March 19th, 2012

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After 244 years, the Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be in print. Instead you can access it through an online subscription or an app.

How do you feel about this?
Did you ever own a print copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica, or do you own one now? How often do you use it?

My mother bought me one as a kid along with a set of World Books and I used them quite a bit until high school. I feel a little sad and nostalgic about it but it's not surprising, and I'm glad that they're still going to put out a digital version.
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TQC, today, my brother held an "intervention" of sorts for me. He basically said that I follow politics and current events to the point that it's become bad for my health. This is true to a degree... it increases my anxiety and cynicism, for obvious reasons. How would you react to such a critique, and what changes should I make?
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If you were given a list of tasks with numbered priorities...

Would you assume that priority "1" should be done before priority "10"?

Would you assume that priority "-10" should be done before priority "10"?
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What was your favorite nursery rhyme as a kid?

Do you consider yourself to be a picky eater? Would you eat mushrooms grown from sterilized dirty diapers? The dirty diapers only contained urine and no poo if that makes a difference.

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I have a tiny bedroom. So does my housemate.
She'll be moving out soon, so i'll have a spare room for a couple of months.
I've thought about storing my clothes in there or something.

What can I use my housemates bedroom for?
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Will you describe for me (or show me, if you're so inclined) your wallet? If you don't have a wallet, will you describe the place where you keep your cash/credit cards/ID?

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A pole the height of a skyscraper is erected in the middle of your city. Atop sits a globe equipped with hundred of powerful cameras which gives a 360 bird eyes view of the entire city. People are able to log onto their computers and view a live feed of anywhere in the city but the view is that of looking down from a ten story building, you can recognize activity and people but not details like faces,unless a crime is committed then law enforcement and only then can access the database and zoom in to see faces clearly, even eye color. Though them doing that that would also be recorded through a live feed, fully transparent. A vote is up to erect one in your city. Yes or No? Why or why not?

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To all elderly, Lutheran dentists who own a classic kit car, what is your favorite burger topping?

To all truck-driving, salsa-dancing pescivores who speak three or more languages, do you pay for manicures or do them yourself?

To all cohabitating, brown-haired people under 45, how does industrial orgainzational's conceptualization of vertical differentiation mediate the relationship between oligopsonies and bilateral monopolies with regard to information asymmetry?
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Fashionistas of TQC,

Can you advice me on how dress my fat ass hips?

I really want to start wearing skirts, but my hips are the size of Kansas. Every time I try to find a skirt, they just seem to be like a bright neon sign pointing out my huge hips.

Thanks for your time, TQC.

um, any visual examples?
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I'm running the light board for a play and tonight is photo call, so I am hardly needed. Will you suggest fun time-wasty websites for me to peruse that A) are not Pinterest, and B) do not require me to listen to sound?

What's the longest thing you've ever written? How long did it take you?

Now that I've decided to hold off on grad school for a while, graduating doesn't seem so scary. I plan to spend the next year looking for a job, starting a garden, and getting fit. What else should I do to fill my time? I like longer projects, and am not afraid to learn new skills.
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Does anyone know of a place to rent movies online (as in digitally) other than iTunes and Amazon? I need to watch The Help for class, have had trouble getting it, and want to know if there's anywhere cheaper than $3.99.

What's the last movie you watched?
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My intarwebs are very slow sometimes. I have to open every page in LJ in a new tab because they take so long to load. Gmail is very slow too. Some pages are fine. I have a static IP and I tried using Google DNS and it's still slow. What settings in my router or computer should I tweak?
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Is there a certain term for someone who takes all of your debate points, addresses one as supposedly incorrect, and thus tries to say that all the rest are incorrect as well?

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I just bought a bunch of fruit for the week. Our A/C is broken and there are a few fruit flies around, so I want to keep it in the fridge. I figure it'd be easiest if I pre-cut everything so I don't have excuses not to eat it early in the mornings or when I'm feeling lazy. 

What is the best way to store fruit? Can I just do ziplock bags? Should I refrigerate or freeze? How long will cut fruit last? 

What's your favorite fruit?  

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Should I get my big butt reduce by a surgeon or keep it? I notice that when I work out, I can loose inches off from anywhere except from the rump. I really think that having a small waist with a huge ass is disgusting. IT'S BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY FOR YEARS!!! What to do?