March 11th, 2012

Do you hide yourself from your SO?

So my good friend and I got into a discussion the other night (I'm female, he's male) and he was telling me he's tired of his girlfriends (past ones and present one) always trying to hide from him when they're getting intimate. He insists that most women are this way and that they try to hide themselves because of their flaws and I started thinking about it and for whatever reasons I don't think I've ever talked with female friends about this topic and asked them if their S/O sees them naked or partially clothed, it's just never been something that came up.

I guess I assumed when most people are having sex they're (for the most part) naked, and no, I don't assume that because of porn. :P

In your experience do you think he's right? Do a large portion of women hide from their men? What about men hiding from women? Do you think it happens less? Does your woman (if you're male) often hide herself from you?
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My vacation to Florida has been cancelled, so now I am looking for ways to spend the money I had saved up for the trip. I'm not looking to spend all of it, but there are somethings I would like to buy and one of those things is a tablet.

Do you have a tablet?
if so, what kind and would you recommend it to someone else?

What type should I look into and what ones should I completely avoid?


what would you spend 1500.00 on right now?
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TQC, my coworker got hired when minimum wage was only $5.15 (she now makes $6.60, two years later). Minimum wage is now $7.25. Is she entitled to a wage increase?

Edit: I was poking around on the Department of Labor's website and found this, which says that GA's minimum wage is $5.15, while the Federal minimum wage is $ I have no idea which gets honored or why!

DK/DC: How much did you get paid at your first job? What was it?
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I have dark brown hair with some lighter highlights. I want to lighten it by 2 shades with a box dye (I think that's the maximum you can lighten dark hair with a box dye).. any hair dye products / brands you would recommend? Ammonia free is of course important.

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What are some words you think sound awful?

I hate the word Pooch when referring to your belly, also the word flabby, panties, and vagina. I think vagina is too harsh a word for a vagina.

What are some words you think sound pretty, or good?
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Keeping with Yesterday's Questions

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Okay, since TQC is a really good sounding board for ideas, I've got a few more questions:

If you order dessert at a restaurant, what are you favorite ones to order?
What's the best dessert you've ever had? 
If you don't order dessert, why? If it's because of dietary concerns, what kind of desserts would you like to see on the menu?

DK/DC/You are making me hungry, woman!:

What's your favorite movie? 
Has it been remade? If so, which do you like better - the remake or original? 

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I have to clean some tough stains in the toilet bowl and the bathtub. What are some heavy duty bathroom products that works like a charm? There are so many options but I'm not trying to search for a million different reviews on bath products. I don't even know where to begin!

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Suppose you have a day entirely to yourself, and maybe you are trying to make yourself feel better because your SO/best friend/kid(s)/whoever it is that you're usually hanging out with is out of town. You have absolutely no plans for the day, and no one to spend it with. You can spend a little bit of money, but nothing extravagant; assume you have a car and its gas tank is full. What are some fun things you could or would do with your day, by yourself?
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TQC, help my husband and I! We need a new TV series to watch and I can still download another 100 GB until the end of this week. We love House, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, and Game of Thrones. Basically, drama that has other things still happening. What other shows are kinda similar and awesome?

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I have some amazing hummus. It's great on its own with crackers and veggies, but what else can I do to jazz it up? I hate store bought hummus so I only have it like twice a year when I'm visiting my dad. What should I add to it? Or what should I put it on? :)
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1) Of all the people who pin recipes and craft ideas on pinterest, how many do you think actually try them out?

2) Do you know of any grocery stores that still use paper bags?

3) Why do you think we try to find connections to news stories and other events that don't really have anything to do with us? This is inspired by my family's reaction to finding out the Western Psych shooter lived in my old apartment building.

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What features do you have on your computer that you don't really use?

I don't really use my windows movie maker, Microsoft OneNote or picture gallery that much. I also don't have much of a need for Adobe Reader X, but I keep it on there in case I find a PDF I want to read. 
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When is the last time you expected something horrible to happen and it turned out awesome instead?
Inspired by me ignoring my homework for the entirety of spring break... I just forced myself to look at what I have to do and I have maaaaybe 3 hours of work to do before school resumes tomorrow. Sweet!

Will you tell me about your least favorite teacher/professor EVER???

Let's say you and your SO have the night to yourselves. Would you rather stay in together, or go out somewhere? What do you do?

