March 9th, 2012


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"Boyfriend" of a friend (read as: he has struggled with drugs in the past, lives with said friend because she's madly in love w/him and is aware that he pulls shit like this every-so-often) has been texting/calling me repeatedly ALL day.  He is in love with me, so you can only imagine the type of texts he sent, along with dick pix.

He has obvious reasoning/sensibility issues (anyone w/half a brain would know that the kind of shit he's been sending is... "not okay"...) and we have been friends for about 10+ years.

How would you respond??


I've been trying to remember this term for a month now, but neither Google nor my memory seem to be helping.

I learned it in a psychology class. Its definition/whatever is that when evaluating people's behavior, we have to take into account the situation they're in (e.g. someone might be a jerk on reality tv, but outside that environment they could be nice). The term was 2 words long, and I think it started with a "c".

Any ideas??
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When you've had a particularly shitty night's sleep, what do you do to wake up a little? Going back to sleep is not an option.

Edit: Okay I now have a temperature of 100.2. I have to be out and about today, and walk around a little. Staying home isn't really an option. And I have to take the SATs tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips for getting well fast? My temperature was originally 100.5

Edit 2: I also don't drink coffee.

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Well, since the film industry seems to be stuck in this thing where they keep making films based on old TV shows and other movies (Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, Johnny Depp as Tonto), we might as well go with it. Greg and Carrie-Anne have come up with the idea to remake "The Ghost And Mr. Chicken" starring Steve Buscemi. What's a film remake you'd want to see, and who would you cast in it?
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Whaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck do I write in my scholarship essays? 'Cause I'm sitting here and I'm coming up with nothin except I pretty much live in the campus labs, I'm at the top of my class and I'm poor. (EDIT because I should have included the topics, duh. My B!)
Questions are along the lines of:
1: "Discuss academic/career goals" (CNM in Midwifery, PhD as Neonatal-Nurse Practitioner)
2: "Discuss your academic history and what higher education means to you" (I'll get a job -> won't be poor)
3: "Services to the community" (I don't walk around with a gun?)
4: "Proof of financial need" (I can only fill my gas tank twice a month?)
5: 'Why do you need our money' (If you're applying... should that not be proof?)

Have you ever won a scholarship?
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i've been asked to draw a well known character and draw it so it looks "rabid".

what are some ways you would identify something as "rabid"? i'm drawing a blank and all i can think of is snaggle-looking-tooth and foaming at the mouth... but i don't know if people will identify that as "rabid". so, any other suggestions?

also, i'm in a drawing funk. tell me, tqc: which two (or three, if you must) animals would you like to see mushed together into one?

competitive society

How do you survive the urban life? I’ve moved to the metropolitan city last year from the remote area and found it so difficult to live without protecting ourselves from the people’s disturbance more than necessary since it is way more competitive society than what I had expected. If only competitiveness matters, that’s ok but their fundamental mind set always matters where he or she stands with someone else etc, so people seem too bored to observe others’ life and they tend to be clustered to some place where triggered their interests mostly in a negative way, which means that ppl love gossips or something only trigger their shameless interests for a time being and they just disturb without caring the targets feeling, they just come and say whatever they like and dilapidate there and just go away after awhile. Sorry for my poor English. Please correct it if there are some part that is difficult to comprehend. Thanks!
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Kony 2012 critics

Here's one's opinion:

"Am I the only person that is not falling for this kony crap.. this has been going on for almost 30 years... Is it just coincidence that Uganda discovered that they were sitting on a huge oil field.. then less then a year after they get there pumps going there is all this propaganda about how now we have to do something... We have to go there and do it by the end of the year or else what... It will happen for another year... I get what this guy is doing is wrong but what he has been doing has been wrong for 30 years.. the video even said this is the first time they are extending to help a country that is no threat and has no benefits to the country. Is it really that hard to see that there is a benefit to the government if we occupy Uganda.. We are making it happen for them.. Congrats people... The Government is feeding us this B.S. and most of you guys are eating it up like cake.

The government is making it seem like they are doing because that's what we want them to do... They are giving us this false idea that we are going to save these people by us pushing for them to something... It feels great to thing we got to say what the government is doing. We are pushing harder because we believe that we are making a difference. For the first time is years Uganda has a shining light... The oils fields are bring in money which is providing them with food, hospitals, clean water. Why now is this worse then ever... If anything times for them are better. Yet now is the time we must do something.. it drives me nuts that you guys watch a little black kid cry and feel like your a crusader.. they didn't mention the oil once in the movie because they want you to feel like we are the only hope. This just smells like world war 3 to me. That's a cake I'm not eating. Please research and prove me wrong because I really don't want to believe that the officials of our country would do such a horrendous things."

Do you agree with this? Comments?


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Today is one of the first days this year where it's really been comfortable outside. Sure it's not like we've been blanketed with snow constantly, but when a good day is a high of 40F after a low of 20F, it's still pretty chilly.

I kind of want to celebrate this with a springier/warmer-weather food.

But my brain is still stuck in winter -- I have almost 2 months of snow left, if I start getting too psyched about days like these, the snow days will kill me. Plus there's pretty much nothing in season locally, so no inspiration.

Will you help me with spring/early-summery food ideas that aren't gazpacho?
I'm hoping some of you are further along in this journey.

Who (or what) was the last thing to inspire you?

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We all get spam mail for penis related stuff, African princes in need, and singles ads. What other kinds of crazy spam mail do you get?

