March 23rd, 2012


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How bad does a meal cooked by a loved-one have to be before you'll complain/comment?

Is it a usual thing in your family/relationship to comment about the meal (good or bad)?

If you were stranded on an island what would you construct as shelter? Can you draw it and post that?
ETA: materials could be mud, sand, dried grasses, palm fronds, tree branches, animal hides, rocks, the enormous skull of the meat eating dinosaurs prevalent on the island...

Can you climb a tree?

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Can you tell us about your dream home?

I want a few acres for privacy
not to big but not cramped with an open concept floorplan
Very energy efficient with solar panels, geothermal heat, maybe even a small windmill
and a pool

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Based on what time you normally go to bed and what time you normally wake up, what exactly is the middle of the night for you?

For example, most nights I go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7:30am, so the middle of the night fore me is 3:15am.

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how do you fall asleep? (bedtime rituals, things you think about while lying there, etc).
what if you're having trouble sleeping, what do you do about it?
how long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
how satisfactory is your sleep overall on a scale of 1-10?

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I like to run, but I'm not a really good runner. The most I've ever done in a race was 5k and I finished in 30 minutes. However, I like to run. I want to be able to run more. Also, when I had a personal trainer (only for like 4 sessions) she told me that I had good running form and the only thing I needed to work on was making sure my feet were slightly straighter.

I've been looking at Vibram 5 Finger shoes. I know that there's a debate between minimalist shoes and traditional running shoes. Should I buy myself a pair?

If you own a pair, do you like them? How much do you run in them?

Can a person who isn't very athletic but goes to the gym regularly (i.e. me) be successful in them or would I just get injured?

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I've come across something which says Napoleon said to understand a man, you have to understand the world he was in at 20. Does anyone know the proper source of this?

What was the world like at 20 for you? Do you think this has an influence on you now?
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So i'm going to be making mousse on Saturday. The recipe calls for whipping cream, and you're supposed to whisk that and the nutella together to make the mousse. Before i go out and actually try to buy this stuff, i want to make sure: is it asking for liquid, something out of can, or something from a tub?

Is the weather lovely where you are? Are you enjoying it?

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srs/non-srs/please entertain me:

I am full term with this baby as of yesterday. My due date is in 20 days. When (day and time) will I go into labor? How long will my labor last? Will my cat succeed in hiding in my hospital bag unnoticed and get to be part of the experience with us, like she keeps trying?

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Which leaves do you enjoy eating?

lettuce (boston, leaf or romaine)
collard greens
mustard greens
cabbage (red, green, napa, or savoy)
turnip greens
bok choy


herb leaves (thyme, tarragon, bay, oregano, basil, etc.)
radish greens
beet greens
rape/rapeseed/rape kale
I don't eat leaves.
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What's the best way to help pay for gas when someone is driving you somewhere?

I'm going to a friend's bridal shower today and she's driving me 2 hours out to where the party is taking place, and then 2 hours back afterwards. I don't know what a realistic estimate of the cost of gas would be, so if anyone knows whats "proper" in this situation, I could use some advice!
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For Ten Million Dollars, would you...?

Poll #1828485 For $10,000,000, would you...

...go to jail for 5 years? Not a white collar prison, but a real gritty one, with murderers. No time off for good behavior. It comes down to $2m per year


...get and enormous portrait of Justin Bieber tattooed on your back? All the way from your shoulder blades to your lower back. You can't ever get it removed or covered up, or else, you give the money back


...lose your ability to see the colors purple and orange? Purples will resemble dark blues and oranges will resemble reds. Irreversible


...enter the witness protection program? From henceforth, you can never contact your friends or return to your old location. You and your family will move to a new city and start over again. And yes, you'll have to delete your Facebook

59(59.6%) in a top-selling porn movie? You'll have sex and film it, and your clip will be added to several other movies, and be released, and will top the porn charts. It'll be the best selling porn video of 2012, watched by millions. You may be recognized on the street as a porn star. You'll be famous for a long time, and you really won't be able to hide this information from the people in your life.


...have reverse liposuction? 100lbs of fat will be injected into your body. You can't lipo it out. The fat will be injected strictly into your ass and your thighs. You'll have to lose the weight the old fashioned way

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What's the last alcoholic beverage that you tried for the first time and really liked?

The other day I made mojitos for a get together, never having made them before, and they were simply delightful. Fresh lime juice = really tasty.

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Since I've started eating fruit more regularly, I've noticed that my face feels itchy when I eat fruit. I don't know if it's every fruit, but definitely with grapes and strawberries, possibly with apples. It doesn't make my face actually itch-like, I don't need to scratch it. I just have a warm, itchy sensation within my face. :| It's the only "symptom" I get.

Why does this happen? Anyone else get this? 

fashion help

So I bought a new dress that I really love, but I don't have any shoes to wear with it. I have no idea what kind of shoes to get - my only stipulation is that its not too high of a heel (my husband and I are just about the same height so I don't want to be too much taller than he is).

So, suggestions of what type of shoes to wear with this dress?

