March 22nd, 2012


Do you have scars and if so do you mind them or not?

I have multiple scars from both accidents and surgeries, and I've never found them to be something that bothered me. I look at them as "victories" in my "fight" against life. I also look at them as inevitable, in some ways, it's just a normal part of life that most people seem to face.

I have known friends (sadly, only female friends) who are mortified by their scars and do everything in their power to hide them, and most of them had scars that weren't that large or odd looking.

Do your scars bother you and do you try to hide them? Why?
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Moving Far Away

What's the farthest distance you've moved for a significant other?  Would you have considered living there anyway, if you hadn't been involved with them?

Are you glad you made the move?
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How likely are you to believe you have a ghost in your home? 1-10, 1 being, "I heard a weird sound, had to be a ghost," and 10 being, "I turned around for a second and all the chairs were stacked on the table. Must have been an earthquake."

Inspired by a ghost hunting type show. A woman was wearing headphones that could supposedly pick up voices of spirits in her house. She could faintly hear whispering in an empty room, but then she heard, loud and clear, "Shh, she's listening." That made me turn on the light and let the dog in...
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Me: Real or Not Real?

When you see people's icon's do you get an image of what they look like? If you ever met them in person, was your image close to what they really looked life?
What do you think that I look like?

Would you post a picture of what you look like?


TQC, do you judge adults with missing teeth?

Long story short, I got my back left molar on the top pulled today because of a botched root canal from last year. It sucks because it wasn't even my doing that dicked the tooth up, but whatever. I have no plans on dental implants because cosmetic dentistry is ridiculously expensive. Even though you can't tell I'm missing a tooth, I still feel self-conscious.

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I did a days work for someone on Feb 13th. I chased him up for the money at the beginning of March, when he told me to send an invoice. I sent that on March 13th. I'm still waiting. I'm so poor it's got to the point where i'm living off 12p broccoli. How can I chase him in the nicest way possible?
I hate asking people for money.

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I am having trouble coming up with another way of saying "middle man" or "go-between" that has a more positive slant to it. Can you help me? I'm trying to describe a person who stands between another person and something amazing, but that isn't derogatory or bad. HALP.

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Would it be really weird to go into a store while sweating from a workout?

I'm thinking of going on a run today, but I also need to go to the corner store today. Rather than running, coming home, then going back out for a walk, I was thinking of just going to the store on my way home, then walk the rest of the way home. I feel like this would be inappropriate though, so I'm curious if others agree or wouldn't care.

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Can one outfit translate from pub to club?
My friends want to take me to a pub and then out dancing at a bar this weekend. This is not our usual thing and I have no idea what to wear or if one outfit can go from one to the other.

What would you wear?
Any ideas of what I could wear? If you're going to make suggestions I'm fat and a lot of things don't sit properly on me. Super tight clothes are out. 
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Hey TQC! Are any of you homeschoolers? Would you be willing to fill out my survey for my library and information science program? I'm doing an ethnography project on a youth culture and I picked homeschoolers since I was one myself once. :)

Not on the survey question but one I'm still interested in if you are or were a homeschooler:

Did you use curriculum from your school district or did you use your own?

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Should I see if the woman at work next to me fancies a really powerful fuck?

What if I can't get it up because I'm simultaneously immensely depressed and filled with rage?

Do you think I can use that to attract a certain type?

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would you rather have a job in a profession that you like, but with coworkers you dislike, or have a profession that you dislike, but with coworkers that you like? why? (assume that you have to interact with your coworkers on a constant basis.)
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So, what happens to the elderly when they can no longer take care of themselves, they aren't "sick" enough for a nursing home, and the family doesn't have the money for assisted living?

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My boyfriend has a corneal abrasion and can't be in the light. He's been throwing up from the pain. I finally got him to go to Urgent Doc and they gave him some antibiotic eyedrops and Tramadol for the pain. He took the Tramadol but he said he hadn't felt anything after an hour except that he was tired. The pain was the same. Is Tramadol good for eye pain? What else can he do? I feel so sorry for him :\  
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When you are looking for information on an organization or something, how do you go about it?

How would you feel if you went to the organization's website and there wasn't any information about what it was on homepage? If it just talked about how much fun or how productive or influential it was?

What is the Reason Rally? Do you want to go/are you going?

DK:DC (possibly related): How are you New Year's Resolutions going?
I didn't write mine down, but I made a mental note to eat more veggies and sleep more and so far it's been going ok.

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Say you were planning on having a bunch of kids and you wanted to give them all names beginning with the same letter of the alphabet (like the Kardashians with all their Ks or the Duggers with all their Js), what letter would you pick?
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What are your thoughts on re-gifting?

Have you have re-gifted something? If so, then why?

For some reason people (mostly acquaintances that don't know me all that well) keep giving me earrings as presents, even though I don't have holes in my ears. So I keep those for when I don't have the time or money to go out and buy a present. I don't think it's that big of a deal.
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TQC, how would you react if your SO told you "there's something major going on with me, but due to certain circumstances, I can't tell you what it is; just know that it isn't to do with us or me directly"?

DK/DC: What was the last alcoholic drink you discovered you liked? For me it's Jameson.

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How do you feel about the idea of enforced compulsory post-mortem organ donation for everyone whose organs meet medical donation criteria?

If someone knew they were going to die ASAP, and had decided to donate their healthy organs, do you think allowing them to choose [from among several people with approximately the same level of medical need] who they thought was most 'deserving' of their organs would be ok or not ok?

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I haven't worn makeup in about seven or eight years. Does anyone know any brands of make up/nail polish that is vegan?

I am developing a painful zit on my chin. What should I do with it?
I usually always have a very clear complexion and I get a zip maybe once a year.

What kind of complexion do you have? 

Wedding reception etiquette

Those who have attended a church wedding (your own or someone else's) - what does the bride wear to the reception after the wedding ceremony?

I've heard that it's customary to still wear the wedding gown. I've also heard that it's customary to change into something less fancy. Google is giving me both answers... What's been your experience?

ETA: wow, so many responses so quickly! Thank you all!

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what do you think when people say things like "oh, its only the internet!" or "it's just facebook" as part of a debate or argument? do you think we're at the point yet where internet/facebook communications are as valid and serious as "real life" ones?

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Who knows why, but you have to write a pilot for a new sitcom. Whatever network you want, total creative freedom. Gotta be fiction though. What's your TV-Guide listing synopsis of the plot?
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1. Why would one need to wear a chest-compression vest before a surgery? The person in question is female, and I'm guessing it may be something like a breast reduction but I'm not sure and I'm not friends with the person so I don't feel comfortable asking. Also, if it is for a breast reduction, what does the vest actually do?

2. Are you an impulsive shopper, or do you like to plan out each shopping excursion beforehand? Or are you somewhere in between?

3. What was the last impulsive thing you did?

4. Do you think you get enough sleep?