March 20th, 2012

Best shoes in the world

Can anyone help me find these interviews and this video?

I'm hoping that this community will be nicer than another one where I have asked this.
Does anyone have links to these that work or know where there are copies of them somewhere on the internet that do work? These links are all broken and my own google-fu has failed miserably. It doesn't seem that some of the sites are being maintained/moderated any more (and, yes, I tried the Way-Back Machine and it didn't work, so if you know another site similar to that that will yield results, that'd be great). I have tried searching every way that I know how, I've contacted the site mods that were listed, and I've tried contacting the authors of the content if they were listed as well.

this one doesn't work either:
(both of these are supposed to be videos of Poets and Pornstars playing the song "Earthman" on Music+ TV...the musicplus site is even lousier than this. At least I get roughly 12 seconds of video out of these)

both of these are podcast/mp3 interview, again links broken, they don't work.

Rock my monkey webcast interview with Poets & Pornstars
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Have you ever backed out of a trip/vacation?

I'm laying here, two hours before I have to leave to go to the airport, crying for I don't even know why(everything) and in my heart, I really want to back out, but I know I can't.

How Bad Is The New Lorax Movie?

I'm having a Dr.Seuss related crisis here because I'm really opposed to new Seuss/Hollywood films and didn't plan to see the Lorax. I just got an e-mail from a friend saying "you'll like this" with a few videos of The Once-Ler from the new movie and he is eye candy (I'm pathetic for being attracted to an animated man). Will I be pulling my hair out if I go see this movie tomorrow, or will it be bearable?

I also really love Ed Helms and didn't know he was in this.
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swimsuit season!!

today i took in the delectable scent of marijuana wafting into my windows and heard an ice cream truck pass by my house...summer's coming!

where do you purchase your swimwear? 
  i'm currently looking for something "retro" that's not uber expensive like the ones they have on modcloth...

what are your summer planz?

Potato Chips

I am located in Southern California and have seen some interesting bags of chips the last few times I have gone to an ampm. I have seen Chilli Cheese Fries Fully Loaded ,Smoked BBQ Ribs, and Hot wings flavors. These bags are chips are from Ruffles not some small independent company. My questions are: Has any one tried these? Are they any good? What are some other unique flavors out there?

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Guise. I have a big important job interview in just 30 minutes. Will you please leave me encouraging messages and awesome tales of great accomplishment to enjoy when I turn my phone back on?


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"Puerto Ricans taste like candy."

Probably 10-15 years ago I heard a comedian on some Comedy Central standup thing make that claim.

He was arguing that stereotypes didn't have to be inherently good. They could be positive, such as "Puerto Ricans taste like candy."

Do you agree that's a positive stereotype?
How do you feel about such a take on stereotypes in general?

Every few years since I've tried to Google (tho I think originally I might have Yahooed or Dogpiled) to find out who this comedian is. FINALLY I see a few hits that let me know someone else out there saw this stupid bit, but no one attributes the quote.
Can anyone find out for me who did this????
That is the question I really care about.
Answered: I guess it's Louis CK. I guess I kept using too many quotation marks in my googlin', thanks!

Social etiquette

So this week has become "Meet MrFisterTaco" week on OkCupid. I'm MrFisterTaco.

I met one guy last night, it was meh. I'm busy tonight-thursday with other shit. I told one guy yesterday that we'd make plans for "the weekend", and then I meet another dude Sunday afternoon.

Last night I got another message asking for a meetup.

Can I schedule him in somewhere in this weekend and then reoffer to the second dude my only day free? Or do I have to leave it free since it was free last we'd spoke? I tried asking him but don't feel like waiting for a response if I don't need to.

I'm more interested in the dude who messaged me last night than the guy I'd already spoken to, and I think it's only because the guy I'd already spoken to is black while this new dude is white. Acknowledging it doesn't make anything any better, and while I'm definitely going to give them both as equal of an opportunity (ugh) as I can without my subconcious fucking things over, I still feel like a shitty person.
How do I be a better person?

And to add a question that's been asked to death:
If you are/would be on a internets dating site, how long would you need to speak to someone before you were willing to meet up with them?
I've been really grateful that almost all of these requests have come within the first bit of communication.

EDIT: Well damn, me and nightninja76 are 99% match. Why don't we love eachother more?

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Which of the following grains have you eaten either whole or partially processed (i.e. sans bran), but not milled into flour?

sommon wheat
wild rice
teff (used to make injera if you've ever had that)
I only eat grains as flour/I don't eat grain

*common wheat
Armrat judges you

This or that

Poll #1827712 This or that

Who'd you rather sit next to on a flight?

Sarah Palin
Michael Palin

Which would you rather eat for dessert?

Ice cream (your choice)
Cake (your choice)

Which would you rather eat?

Sausages made from 6 puppies
A human foot (marinate of your choice)

Which would you rather do?

Walk on stilts over a long (30 yards) but shallow (1 foot deep) pool filled with pirranha
Zipline through a spiderweb that's larger than you are

Which would you rather do?

Chew on a wad of gum that a homeless man was chewing on for several minutes. You have to chew it for an hour
Wear the underwear of a homeless man for 5 minutes (under your clothes). You can't wash it first

Which would you rather do?

Do a stage dance at a strip club, where you get fully nude, in front of all your coworkers/fellow students
Strip to your bare ass on a concert stage in front of 25,000 people

Who would you rather go on a date with?

