March 12th, 2012

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This goes out to the ladies and/or photographers in the audience.

This article on a prominent photography site. Offensive or funny?

"Why Your Wife Wants You to Get an Expensive New Camera"


"[Women] have no clue to why we need exotic cameras when a compact would do... She doesn't know the difference between a 9/16" open-end wrench and your camera, but she does care deeply about getting great memories of her kids...I don't know anything about women, but from what little I do know, women LOVE kids and family. That, and shopping, are about it. This is the key to our camera kingdom...Don't ask her to buy a camera. She could (sic) care less about equipment. Women hate gear."

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ive been into watching TV shows on netflix lately... ugly betty, the walking dead, my so-called life, have all been great, i need a new one...

What tv show should I start watching on netflix?
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So I'm considering get a tattoo over spring break as a birthday/graduation gift to myself. I have two ideas that I'm pretty settled on. 

 Keep Calm
Be the Change


Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the
quiet voice saying,
I will try again tomorrow.*

But I'm not sure which one to get or where to put it.  I was thinking of doing on my side just below my ribs.

Thoughts on either the tattoo ideas or the placement? Yay/Nay? Which do you think I should get first?

*Yes, I know its misquoted.

ETA: to add question, silly me.
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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Have you ever called out of work just because?
Do you call out often?
Is it easy, or does your manager make it difficult?

I want to call out due to not feeling well (still) and some other reasons, but I'm nervous! I've never done this before!
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I've read a million times that not getting enough sleep is unhealthy and will make you fat/depressed/stupid etc. Does this mean that you need to be getting a certain number of hours of sleep, or does it refer to simply being able to go to sleep when you're tired and stay asleep until you feel rested?

UNRELATED ETA! On Facebook, can someone make it where you can't see or find any part of their profile or even comments they leave on other pages unless you're they're friend? Or is it some type of block?
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Is there a word you associate with both fire and water? 

What's your favourite energy-giving drink?

I don't know, but I'm trying to think of one so I can use for the title of my story.
My favourite is black coffee with sugar, closely followed by RockStar (esp. the kind
that's half juice, because it helps with the inevitable crash).

Flowers or Cookies??

A friend of mine was in a bad car accident. She is okay, but pretty shaken up and upset about her car being totaled. I wanted to send her a little something to cheer her up, but I can't decide on what.

Proflowers has a bouquet of flowers with a vase, and with shipping it would be about $40 to get it to her by tomorrow.

Harry and David as a cookie assortment which would get to her by Wednesday and is around the same price, $40.

Which should I send her? If neither, do you have any suggestions for a florist/bakery/gift basket site I can order from? $40-45 is pretty much my limit. She lives in Gainesville, FL if that makes a difference.

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What was the last thing you fanboy'd/fangirl'd over?

For me, it's my favorite band's new album that's coming out in NA tomorrow. (I completely forgot about it for a few weeks before being reminded of it today...). I'm so listening the shit out of it once I get it.

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I'm going to a Noah's Ark party tonight! Unfortunately, i'm attending last minute, so my partner and I have to come up with a costume other people won't have, without much access to fancy dress stuff.
What animals can we go as (that hopefully other people won't have thought of) that can be constructed from a standard wardrobe? (we're a guy and a girl)

Fun and games...and you

Poll #1825945 Scavenger hunt! Hide-n-go-seek!

Let's say you joined a scavenger hunt, and you got your list. Which of these 'items' would you bother to look for/acquire? Anything you don't check would be something you'd probably quit the hunt over

Shot glass
Photograph of a redhead
Pubic hair from a redhead
Coat hanger
Orange Starburst candy
Catsup packet
Golf ball
Severed finger
Ice cream cone
Photograph of someone in your group drinking a beer
Photo of someone in your group doing a line of blow off a mirror

A game of hide-n-go-seek breaks out. Which places would you consider hiding?

Under the bed
In the closet
Ledge of a 15 story building
In the wardrobe
In the trunk of a car
In that broken refridgerator in the back yard
Behind the futon
Behind the recliner
In the chimney
In the basement
In the attic
In the washing machine
Under the sink
Behind a tree
Directly behind the person seeking. They'd never think of turning around!
Potassium perversion


You're seeking out a gynocologist. You're going for experience, comfortable presence, etc. Which of the following traits/qualities would be a total dealbreaker if you noticed the prospective gyno possessing them? Anything you don't check will be assumed that you'd still be considering this person as your doctor

