March 18th, 2012

Data collection

To all ambidexterous, biracal women who majored in anthropology, who is your favorite character on TWD?

To all diabetic, bearded men who have completed pilot training, what was the last book you read?

To all single, bored women who own smart phones, in what ways does the structuralist binary relation of linguistic meaning construct contemporary morality?

(no subject)

What dish would you say is the quintessential dish of where you live? Like something that is fairly unique to your state/province/county/locale but is so typical nearly everyone that lives there has eaten it?

What's your favorite cuisine?

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I feel like this is a stupid question but here goes...

When an atheist dies, where would they be buried? Are all cemeteries consecrated? I can see cremation but not everyone wants that. IDK sorry the the dumb question.

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If you had to abstain from one totally for the rest of your life, what would be harder to give up?

Salt/Sodium in all/any form
Sex in all/any form

*regarding salt, assume you were taking a supplement pill to take care of bare minimum physical requirements

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TQC, have you or has anyone you know gone on the paleo diet? My SO is on it right now and he's miserable (has been on it for about three weeks now). For those of you who don't know, basically the only things you're allowed to eat are meats, vegetables and fruit. No beans, corn, cured meats, grains, bread, dairy or sugar. What would you make for dinner if you were on such a diet? Chicken and broccoli is getting old FAST.

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Hi everyone,

So I live in Canada and have an iTunes account from Canada. I'd like to purchase something that's only available in the UK store though. Does anyone know how to go about getting a second iTunes account, and if so, can you get it for another country if you're not IN that country?


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Does anyone else ever feel their parents don't give them enough support? I am struggling to get any from mine at the moment and losing focus in my work for university. I don't mean financial support, that I have done all on my own. I just mean like understanding of work pressures etc.

Data collection

To all underweight, recently divorced men with a phobia of ringing telephones, how often do you wash your hair?

To all bald, separatist lesbian women who have IBS, do you keep a personal planner?

To all right-handed, liberal people who have US citizenship, in what ways does the Eastern impetus of metaphysics in early Islamic philosophy reflect the Western influence of transcendental phenomenology?
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So here's a short story.

I bought an eye shadow palette off eBay. It however turns out to be the wrong thing and I want to return it. I will now describe the problem.
The palette I bought has two versions, one of which is a creme based version and one of which is a water based version. I wanted the water based one. I looked and found one that had the PICTURE of the water based palette on the auction. Got excited, didn't read the description and see they were actually selling the creme based version (it's in big letters if I'd scrolled down). It arrived, I opened it up and put my brush in it. That's when I realised it was the wrong thing.
That's all making it sound I knew like there was a creme based version. I didn't until I did a little research after getting the wrong version.

The picture is wrong, there is no mention of creme in the headline of the auction but that information is in the description.

Where do I stand? Do you think I have a right to a refund?

EDIT: Thanks. No refund for me! Lesson learnt.

(no subject)

This dress, or this one?

This dress will be worn to multiple weddings this summer.

What kind of shoes would you pair with each dress? Pics are encouraged!

Thanks, guys! I ordered the blue one, but am still taking shoe suggestions! I only have black and brown pumps so I clearly need a better shoe wardrobe.

I hate shopping

TQC, I have to go to my friend's wedding at the end of April. It's in Richmond, VA and she says it's "cocktail attire." Bridesmaids are wearing short dresses.

Anyone want to pick a dress for me? or recommend helpful websites/stores/etc. I live near NYC if you know any stores in the area.

As for dress type/style: I'm 5'4", 160 lbs, hourglass shape. I need straps that will cover a bra. I hate shopping and know nothing of style.

Any ideas? Any help is appreciated.
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(no subject)

Do you or have you ever worked a job where co-workers were/are typically of the opposite gender?

What was the job? Can you share about reactions you had, or issues you ran into? Did you ever face blunt sexism?

I'll post mine in the comments.

(no subject)

I work in a restaurant. There are 3 shift managers, all of whom are men.  The rest of the employees are women. My boss has been giving me all the responsibilities of a manager for a few months now, without any of the benefits.

Recently, one of the shift managers left, and rather than offering a promotion to me (or even to any of the girls working there), he hired a new guy to replace him. He has no experience and mostly just sits around watching us work. One of our other managers is about to leave, and I'm afraid my boss is going to do the same thing again.

Does this situation seem a little weird to anyone else? Should I confront my boss about it?

(no subject)

If you suddenly started hearing voices and other auditory hallucinations, which were sometimes gibberish but which often gave you sound, useful advice on all kinds of things (career/job, interpersonal relations, car trouble, whatever), would you seek professional help for the issue?
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(no subject)

My friend is being harassed by the wife of a co-worker that does not understand married men can have platonic friendships. She is only texting and calling for now, but threatens to pay her a visit at work and kick her ass, supposedly.

Anyone been in this position before? How did/would you handle this situation?

(no subject)

how long would french toast last if I froze it? I was thinking of making a bunch and then putting them in the toaster like frozen waffles.

What are you looking forward to/are dreading about Monday?
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okay, shoppers, here's some more wedding nonsense for you. i am a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding. this is our dress, in the color 'jade' (a sort of greenish teal blue). our flowers are yellow and orange. (don't even get me started on the ridic colors.) we are all agonizing over shoes right now. do you have any shoe suggestions for us? it's an outdoor wedding in the mountains, so we likely need flats.

edit: if possible, can you provide a link for said suggestion? thank youuuuu

(no subject)

is it possible to have an allergy to a fresh food but not the canned version?  I ask because whenever I eat fresh pineapple lately my tongue hurts: burning and stinging feelings.  But canned doesn't do that to me.

(no subject)

Do you ever find yourself attracted to someone you don't feel physically attracted to? (in a romantic sense). 
How important is physical attraction to you?
Be honest - if you meet someone you like, but they aren't massively attractive, do you ever get concerned what other people might think?
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La-Di-Da and Thoughts On Abstract Things

If you were an animal what would you be? I fyou were a mysthical beast? (Me: the first, an owl; the second, a dragon).

Other: do names matter to you when you decide if you want to date someone or not. (i.e. I would never date someone named Rumpelstiltskin). If you want to know why then ask me.

(no subject)

I am reading a fanfic. In the fanfiction a fashion designer is looking for a job because her business failed. Anyway she gets hire to be the president's assistant. When someone tells her it makes no sense for a fashion designer to be applying for assistant to the president she says that is not that hard to file the presidents' paperwork or getting his coffee, and making sure he gets to every meeting on time can be difficult. But to me it still makes no sense because it would be far more likely that they would hire someone with a political degree. Do you agree or do you think that it's really not that hard to be an assistant?