Avid game hunter. Loves shooting animals. Once went hunting at the zoo after closing hours. Doesn't actually like the taste of meat. Just likes killing
Avid drug user. Has done everything under the sun and admitted to once shooting up on another date while in the bathroom. Wear a marijuana leaf on his shirt on the first date

Two vehicles are dangling over the edge of a cliff and you can only save one. Which one do you save?

Bus full of 50 KKK members, in full white sheet regalia. They were headed for an anti-Obama rally
Vetinarian transport vehicle. Besides the driver, there's 4 dogs and 3 cats in the back


I don't know how this works because I very rarely make returns. I also very rarely cut the tags off something before I try it on, but I did that with some slippers I bought last night at Walmart. They are horrendously uncomfortable. I still have the tags (cut off) and the receipt... what are my chances of them accepting them as a return?

(no subject)

TQC, should I buy these shoes? I saved up a decent "rainy day" fund but I have a hard time spending money on myself.

ok you win!! :P

Will you use this post to share fun/frivolous things you want to or plan on buying?
thanks for all the help with skirts yesterday!
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

I just had a phone interview.

Tell me about your phone interview experiences. How often have they led to an in-person interview?

What is the real purpose of a phone interview, in your opinion?

How long did your phone interviews last?

Who have you typically interviewed with?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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I don't feel like doing laundry tonight, but I'm running out of clothes


I propose a TQC MEETUP in LOS ANGELES, to wash fourcorners's clothes! It would involve the laundromat and a few bags of dirty duds. I'd supply the quarters. It's only fair. Afterwards, as a follow-up, you can work together in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and sharing cooking techniques with fellow TQCers as you make fourcorners dinner! And, those dirty dishes won't wash themselves, so I can easily create a poll on 'who gets to wash all the dishes', and have the community vote.

Sometimes the dryer can't take out the wrinkles. Can I count on you to iron my clothes afterwards? Even my socks, because I wouldn't dream of letting you give in a half-ass job. I know how important perfection is to you.

Clearly, not everyone can stand around waiting while the washing machines do their business, so those that aren't necessarily can easily sit down and give me footrubs. You can take turns. We can discuss feminism and the progress of women over the decades while you give my feet the treatment. I am very much for equality and appreciate history

Would you attend this meetup if it was a serious event?

(no subject)

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone other people viewed as being either drastically above or beneath you, in terms of physical attraction? Did you have to deal with a lot of bullshit about it? How did you cope?
Halloween 2

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Say you were applying for a job with an employer and the employer wanted your Facebook login and password? Would you give it to them?

Say the employer wanted you to sign a non-disparagement agreement saying that you would not say anything negative about the employer on any social networking or other website. Would you sign something like that?
crescent moon

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Have you ever worked with people who constantly (not just occasionally) spoke badly about previous or lower-level employees? How did you feel about it?

Did your boss do anything about it, or was it perhaps the boss him/herself talking smack?

Have you ever overheard someone at work (or someone from a place you once worked) talking badly about you?

(I have twice, both times it was the boss, and it rubs me the wrong way for two reasons. One, it doesn't reflect well on their character in general. Two, it makes me wonder how they speak about ME when I'm gone. I've never overheard anyone talking about me. ALTHOUGH...I have gotten passive-aggressive comments in different jobs.)

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Will you post a sample of whatever music you're currently listening to or last listened to, and let someone tell you what other song/artist it reminds them of?

No cheating! It has to be what you are now listening or last listened to...unless it is actually THAT difficult to find a sample.

(I swear I will not post any more today. I got over-excited about my idea, ok?)

a second language

I think I want to learn a second language. I get the feeling in this economy it would be valuable to know a second language. I had some French in high school but honestly, I don't remember much of it.

What language do you think would be important to know in this world economy?

Do any of you have experience with Rosetta Stone?

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tqc, if you were to initiate a date/meet up with someone you were attracted to but didn't know too well, what would you say?

I currently have a dilemma.  I am an art student on a 1 year course, and there is a guy in another specialism who I think likes me.  We don't get to see each other a lot, as we are in different rooms, but he always flirts with me whenever we happen to see each other.  He asked for my number back in December (I gave it to him), but not too long after that, I discovered he already had a girlfriend.  Long story short; they broke up, and now he's acting interested in me. 

The trouble is, I think he's too shy to make a move, or thinks I don't like him after what happened in December.  What can I do to show him I'd be interested in dating him? (side note: I don't know him that well/speak to him that often out of fear of coming on too strong)
>> believe.

(no subject)

Where is a good place to take a two week trip flying out from NYC that isn't more than 4 hours flying time and won't cost a bomb to get to?

Both inside/outside the US acceptable but I'm looking for somewhere a little bit different, I don't want to do Boston/Philly/DC because I've been to them all. Maybe somewhere in the South or Canada/Cuba/one of the nearby islands etc.
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Are there any car dealerships in your area that have creative or memorable names? We have "Fairly Reliable Bob's" out here. I'm still not sure if Bob is fairly reliable, or if his cars are.
Simon Curtis
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What do you think of people who keep money in their socks?

What do you think of people who keep money in their bras?

If you're a cashier, would you be more reluctant to handle money freshly pulled out of a sock or a bra?