March 24th, 2012

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My brother is building a nightclub and I went down there to see him today. He had them play a song to demonstrate how the lasers and the lights would work to the beat of the music and I didn't think to ask him to find out what it's called.

Do you all think you can help me?

It was a techno-ish song, female singer with a high voice, fairly new I think (I heard it on my pandora the other day), and has the word "light" or "lights" in it.

Ring any bells?

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Are there any time periods that you find very creepy?

I find the 1930s exceptionally creepy. And not even just the great depression dust-bowl elements. Just something about the hair, clothes, toothpaste, advertisements, everything. 

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So you know how there's words for types of words like collective nouns (words like swarm, herd, gaggle, etc.) and proper nouns (Toronto, President Obama, Hoover Dam). Is there a word that describes nouns for places of origin? Like what are words like Texan, New Yorker, Bostonian, Pittsburgher, etc. called?

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in what, if any, situation is the sequel to a movie better than the original? feel free to elaborate as to why, too.

do you follow college basketball? is your team still in it? who is your team?
do you follow hockey? how is your team looking with playoffs in the picture?
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I have to do my hair because its kind of a wreck and needs doing. But I can't do it without getting bored so I figure I'll watch something while doing my hair. What should I watch? My options are;

This poll is closed.

tv land

S13-15 South Park
S1 Franklin & Bash
S1-3 Avatar the Last Airbender
S1 Friday Night Lights
S1 Fairly Legal
S1 & 2 SouthLAnd
S1 & 2 White Collar

DK/DC: What was the last thing you watched on TV?

ETA: Looks like I'm watching Avatar. Thanks guys :D
a few fave things

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Hunger Games.

Book vs Movie? if you saw the movie which you like better? If you read the book, are you planning to see the movie?

if you read the book, then saw the movie have complaints? or what did you like?

Honestly I was disappointed in the movie. *sigh* I think the book was way better, I just have a vivid imagination. I felt my imagination was better than what was present.

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For those of you who use Facebook: Are you having any issues with apps that you have hidden posts from (like Astrology and foursquare and games) showing up all of a sudden?  They're on my hide list and I've tried to hide them again, but they still show.  I'm submitting a bug report since it's doing it for me and wanted to know if other people are having the same issue.

What is the male equivalency of a short dress?
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Do you have any siblings that you know of but have never met?

I have a half brother I've never met, who was an adult when I was born. I don't know his age or where he lives, and I'm only kind of sure of his name. I'd like to contact him, or at least have info for the inevitable day when our dad passes, just to let him know. The problem is my dad won't talk about him and there's no info about him around his house, other than an extremely old photo of him. The last time I know he and my dad talked was shortly after I was born, which was over 20 years ago.

Unrelated question: My husband is applying to a part time custodial position at city hall. Should he send in his application in a large manila envelope, or will it be okay if it's folded and sent in a regular long white envelope?
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If you had to express yourself through some other bodily expression besides facial, such as that seen in the animal kingdom (ear position, tail position/wagging, etc.) which would you pick?

Say you wanted to get a tattoo of a flower native to where you grew up and these were your choices. Which flower might you pick?
Even if you'd never get a tattoo of a flower because that's so lame, pick a flower.

What's your favorite stuff to have in a breakfast taco? I love egg, chorizo, and cheese (pref w/jalapeno ranch sauce).
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I'm graduating from college in a few weeks, so as a present to myself I'm buying a computer. I've used a PC at home for several years because the computer we have is one my mom bought through her old job, but before that I used a Mac. I was thinking of switching back to a Mac, but it's been so long since I used one of those regularly or had even an up to date PC (the one I'm using is 8+ years old), so it's difficult to figure out what I will or will not like about the computers that are currently on the market. So my question is: Which do you have, how old is it, and what do you like and dislike about it?

Alternatively, do you have any "skillet" meals that you like? I got a lovely new pan for my birthday recently, and it's the first time I've ever had a skillet that was big enough to handle a skillet meal and is also oven safe for finishing meals in the oven. But I've avoided those kinds of recipes for so long that now idk where to look.