Opens each session with a prayer
Missing an eye. May have poor depth perception
Office smells a little bit like...pot
Looks almost identical to your sibling
Has a hook for a hand (off-hand)
You notice a 'Gynocology for dummies' book on the shelf
Listens to Rush Limbaugh while she goes about her business
Whittles his own gynocological tools from driftwood
Operates his business out of an old van under the bridge for a reasonable price
There's a dog-eared copy of 'How to beat a lawsuit' book on her desk. Looks like it's been skimmed through quite a lot of times
Has pictures hanging on the wall. Him posing with Ron Jeremy...and Tara Patrick...and Jenna Jameson...oh wow, they're all porn stars
Everything seems perfectly normal. Doctor's last name is 'Finger' though. Dr. Finger
Doctor is drop-dead gorgeous. Easily one of the more attractive people you've seen in your life, and you're paying him/her to check out your goods. Some people may be extra self conscious about that
Comments "Looks like you've been getting a lotta action lately. Boinking, that is"
None of the above, thank you

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I am trying to decide where to go on vacation with my boyfriend at the end of next month. We're thinking of going to either Boston, MA or Washington, D.C. What would you choose and why??

In Boston we'd have a free place to stay on my friend's futon, and I'd get to see one of my best friends who moved away, but Washington, D.C. seems like it could be super cool and interestingggg what should we doooo?

Alternatively, where is the last place you went on vacation? How was it?

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Do you write in, highlight, or do something similar to your textbooks?
I have never highlighted any textbook and I only ever wrote in my language learning books, but I think this year I'm going to have to highlight all my textbooks. I don't want to!

What about with regular books?

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I need your guys' help finding the right hair product. This should not be difficult but it seriously is.

So, I have very long, wavy curly-ish, and extremely frizzy hair. I've been trying to grow it for years. When I style it, it looks lovely, but takes forever because of the length and sometimes I just cannot be fucked to deal with it. But on days when I don't style it, I look like a jungle woman and no hair products I'm trying are giving me everything I need. I want something that

1) Smoothes and eliminates frizz
2) Can be put on damp/towel dried hair
3) Won't make my hair stiff (most mousses and gel-like products do this and it drives me crazy)

So far everything I've seen that does this requires blow-drying to work, and I don't want that. At this point I don't care if I have to spend a bit of money. I just want something or else I'm going to have to chop my hair off so I can bear styling it everyday :/


DK/DC: what animals do you think have the coolest skulls?

I nominate cats, pachycephalosaurus, and big parrots! 


Do you drink wine? If so, what is your favourite?

Have you ever made homemade wine?

I'm currently making a white wine. It should be ready next week.
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Have you ever known someone, who been involved yourself, in a cult? If so, what were your, or their, experiences?

Have you ever been involved in an organization - religious, political, or otherwise - that displayed cult-like or shady behavior?
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bachelorette party ideas for a nerdy, adventure-y, fun-loving, zoology-obsessing future science teacher bride? we are in southern california. partying is not her norm, and i'm pretty sure drinking will be limited to wine. zoo sleepovers/camping have been suggested; we are stumped.

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If you had only 10 minutes to grab things from a burning house, what would you grab?
(family and pets are already safe)

How prepared are you in the event of a disaster?
(cash, food, medical supplies ect.)

I woud grab my wallet, my grandfathers platoon picture, the laptop, a laundry basket of clothes and my phone

I have some cash in the house, a little bit of canned foods but that's about it

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Which movie should I watch (for the first time)?

No Country For Old Men
Jennifer's Body
Harold and Maude
Paris, Texas
The Darjeeling Limited
The Hobbit
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
The Crying Game
The Dead Zone
i say

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What is one thing that annoys you that you kind of feel guilty about?

My siblings are on spring break so they're up to all sorts of nonsense, but I have to be up for work at 530 and I sleep on the couch in the living room so they need to STFU like, now. I feel kind of bad because they shouldn't have to be quiet at 1100 when no one has to be anywhere tomorrow, but they do because I'm on the couch and I gotta get me at least six hours or I will kill.

DK/DC: If cell phone technology suddenly disappeared tomorrow, how screwed would you be?

For a cause

What rallies do you attend to "show" your beliefs or support to?

Are there any issues so important to you that you make sure to attend any kind of rally or march in your area?

Do you donate money/time/items to causes that you support?
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Dear TQC, I'm a gamer and I'm starting a gaming clan. What are some cool words or phrases that I could use as a clan name?

So far we've brainstormed Veritas, Existential, Individuous Animosity, and Stealth Regiment. But none of these names are really clicking.

Edit: Thanks to Acrostica, we have a name.

Logo help?

There's a logo I'm trying to figure out... It looks like a W with two F's coming out the sides, one backward.

I can't draw it, but that's the best description I can give!

EDIT: It's Weezer!