March 17th, 2012

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I have an eight-hour train ride to look forward to tomorrow. What movie/s should I download from itunes to watch?
I watched Hitchhiekr's Guide to the Galaxy on the trip here. I like sci-fi and fantasy.

When on a long trip (plane, train, automobile), what do you do to keep busy and make the time pass?
[Merlin] - Gwen

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have you ever bought an item of clothing that was too small, and then tried to lose enough weight to fit into it? how did that work out for you?

I bought a beautiful dress on ebay, but it's a bit too small, maybe about one dress size. I'm contemplating whether I should return it, or keep it. I can't buy the next size up because it's much more expensive in the next size for some reason.

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So I run a small print design studio, and I was approached tonight to donate some goods to an auction for a very worthy cause.

The problem is, most everything we do is completely custom -- wedding invitations, birth announcements, business cards -- and I can't think of what to donate. I initially thought of doing a few gift certificates, but I'd really like to include something tangible that the winners could walk away with in addition to that.

I do invitations, announcements, personal & business stationery, business cards, wedding stationery, address labels, that sort of thing, most of which is customized or at least personalized.

TQC, what can I donate for this auction, besides just a gift certificate?

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What are some colloquialisms you grew up hearing/saying where you lived?
put up (store, put away) Put up the groceries, put up your clothes.
fixin' to (about to) Fixin' to go to the store.
fix a plate (to fill a plate with food)
might could (may/might be able) I might could do that.

These are the only ones I grew up with that are frequently noted.

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I made an appointment for a massage today. Part of me thinks I'm supposed to tip the person, the other part of me says no.
If I am supposed to tip... it's $50 for an hour since its my first time. So would I tip like $10? $15?

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What do you do when you love someone and want a future with them, but they're a drug addict? Do you stick around "for better or worse"? Or do you up and leave? Do you stick by them no matter what and try to help them get better or run away?

He's not that bad. I could handle it, if it didn't hurt me emotionally when he does it. Its a small amount every couple weeks. Am I blowing it outta proportion? Maybe I'm too sensitive to the issue, maybe 2 pills every two weeks isnt a big deal. Or is it? .... Who knows.

I really see a future with this guy, and I've never truly wanted a future with anyone. I dont know what to do. I wanna be the loving supporting girlfriend, but every time he does it, it kills me on the inside. He's trying to get better, but always says he's never promised to never do it again. He wont commit to quitting, just wants to do it less. Is that enough? At what point is popping pills a problem you need to walk away from? He's sweet to me, we love each other, we want a life together. Do I leave all that over a lousy 4 pills a month? I feel like such a girl, like I'm just overreacting.

And because I have my own addictions (not to drugs), does that mean I'm just a big hypocrite?

I'm so confused, I love him, I want to be with him, I miss him a crazy amount when hes not home. I just dont know what to do. I dont know if I should give it all up because he wont commit to quitting fully. Am I supposed to give him time to quit? Time to slow down his habit and maybe eventually he'll quit all together? or Assume hes like every other druggie and just give up on him?

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I feel a sinus infection coming on (I have that raw,irritated feeling in my nasal passages) any tips or tricks to make it easier/keep it from being horrible?

My husband swears drinking honey right now will stop it entirely...Im giving him "the look"...

what to do

So I've been planning to go to this yoga workshop for a month and I've been really excited about it.  This past week, I had a monetary emergency come up and had to spend most of my money until I get paid again (next Friday).  If I go to the yoga workshop, almost all my money will be gone.

Do I go to the workshop as planned and manage to live on $15 for a week (I have gas and food)  or do I not go and feel really disappointed?

If it matters, the money for the workshop goes to an animal charity.
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Plans for St. Patrick's Day?

My parents, sister and her husband are going to some drink tasting thing. I'm watching the dogs, making bank for doing so (I'd watch them for free, but I do need the money), and watching the Leprechaun films. Then I'm babysitting.

Anyone else love the 'so bad it's good' Leprechaun films?

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How do you feel...?

I am an automobile driver and find bicyclists and/or rollerbladers annoying
I am a bicyclist/rollerblader and find automobile drivers annoying
When I drive, I find bikes/skaters annoying; when I bike/skate I find drivers annoying
Anyone other than me on the road is annoying!
I am never annoyed :]

so many questions today

We're having a potluck at work on Tuesday, yay!  It was originally going to be a "Green Food" potluck this past Friday in honor of St. Patrick's Day, but a few people were out of work so we changed it.

NEway, I was going to make a green bean and bacon salad thing that sounds sooo good and is super simple which is even better, because I'm a terrible cook. The problem is, we work with one girl who doesn't eat pork.  Now, she hasn't told anyone she doesn't eat pork, nor did she say anything when I said what I was bringing to the potluck, another coworker mentioned it to me.

