is so hard, lol.
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In the next couple of months, I'll possibly be getting a full-sized bed! I'm trying to look for comforters, but am having a hard time choosing. I need more selections!

So TQC, where did you buy you comforter/bedspread?



My husband gave me a trip to Berlin as a birthday gift last August and we're going next week.
It's a three night, four days trip.
Any tips on what to do/see/eat/shop/etc?
Any don'ts? 

I'm on a question roll today.

1) You know how on some job applications, after the section where you list previous employers, there is sometimes the question asking whether or not they (the prospective employer) can contact them? Have you ever said "no", for whatever reason? Does this generally kill your chances of getting the job because it looks suspicious?

Because my current boss is pretty (notoriously) batshit and I'm afraid of whatever she might choose to say should any of my future prospective jobs call her.

2) Have you ever been fired? Why?

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I am one of the lucky teachers who have been volunteered to perform in the talent show.
However, I don't have many talents outside of say, teaching.

Would you help me write a middle-school appropriate rap incorporating math and/or reading?

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Is there a word for insanely difficult hiking paths, like Mount Huashan or El Caminito del Rey? I could have sworn there was, but I might just be crazy.

ETA: I'm looking for an official, collective noun, something along the lines of '________ trails.' I'm almost certain there is one, because I recall Googling it in the past to find more paths of this type. :/

ETA again: Got it. Via ferrata is what I was looking for.

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Do you have any names tattooed on you?
I want to get my kids names done, but I don't know where or what I want it to look like. Any suggestions?

Do you regret any tattoos you have?
I have a dumb skull on my ankle that I got for absolutely no reason. I don't think there s really any way to cover it up either.

Any other tattoo stories you want to share?
My husband had a giant diamond ring, with 'Will you marry me?' right above his knee, like really big. For his old gf. He got it covered up with an even bigger black star for our third anniversary.
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Already planning next year's vacation...

If you've ever traveled via train:

- How far/long did you travel? Where did you go?
- If you drove to the station, where did you garage your car? Did you rent a car at your destination?
- Anything memorable? Any cautionary tales? Something I should know?

If you think trains are soooo twentieth century: who is your favorite Muppet? (I'm partial to Sweetums.)

If you don't like The Muppets... yeah, what's your problem?

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I am looking to plan a birthday dinner.

What places have you gone to for dinner as a large group and how was it?

DK/DC: What did you do for your last birthday? And what did you do at the last birthday party for someone else?
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I'm interested in learning more about the French Revolution. Do any of you know of any good books on the subject? I'm looking for something not too dry, and clearly written :)

Read any good non-fiction lately? I just finished Robert Massie's Catherine the Great, and it was just fantastic :)
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What do you do to free yourself from the clutches of procrastination?
I have Microbiology exams on Tuesday and Thursday, and I really need to study because I got a C on the last exam.  
But ever since I heard that 400+ Pre-Nursing students applied for the 30-seat Nursing program at my school, I've got into a funk.

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A friend of mine gave me an Amazon giftcard so now I'm trying to decide what to spend it on (well, books, obviously)

I like historical fiction & fantasy and I don't mind contemporary stuff as long as it's not too experimental-I'm more into plot than language. I also try to keep up on as many classics as I can.

FWIW, my favorite authors are George RR Martin, Margaret Atwood, Alexandre Dumas and Edward Rutherfurd.

So, TQC, what fiction can you recommend me?
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be doctors!

I started having cold symptoms roughly 12 hours ago (scratchy throat, slight headache) and now I feel a little bit dead- swollen glands, my neck is tender to the touch, my headache hurts all the way to my collarbone and it hurts to even move my head, and now I feel nauseous. I can still internet so I'm definitely not sick enough to justify a trip to urgent care. 

Is this a terrible cold or... something more

srs/nsrs  welcome!