March 13th, 2012

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Halp! My fiance's aunt and uncle are coming to visit fiance's parents and they're all coming to our house this Saturday for dinner! I'm assuming that it'll end up being like, 8 of us (with other members of the family involved too). What should I make? Recipes are particularly helpful, if you have them!

This is a boring question.

I've been needing a new phone for weeks but can't decide on which one. I'm willing to spend a fair amount of money on a nice smartphone and I would love to have an iPhone but is it really worth the money? Keep in mind that where I live the latest model is €649 (!). If it's not, what are some cheaper alternatives?

Football swag?

I live in California. I am looking for NUFC scarves for me and my dad. The ones on Amazon aren't the b&w design that I wanted- any ideas as to where I could get some?

EDIT Ebay provided what I was looking for.

New question: what team do you support?

DK/DC: do you shop on Ebay much?
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iPhone users: if I upgrade to the 4, but wind up not liking it (I'm not sure how I'll do with the touch screen), can I switch back to my old phone, or are there penalties involved? I'm on Verizon, if that matters.

dk/dc: What is your favorite place to shop?
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1. Do you have any habits that you find rather therapeutic, but also rather odd?

For example, the sort of stress relief you feel from popping bubble wrap, but instead of bubble wrap you find that relief from pulling out the clumps of shed fur from your dog's coat during shedding season.

2. How do you deal with sinus headaches aside from medicine?
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Why must my cat rush to stand on something whenever she pukes? She refuses to puke on the hardwood floor which is easy to clean. She instead must rush to the carpet or stand on an item like a book or bag. >:|

What's a good carpet stain remover?

For those with cats, what's their favourite toy?
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What's a good side dish to serve alongside snow crab legs, au gratin potatoes, and whole wheat dinner rolls? I'm going grocery shopping later today so missing or fresh ingredients aren't a problem.

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TQC, I'm enjoying an unexpected day off and I want to clean my room, get a little housework done, and then go shopping with a friend for a hookah later on tonight. Except I have this other friend who wants to hang out today. Should I just have him over for coffee sometime during the afternoon? I could conceivably do the housework I want to accomplish while he's here (it's just washing some dishes). On the other hand, I want to outline a new writing project and that will probably take at least as long. Note that I haven't seen this friend in a while and he just got fired, so seeing him would be the proper "friend" thing to do. Would you write or see the friend?

DK/DC: What are your plans today? Also, which flavors of shisha should I get for my friend's hookah tonight? What are your favorites, if you're into smoking hookah?
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We're trying to figure out if we should plant our grass now or wait awhile. It's going to be sunny today, tomorrow and Thursday (about
65-68F), then rainy for four days (in the 50s), then sunny again (60-68F) for a couple of days. I'm kinda gardening clueless and I'm
not sure if it would be better to do it today so the rain will help it grow, or if we should wait until it's warmer and sunnier. What does TQC think?

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1)Do you post in your journal more for other people to read or for yourself?

2)What's your favorite foreign beer?

3)Do you think it's the responsibility of humans to preserve or restore the ecology/wildlife of a certain place or is it more like an adaptability/survival of the fittest type thing? Or a little from column A, a little from column B?
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Secret Like Time

What about...

Do you read any? And what are some good non-anime ones?

I like Gunnerkrigg Court, Snow by Night, Tamuran, Phoenix Requiem, Lint, Gaia, Earthsong and Strays.
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I need some recommendations!

I love audiobooks for going to sleep and walking, but I've exhausted all my favourites.

Favourites are: Abhorsen trilogy, Hunger Games trilogy, Oryx and Crake, The Year Of The Flood, anything Neil Gaiman, His Dark Materials trilogy. Anything in that vein would be great.

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If someone with less than impressive personal hygeine pulled $400 out of their bra and offered it to you, would you take it?

Depends on how much I needed money

What if they pulled it out of their underpants?

Still Yes!
Only if I was desperate

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Nike apologizes for unofficial name of 'Black and Tan' sneaker


The black leather sneaker with brown trim earned an unofficial name apparently meant as a nod to the drink made by mixing stout and lager in a pint glass, according to the Belfast Telegraph. But the drink itself takes its name from the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force, which became notorious in the 1920s for its attacks on Irish civilians during the War of Independence. [Al's comment: this is not correct - I believe the drink name came first]

One advertisement for the shoe, which sells for $90, says: "Tis the season for Irish beer and why not celebrate with Nike. The Black and Tan sneaker takes inspiration for the fine balancing act of a Stout (Guinness) on top a Pale Ale (Harp) in a pint glass."

Ciaran Staunton, president of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, told that the choice left him speechless, saying the American equivalent would be calling a sneaker "the Al Qaeda."

Thoughts about this?

Do you like Black & Tans? What about Irish Car Bombs?

What was the last thing you were offended about?

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What are some of your possessions that have disappeared inexplicably into oblivion?

I've managed to lose two Punisher t-shirts, and a pair of sunglasses from when I was 9 or 10 that were blue and totally awesome and had a matching case >:(  Also, forty bucks. I swear it's in my car somewhere, hiding where I just can't see it.

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My phone is broken at the moment, and my boyfriend hasn't replied to my online messages in about six days. Six. Fucking. Days. Unfortunately, this is fairly routine, as he likes to pop into my life about once a week when it's convenient for him. He works a lot, but that's no excuse, as we have talked about this issue several times. 1) This is ridiculous, right? 2) Would you put up with this? 3) How hard should I kick him to the curb?

TL;DR - What's been your worst situation with an uncommunicative S/O, and how did you deal with it?

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It's my birthday in several days. I feel like I should do something special to celebrate/commemorate it, that's different from how I ordinarily spend a given Saturday night.

How would you suggest I ring in my birthday?

One of my early ideas was getting a tattoo

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Dear TQC Women,

How bad was your last period?
did you know it was going to be a bad one beforehand?

This month is killing me. Last night I had killer cramps that had me in tears. And for the past week or 2 my breasts were rock hard, I was eating everything in sight and all i've done is sleep. This is no not like me at all.


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Any of the larger breasted ladies (or men) here ever tried the "ahh bra" or "genie bra" or anything similar?

They look comfy but Im all to familiar with bras that look comfy and are anything but...Im a 44dd verging on f and Im just looking for something comfy and slightly supportive, not expecting it to be anything close to the support of an underwire bra but something with a bit of support would be nice for around the house/sleeping.

Dk/dc: What is your beer or drink of choice?

Im a Molsons Dry and whiskey sour girl.

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Why am I so famished lately?

All I want to do is eat!

Also, I suddenly have a pain near the large bone that goes into the ball of my foot in my left foot. I wore high heels yesterday. Did I somehow horribly mangle my foot via fashion?

What's the last decision you made that you looked back on and thought, "Huh. That was not my best choice, right there"?

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Scooters uncle the parolee left last Wednesday morning and noone has heard from him at all in a week.

If you were on parole and "on the run", where would you go ?

His girlfriend is on probation and noone has heard from her either....i'm assuming they ran off together.