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Hello! My daughter is turning three in a couple of months and we were discussing her birthday party. She's a girly-girl in lot of ways and into the outdoors and nature.

We asked what theme she wants for her birthday party and she said she wants a "dinosaur princess party".

TQC, what kind of decorations, treats, games, and so on would you have at a Dinosaur Princess Party? Have any of you ever thrown a Dinosaur Princess Party?

Also, in addition to her Dinosaur Fraggle cake, she wants to serve broccoli. So feel free to work that in, too.
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Psychology of Free Stuff

You're walking down the street. You see a small kitchen appliance (for the sake of argument, let's say it's a kettle) sitting on the grass near the footpath/sidewalk in front of a house.

You need a kettle.

Do you take it?

What if the kettle had a sign in front of it saying "Free To A Good Home"?

Are people more likely to take something that they feel that they are stealing or something that is clearly labeled as being given away?
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For your birthday, would you rather go camping with friends for two nights, or go to a romantic hotel with your SO for one night?

Camping would probably end up being cheaper, but both are relatively the same. Camping would be more stressful because you would have to organize 10+ people but could potentially be more fun.
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I have never been on a date in my entire life...and I had an idea of one:

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 What would you think is the perfect date? And how realistic do you think the description of the above date is? And, truthfully, do you enjoy dates?

EDIT: this is NOT a first date, and not with a stranger either!
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Open Office Help!

I have Open Office 3.1.0 and I'm writing a document where I want the heading on only the front page.

At the moment, the heading prints on every second page, even though I've set the page style to 'first page' and even if I'm on the third page, the little box at the left hand side of the screen will say 'first page'. I've looked through the instructions on the net but I'm still at my wit's end.

How the hell do I honestly convince Open Office at "print on the front page" means "only fucking print on the first page not ever odd numbered page!"?

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Ever have carpet beetles? I've been seeing a lot lately. I see them on the walls, though. Maybe they're trying to escape. I vacuum but I don't know what else to do. I'd line my walls with poison but I have a cat. At least it's not roaches or bed bugs.

So itchy thinking about bugs.

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I actually saw this question on another site but I like it so I figured I'd post it here:

Which celebrities/famous people make you proud to be your zodiac sign? I'm an Aries but there actually aren't a ton of famous Aries that I like. Maybe The Undertaker and that's about it.

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What is your favorite tv show ever?
What tv show are you really into right now?
Do you have any guilty pleasure shows that you're a bit embarrassed that you like?

Mine are Arrested Development, Peep Show, and Supernatural, respectively.

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Do you believe the 'he's just not that into you' stuff, or do you think 'he likes you but is just a bit lazy' is more apt?

ETA: What's that website where girls exchange naked pictures/videos for cash?

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I want to go to Argentina. I do not speak Spanish. Is there a tour group you recommend? What should I see in Buenos Aires? Should I see anything outside of the city and would it be easy to get to?

Its like another episode from Jerry springer in the apartment below me again

Yelling, throwing things, and loud phone calls to a "doctor" threatening to shoot someone in the head. Don't ya just love neighbors? It's been pretty constant for the last few months and it's not only getting on my nerves, my cat is starting to get rattled!

Can you tell me about your crappy neighbors?
What are some of the most ridiculous things that you've heard your neighbors talk about in adjacent apartments?
At what point would you call in a noise complaint?


What email provider do you use and do you have the luck of having an email with your first and last name without numbers?

I want to get rid of hotmail so bad and switch over to email but my name is taken and I can't stand having numbers in my email.

I opted for an mac email but also taken. I guess I'm stuck with hotmail forever lol
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Would pink lemonade and Captain Morgan be any good?

ETA: It's awful!  Don't ever do it! 

NEW QUESTION: Is there any booze that *would* taste good with pink lemonade?  I've tried vodka as well and it's wretched.

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Are there any animals that exhibit deadly/dangerous instincts as newborns or young animals?

I was looking at a gif of an adorable baby polar bear being tickled by a scientist, and I wondered at what point in its growth does it stop being silly and start being a ruthless killer. Aside from its physical development, I mean. More in terms of its personality/instincts.

job description

If an ad for a job included this item:
Ability to work effectively with professional individuals and strong personalities in high pressured situations
how would that translate IRL?