Do I change what I'm bringing because one person out of 10 doesn't eat pork?  Does it matter if we are friendly or not friendly?  Does it matter that she didn't tell me personally? I want to make this dish but I don't want to be the jerk who knew and didn't care (even though I kind of am).

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How long would you let a mysterious pain go on before talking to a doctor?

My foot has been hurting since Monday evening and suddenly got worse yesterday when I stepped funny. IDK if I should see a doctor or wait it out.
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Dear TQC, I have a fever of 101. And I am starving. What are some non horrible foods I can quickly cook or have delivered that is not soup? I don't have the energy to make a feast right now. And if I have to look at another bowl of soup, I'm going to throw up.
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So, it's mothers day tomorrow and I haven't got my mum anything, not even a card, partly because I didn't know until last week and partly because I didn't get paid when I was supposed to. I feel like a terrible person and even though she says she doesn't want anything I feel like I should at least give her something small.
So those of you who are short of money - what are you giving your mum? Do you think a hand made card would be kinda cute or?
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Help with a note?

TQC, I need your help.
My apartment building has assigned parking spots. 2 per apartment, plus there are extra spots in the back for visitors or if someone has more than 2 vehicles. My car was totaled in July and I haven't needed a car (or the parking spot) until now. In the last month or so, someone has been parking in my spot. They probably noticed it was always empty, so whatever.
Well, I'm planning on getting a new car in the next couple of weeks. I have no idea who the car that's parked in my spot belongs to, so I was going to leave them a note saying that I need my parking spot back. How do I phrase it without sound like a jerk?

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1) What is the last thing you printed out off your computer?

2) What is the last thing you mailed via snail-mail?

3) What's the last thing you made in an oven?

4) A few days ago, there was a post about 90s music. I bookmarked it on my desktop, but my hard drive died. Can you point me to it again?

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I've sent pretty postcards and letters in the mail but I've never sent a larger package. I've joined a swap community and I'm really excited about sending something pretty to someone.

Are you in a swap community? 

I want the package to be pretty but I have no idea how to make a package nice inside and out. I need some inspiration. Any ideas? Any good inspiring DIY sites out there for this? 

What are your plans for tonight? I'm working. :(

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I have always had Renters Insurance, but I have never had a building manager ask for a copy of my policy until today. I kindly told her if the landlord wants to see it then I will gladly copy it and mail it or fax it to him.

Did I do the right thing or should I have just given her a copy of the policy info?

Why would she need it or want it?
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Have you ever been to a party where the police showed up?

If yes, then what happened?

I went to an housewarming party last night at someones house and the cops showed up around two in the morning cause we really were way too loud. I thought we would really be in trouble, but they just talked to the home owners, gave them a stern talking to and then gave us an hour to break the party up.

DK/DC: How do you battle an hangover? Will you share your miracle cures?
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the beast that ate all the chocolate

Lately I just can't get enough chocolate. Usually I eat one little piece a day, but for the past week I've eaten 2-3x that much and today I'm doing the same thing AND I had a double chocolate cookie this morning.

Normally I don't eat a lot of sweets at all, just my one piece of chocolate per day.

WTF is wrong with me?

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Today, I woke up with my right calf sore. It doesn't really hurt that bad just walking around, sitting, or anything, but if I fully extend my leg and move my foot around, it feels really sore, kind of like a muscle pain. I've read that is a good indicator of a blood clot, but I'm not sure about that since it doesn't really hurt otherwise, and it's not red, warm, or swollen. 

What does TQC think? And how can i make it feel better? Is stretching it a good or bad idea? Anyone else just wake up with randomly sore parts? :(

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To the self-identified liberals in TQC: are there any liberal beliefs that you you're against or that you don't hold despite the fact that you would call yourself liberal? For example, I just had a conversation with a liberal student (who currently goes to the university I graduated from) who believes that women are the gatekeepers to sex and aren't as easily sexually stimulated like men are. This seems like a fairly traditional sexual view, especially given the popularity of sex-positive feminism and things like that nowadays.

What about you guys? Are there any ideas that a lot of other liberals seem to have that you are more conservative and/or traditional in thinking about?

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have you or someone you know ever worked at Massage Envy? i have an interview on Monday to be a sales associate and apparently i have to have a 2 page script memorized. i feel like this is a lot to ask for an interview that was set up on friday!

if you have worked as a sales associate there, could you tell me about your experience? was your job highly based on the sales you make? what was your starting hourly pay? i'm really intimidated.

mmm food

what's your favorite type of berry?
Have you ever eaten crawfish?
if so, what does it taste like?

if you could choose only 2 things to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?

I think right now my favorite berry is raspberries.
Never, kinda wonder what they are like but in no hurry to find out.
If health factors weren't an issue I would say, bacon and oranges.