March 15th, 2012

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What was your last clothing purchase (including shoes, accessories, jewelry, and bags)? Pictures are awesome.

What was the last thing you bought that you regret buying?

What was the last thing you bought for someone else?

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That last question about practicing made me wonder if y'all could give me some advice. I have to practice my singing a lot, but I don't want to do it in the house. My last roomate (who was a jackass) gave me a lot of shit for singing in the apartment (I've sung semi-professionally in bands, at weddings, etc, and it used to be my big party trick, so I know I can't be that terrible), which made me horribly self-conscious.

Any advice? Should I hide out in the garage? I'm just terrified that someone's going to hear me and give me shit for singing. :/ How do I get over that?

DK/DC: what's your favorite kind of workout? Mine's a tie between boxing and long-distance running. Yes, I am a masochist.

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I know dreams can be a really intimate thing, but what are some of your dreams that have made you go, "whaat?"

Two that come to mind recently are 1) I was held up at gun point, literally on the floor, gun barrel to my forehead, pleading for my life and then the gun man pulls the gun away and puts the gun in his mouth and shoots himself. and 2) I was on a scavenger hunt in a megastore(like walmart or target) with my mom, trying to find Andes' Candies that had been hidden through the store. At one point I remember in the dream my mother bitching at the people who ran it of people cheating.

I don't read into dreams, but I can only image what these two mean.

About vibrators...

xxflyingsoulxx's question about the big 'O' got me to wondering:  women of TQC who use vibrators, what is the longest session you've had with one?

Do you quit after the first orgasm?

Where's your best spot? (Clitoral shaft, between labial folds, just in vagina, all the way in?)

Have you ever snuck one in at work?

Any embarrassing and/or scary moments?


Have you had a moment you had an epiphany? (a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.) In my case, when I first encountered this parliamentary debate, some kind of brain wave struck me, saying “this is what you need to do now!”. Since then I've been so enthusiastically learning it. Please let me know your experience.
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If you can't afford to go all-out organic, but you do want to make some healthier choices in your shopping, what's the best place to do that? Produce? Meat? A little of both and don't worry about the other 4 days a week that end up full of hormones and pesticides?

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If you had to think of all your favorite things (being very general here, favorite things of all kinds) and then pick five to be your ALL TIME favorite things in the WHOLE WORLD, what would the five be?

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These questions are for gamers

So I just finish Cathrine. What I LOVED about it is, it's so different than any other game I have played! The gameplay is new and unique (well it is based off an old classic arcade game but it gave it depth). If I explain the game play it might sound odd not interesting but it's so addictive. It's a puzzle game you have to climb the tower, the bottom slowly falls away some times monsters chase you up. The story was so WEIRD! I haven't seen anything like it.

So can you give me a list of games that are different than other games you have played? Could be unique story or game play, or whatever you want.

What type of gamer are you? Do you stick to a certain type of genre? or are you willing to branch out and try anything?

I'm pretty willing to try anything, though first person shooters give me vertigo. The only one I've been able to handle is Bioshock (still working on that) I have to keep my stomach full and take the game slow. So honestly I tend to stay away from first person shooter.

I love trying new games that aren't like anything I've played.

What makes you pick out a game title? do friends recommend games? do you shop at a store pick out interesting titles? do you watch reviews?

I do a little bit of everything. Sometimes an interesting cover, or title, some time I've watched the reviews, some times my friends tell me about games, or lend me games.
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While walking the dog today I walked past a nickel, and later thought maybe I should have picked it up.

What is the lowest denomination coin you will bend over to pick up? What do you think it says about you? If you pick up a penny (which literally does not have the value of the metal it’s made of), does that mean you are thrifty and know the value of money? Or does it say you are a cheap bastard?
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What's the most you've had to pay to take a test?

Do you read fairy tales? What's your favorite one? Who's your favorite author? I just recently started reading a bunch, but my favorite so far is the Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen.
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Tell me how to live my life, plz & thx.

An acquaintance who holds me in much higher esteem than I do him is in town today and tomorrow. I have plans to have dinner with him and others in a couple hours. I don't actually like him much at all, but he wanted to see me. He's currently sitting in his hotel room hanging out and killing time until dinner (I know this as my boyfriend just dropped him off there on his way to work). He knows I have the day off. I should probably call him and hang out before dinner.

Should I suck it up and go hang out with him even though I really, really don't want to? He'll probably be a little upset if I don't.
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

TV Medley?

Hi Guys!

Does anyone know where I can find this website - it had a large cartoony-illustration containing a number of 80s and 90s TV characters, and it had an accompanying music file which played a medley of the themes in the order the show characters appeared on the picture running left to right from top to bottom. Any ideas? I've tried a googling a couple of different ways and it's not coming up. I know some of the themes it had on there were Red Dwarf, Round the Twist and Gummi Bears...

DK/DC - what's your favourite show from the 80s/90s?
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I want to buy either a tablet or an ultrabook/netbook with my tax refund. I don't want to spend more than $500, with tax and I *don't* want an iPad. Which would you get?

If you dk/dc, where do you park when you go to work?

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 What kind of activities you do use your emergency candles for?
I've been known to use them on squeaky hinges, start campfires, and to smooth out splintery sections on wooden stuff as well as for reading/cooking during power outages. The transformer near my house exploded yesterday. Luckily it was day time because I have forgotten to replenish my supply of candles.

How do you brainstorm?

If you buy juice (like Juicy Juice or other 100% fruit/veggie juices) or smoothie drinks (like Naked or Bolthouse), do you drink as is or cut it with water or some other thing?

Do you cook/prepare any meal with juice? Care to share your recipe?

Do you use meal replacements? What kind?
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Love and War (Not Really)

I had a friend recently tell me who she was crushing hard on. And she, because I was friends with said guy, asked me to talk to him about her--ask him what he thought of her, if he liked her back, that sort of thing.

And so today I did. She told me previously she wanted to know what he said, and whether or not he liked her back. And the guy told me he didn't like her "in that way" (guys, smh).

Anyway, how do I break it to her? We have only recently become good friends, so...I am not entirely sure what to say to her. Any thoughts?
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zombie baby cede! :D

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What was the longest year of your life? Day? Hour?

Got any tips for pulling an all-nighter?
ETA: This is for work, I don't actually have to be that productive, just awake and available if need be.

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I went and bought a macbook today, and while I was in the store my brother came in. He seemed interested but also looked shocked/disappointed that I bought one. I talked to my mom a bit later and found out that for my birthday on the weekend he had been building me a custom desktop. I feel kind of like a jerk now, and I feel like I should apologize to my brother or something. I didn't know! 

I just feel really anxious and upset if I hurt his feelings. How can I make things feel better? How do I let him know I really appreciate what he was doing for me? I don't think he knows I found out about his birthday present for me. 

We're supposed to go to the gym tomorrow, and I'm hoping things aren't weird.
I feel like such a jerk. :(

When's the last time you accidentally foiled someone else's plans?