I haven't been on tqc for a while, did I miss anything good?

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What should I watch?

The Untouchables
Night of the Living Dead
Dementia 13
Dubbed over spanish version of Inception which is inexplicably the only thing in my dvr right now despite the fact that no one in the house understands spanish.
Some other thing upon which you will elaborate in the comments

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How long does it take you to put on makeup?

Feel free to specify between daily makeup, night-out makeup, lazy makeup, etc. Any gender is welcome to answer.

Another random question: is the double-space after a period (or other punctuation mark) obsolete? Do you still do this?
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Who, in your opinion, has a fairly perfect face? Objectively speaking, You don't have to find them attractive. But like, who has symmetrical features and that kind of thing.
someone who's maybe not perfect-looking but is really attractive. Pictures encouraged.

Emergency - need help to avoid surrendering my cats by Tuesday in NYC

Emergency - need help to avoid surrendering my cats by Tuesday in NYC
I've been told by my landlord that I have to remove my 7 cats from my apartment by Tuesday (entirely my own fault), and I'm trying to find ways of temporarily fostering them/finding a cheap room where i can stay with them/boarding them at a reasonable rate, anywhere within commuting distance of NYC until I am able to find another apartment where I can get a new start with them and get myself sorted out. I have some money available to start to finance this, and will be able to come up with more, but I just don't know where or how to start looking for resources.

I've never posted anything like this before, but I am desperate not to lose my cats. I will be truly grateful for any advice or help.
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i want to spend this rainy day reading about conspiracy theories. can anyone suggest some interesting ones? i generally prefer "thought-provoking and creepy due to being almost plausible" to "amusing because of how ridiculous it is," but anything will do. :)

my usual go-to is illuminati/mk ultra stuff, so if anyone knows of any particularly good articles or videos on those topics, that would be great too!

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Hi there,

I'm a 3rd year student. I want to apply for a research program/programs that require(s) working in a laboratory. The problem is that I have no experience with working in such a setting. My question is do I stand a chance to get accepted into any medical/biology related research program? Is this something I should be worried about when applying? I really don't have a chance of learning practical science in my country, so a prior knowledge in research is not an option for me (this is one of the main reasons why I'm trying to get a scholarships abroad). Can anyone give me pointers as to what I should focus on? Has anyone ever done something like this before?

I'm not sure if it's okay to ask this here. Hopefully it is.If you know another community I can take my questions to, I'd be happy to learn.

Thank you :)
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The show I'm working on ends tonight. After the show I plan to make a dress out of cardboard and newspaper to wear to the cast party, which is themed "Anything But Clothes." ... how long do you think it will take me?

Are you nostalgic about any candy? Do you like these

How often do you take vacations?


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I've googled but no luck: I've just head it said that Leonardo Da Vinci quoted something that phoenetically sounds like 'sappa veneer' translated as 'it is not what you see but how you see it'. Anyone know what i'm on about?

ETA: Thanks to awfulbliss!

What are you hoping for this week?


What's the biggest mess you've had to clean up lately?

Our shower door just spontaneously shattered and we had a lot of glass to deal with.

Music Box TQC

Karaoke Songs!

I'm looking for suggestions for good karaoke songs. I've just been through a list of 500 most popular songs & I've found a couple that I like/that I'm good at but I need MOAR!

So, what are your fav karaoke songs to hear and or sing?

Anyone got any suggestions for camp karaoke songs?

Or sassy karaoke songs?

Or power ballads? Everyone loves a pity party right...  -_-


film terminology question

hi TQC! there's a term or phrase that I can't remember. say someone's watching a movie - they're enjoying it, it's well done, they're actively participating in viewing it. however, they see a disparity, whether it's a plot hole or an error in film continuity. when this happens they become aware of the movie as just that - a movie. they're not actively engaging in the storyline anymore or believing in it. there becomes a separation/distance between the two. does this make sense? it makes sense in my brain. WHAT IS THAT CALLED?