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Wonder Woman

Kind of gross, but oh well.

Dear Dr. TQC,

Why does my sweat smell like alcohol?  Like tequila, actually?

I haven't had a drop of alcohol in over three weeks.  I feel fine.  (I had a migraine and a few dizzy spells yesterday, but the dizziness is par for the course on migraine days.)  I'm a little dehydrated, but I'm working on that.  Today has been a busy day and I've been running around outside with my dogs sweating profusely, and it smells like tequila.  I have no idea why it's happening, but it's kind of nauseating.  And it's not just me who has noticed either, since someone else asked if I've been drinking.  

Has anyone ever heard of this before or does anyone have any theories?  It's really bothering me.  I had to stop my workout early because of this.  

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Is there a polite way to hint to a girl that she smells?

There's this girl at my work. A couple of times in the last few weeks, I've detected a foul odor around her. It's not B.O., which is something somewhat common and something you can work around. This is more like the kind of stench you'd associate with a homeless person; that strong, pungent, funky aroma. I'm just guessing it's a hygeine issue, but I honestly wonder how someone smells like a homeless person only on selective workdays. I read how hobo stank is a byproduct of dead skin cells accruing and decaying, which isn't a factor for most people who bathe habitually, and it's made me wonder if she doesn't bathe as often as one would assume. Anyhow, it's kind of gross and I have secondhand embarrassment for her. She's a really pretty girl and a professional (lawyer) and I wonder if people are too polite to say anything. I may not be the person who should say something, but...if you came to work reeking of something uncommonly foul, would you want someone to tell you?

Serious and non-serious answers are welcome

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My friend is running her first half marathon tomorrow.
It's about an hour away and I'm not 100% sure that I won't have to park somewhere else and take a subway to get there. She's not 100% sure when she'll be finishing.

Should I go?

If I don't go, I'd like to give her flowers. Do I send them to her apartment or wait until I see her later on tomorrow night?

Anything good going on that you'd like to share?
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As my friend's son grows older (almost 5 now), he looks more and more like... my friend's cousin. Not him. Now, obviously they are family.. but.. what are the chances of your kid looking a LOT like your cousin and not you? Your kid and cousin only share like 25% blood or something. It's not like he looks more like his brother or something who would be much closer blood. I almost think it isn't his kid but I've never known his wife and cousin to hang out at all. Would you say something or figure it's just a freak of genetics?

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TQC, I'm old and lame. My mother is a local artist, and she paints these beautiful paintings of the local area and has started having some success at selling them. She puts her business card on the paintings, with her contact information, but I've been bugging her to get some sort of web presence. She has none. What do you recommend for two novice web people (I mean, I can do a basic tumblr and stuff but I've never done any web design) to put together to make a cool and easy website of her art so she can put it on her business card? She does not want a store on etsy. We already discussed that. Do you know of good web design sites for small businesses? Or should I go the Tumblr route? I really don't know.


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What's the yummiest salad you've had recently?

Inspired by my dinner from Cosi, which was a salad that had craisins, pears, apples, grapes, gorgonzola cheese and a spinach/romaine mix, topped with sherry-shallot vinaigrette. Holy crap was it tasty!
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What's an awesome prank I can play on my eleven 1st/2nd graders on April 1st? We're pretty comfortable with each other and joke around a lot, and also have a very loose schedule, but I don't want to do anything traumatizing or inappropriate or somehow insensitive.

I suck at pranks but I want to prank these kids so bad.

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When a company asks during an interview what your salary expectations are, how do you respond?

My SO is having his final interview with a job he really wants next week that he's a specialist in. They contacted him today asking him what he's currently being paid and what his salary expectations are. In the US, I know this company pays roughly the most for this field, but I don't know if that's true in Canada and can't find anything online about their pay here. I know what the average pay in this city is, and at the moment he's being paid at the very low end since he was unemployed and just took whatever he could get.

Should he ask for the city average (which varies by 40k)? Should he ask for more because this company in the US pays more than average? Will it look really bad considering his currently low salary? There's about three applicants left fighting for the job by the way.
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To blog or not to blog

So I'm building my professional website. So far its going pretty good. Mostly its for updating the progress on various projects that I'm working. Various rough cuts for films, word and page count of screenplays and short stories, log lines and summaries. Its very much just little statistical updates on stuff. No feelings or thoughts or anything like that.

I sort of want to personalize it with my feeling about the various things I'm working on.

Should I just start posting blog like entries to the current website or make a linked blog? As in in the header of my current blog there'd be a link to the blog but it'd have a separate web address.
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Do you ever buy those multiple movie packs (Deadly Curses, Midnight Horror, Family Fun Pack, etc)? Have you found any decent - or even good - movies in one of them? What about awesomely bad ones?

I just watched Memory (from Deadly Games) and it was pretty good. And Evil Bong was so hilariously bad, it was great.

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if you applied for a job somewhere and then saw on Facebook that some of the employees of that company were saying how miserable the place is, would you withdraw your application and look elsewhere?

dk/dc/almost afraid to know the answer :

what is wonton soup made out of?