March 14th, 2012

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Whole chicken question

I'm making chicken soup today and I bought a whole chicken to use. I was able to remove the liver and whatever else comes in the cavity, however the neck is still pretty well stuck in there. It has been cut, and just stuffed in, but I can't seem to pull it out. The bird was frozen yesterday, and sat in my fridge overnight, so it's still pretty cold.

My question is, can I make the chicken soup with the neck still in the chicken cavity, or should I find a way to get it out? Obviously, I'm not planning on pulling any meat off the neck once it's cooked, but would it be harmful to the soup, and/or add a gross flavor? And if I SHOULD remove it, how? Should I try and let it thaw some more, or is there a regular kitchen tool I can use to pull it out? :(

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I washed my car really well yesterday. I live on a farm and they have been putting lime down for 6 hours now. My car is completely covered in lime. What are the chances I will be able to rinse the lime off?
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When you are reading a text or email from someone whose voice you know, do you hear their voice in your head reading it? If this happens sometimes but not always, when does it happen for you?
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I want to get my eyebrows waxed, but I've never had it done before. How do I figure out the shape I want/need? Will the stylist be able to help me with that? Or do I need to know before hand?

edit: Thank you guys!


For the people who play an instrument, involved in sports, dances, and etc. How do you make time to practice and get better at your craft? I feel like life is so busy that I can't practice dancing (I'm learning how to dance right now). I wonder how so many people are able to do it all.
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I don't drink. I have, but I'm pretty sure I've never been drunk. I've always (sincerely, not judgmentally) wondered why people drink to get drunk. So how about it, TQC, why do you drink to get drunk?

ETA: dk/dc/nunya: Do you like to fly? What's your biggest plane trip pet peeve?
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what are some of your favorite bands with female members (frontwomen or otherwise)?

i've been making a mix with some of my favorite bands and realized there is a serious lack of women among them. i pretty much just have the breeders and sonic youth, but i know there have to be good bands i'm missing. and i have plenty of favorite female solo artists that i love, so i'm not sure whats up.
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I was made a moderator for newfriends a few years ago and the original owner has been absent in that time. As a result, LJ has since dubbed me the community "owner" and I'm contemplating changing a few things around.

Would you guys say the community is "mine" enough now that I can make those changes at my own discretion or should I leave everything as is because she created it? Part of me thinks I'm being unnecessarily sentimental and part of me understands why I hesitate.

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Do you believe in gun control? why/why not?
Alternatively, do you believe that if a child finds their parent's loaded, unlocked gun and shoots/kills another child (or themselves) should the parent(s) be charged with negligent homicide?
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Hi! I am learning Spanish through livemocha which doesn't really teach you a lot of basic knowledge, just conversational stuff.

What does Arturo tiene unos amigos colombianos mean? I thought uno was one. Google tells me it means some? I'm so confused.

Do any of you Spanish-speakers want to give me tips? A friend told me some of what I learn will be irrelevant to my students who are mostly South American, not Spanish from Spain.
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So I won an ipad2.

So I won a 16g black ipad2. I want to keep it but I know I'll be benefited more if I sell it. If I sell it, where's a good reliable place online to do so?

It's brand new. 16g black ipad2. It has wifi, but not the 3g. On it comes out as $399. Based on this, how much should I sell it for if I don't rip away the packaging?
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Hello Kitty as a janitor...?

You can buy Hello Kitty figurines/stuffed toys/etc. dressed up in a variety of professions -- nurses, ballerinas, and so on. But are there any where she's a blue-collar worker? Preferably like a janitor wearing overalls (like this), and maybe holding a rake or something?

It'd be a birthday present for someone I love dearly, so I'm really hoping to find something that could work! Willing to pay quite a bit for it as well; my only criteria is that the shop/seller is willing to ship to Sweden. Thanks in advance :)
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After a decade of wearing only pants except for a teeny tiny handful of times, I want to wear shorts. The only problem is that immediately after I shave you can see the hair under the skin because my legs are so pale. So I'm going to try to tan them up by going out for a run in shorts rather than pants. By the way, the rest of me is fairly tan, and I never get sunburned even when I used to live in Florida.

Do tanning lotions really work? Does anything work in getting a faster tan, minus a tanning salon which I'd rather avoid? If you use any of these products, which one do you recommend? I tried indoor tanning and occasionally running with shorts last year but my legs stayed super white, so I want to try something else this year so I can finally not look silly in shorts.

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in what ways are you going to improve your life this year? do you have specific goals?

i'm working on living more mindfully and intentionally. i have a tendency to let things happen to and around me and then deal with them later, so i'm making an effort to make more conscious choices. so far, i've found a great anti-depressant, opened two savings accounts, and lost fifteen pounds!