I am getting stuff like notices for my non-existant time share fees and "re-spelled" mails such as Orgréenic Cǒokŵȃre... Because I'm so likely to click that as I obviously have not been clicking Orgreenic Cookware. And I certainly would run out of filters if I bothered to add all the creative spellings! lmao

Knife Set

Ain't this set of knives grand? It's marketed for hunters, and comes with a nice roll-up bag to carry them in, and it cost me something like $15. It's marketed to hunters, so besides the cleaver, chef's knife, fillet knife, small work/paring knife, and sharpening steel, there's a bone saw and a gut hook, with replacement blades for the gut hook.

I'm not likely to dismember any large carcases, so what the heck can I use the saw and gut hook for?


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Situation: Douchebag at my office hit on me last night after a work event and made a total ass of himself (he started by all of the sudden leaning over while we were sharing a cab to our places and whispering "Your boobs look great. I want to have sex with you all night". I nearly threw up in my mouth.).

He has a girlfriend and knows I have a boyfriend (and met him at last year's Christmas party), so yeah, this guy's a real winner.

I told him to fuck off, and things were a little awkward at work today, but nothing has been said about it since.

My boyfriend gets back from a work trip tonight and I'm about to go pick him up at the airport.

Dilemna: I want to tell my boyfriend about it, but is this one of those things that it's better not to mention, as it'll just cause unnecessary unpleasantness? I didn't do anything wrong, so I'm not sure whether it would be better to just not mention it.

They'll surely see eachother again at future work events, so this knowledge might make coming to my work events really awful for my boyfriend. Assuming douchbag doesn't do it again, in which case a conversation with HR may be in order, I'm not sure if this info should be on a need-to-know basis with the boyfriend.

Question: What would you do if you were me? How would you feel if you were the boyfriend in the scenario?

What to ask about India?

I am volunteering in India for the Summer as part of my placement in University andI tomorrow I have a sort of preparation workshop.
This is a day to sort of get all the answers to your questions. 

So, what should I ask? I have had most of my 'big' questions already answered like where will I be working and with who. What my travel arrangements are and loads of stuff about culture shock. But I feel like there are probably a whole host of questions I should be asking. Mainly, I have stupid ish questions to ask like will the electricity be reliable and what sort of adapters I need to bring. 

So, what else should I ask? 

Also, if any one else here has been to India or volunteered abroad anywhere I would love to get some advice or just your general impression of the country/experience. 

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DVD burning problems

I'm having problems burning a video file to a DVD. I recorded some VHS stuff with Diamond Onetouch Recorder, which makes mpg files that fit okay in my computer. I use Sony Vegas to edit them down, but when I try burning the mpg to DVD and it ends up choppy.
I've been told to use AVI files, but the problem is I don't know how to compress them so that they don't use up my whole computer and the DVD. So far I've turned a 1GB mpg into a 19GB AVI, and Vegas is very finnichy about what I can do with AVIs.
The screen size is less than 720X540. It's more like 600X420 or something. I have no use for directions about 2.64 resolution or 4:3 codec because I can't do that in Vegas. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
I tried downloading a compression program (from NCH Software) to make an AVI with mp4 compression (makes a smaller file), but the DVD burner says the files are invalid.
How do I fix this problem?
I'd like to fit an hour long video file into a DVD and play it on a small television set with a DVD player without it being choppy. At this point, I don't care if it looks ugly, I just want fluid video...that doesn't take an entire day to burn to disk.
Any suggestions?

Foreclosed real estate

Does anyone have experience with buying foreclosed real estate?
I know it's a risk, especially since I've never bought any real estate. But it does seem to be a good deal if you can find something reliable, cheaper than paying rent.
I was just curious what kind of things go into the process... do you need a real estate lawyer?
If the monthly payments don't change significantly, is there still any point to putting down a bigger down payment, or would it make sense to invest that money into fixing up the house?
What are some things one should take into consideration that might not be obvious?
If it makes any difference, I live in Austin, TX, which keeps growing and the price ranges I've seen are between $50,000 and $70,000 for 3 bedroom houses.
Additionally, has anyone had experience, fixing up and then flipping a foreclosed property?
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did you play any sports as a kid? did you want to, or did your parents/guardian make you?

what other activities did you participate in as a child that you wanted to? that your parents/guardian made you participate in?

dk/dc: what kind of cell phone do you have? would you recommend it to others?
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I just won a Kindle while at a raffle tonight. I don't usually go to these things and I don't usually win anything over $2, so I'm pretty excited right now.

So, TQC, what was the last thing you won?

If you're not a winner, what was the last book you read?

If you're not a winner and you don't read (or you would just like to answer more questions), which should I watch first: Celebrity Apprentice or Face Off (the realty tv show, not the movie)?

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Do you know any pathological liars or story-toppers?  Would you like to share an example of ridiculous shit they've said?

A former coworker had so many outrageous stories about himself, but I'm pretty sure none of them were true -- and he'd tell contradicting stories back to back like no one would notice.  In practically the same breath, he said that he adopted both of his daughters when the youngest one was 3 months old, but also that he was the older one's biological father.  He also talked alternately about growing up in Scotland and growing up in California.  And the day after he'd allegedly spent the night in the hospital for diabetes-related blood sugar spikes, I saw him eat 8 cupcakes.  EIGHT.  He was married -- no, divorced -- no, engaged -- no, separated.  

He was annoying as hell, but I also kind of miss having this nonsense in my life.

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I put a can of 100% juice concentrate in the fridge to thaw a little and forgot about it. Its been in the fridge since yesterday at about 530 pm. It says keep frozen until use so I'm wondering... is it still safe to make and drink?

Thanks :)
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TQC, after a long day my boyfriend and I like nothing more than to sit down and watch an episode of a television show before we go to bed. We spent the entirety of this winter watching all of "The Shield," and now we need another show to jump into. Preferably one that is finished and no longer filming, but we'd accept any shows that are at least a few seasons in. We're not picky about genre, and are considering everything from "Doctor Who" to "Sons of Anarchy."

Any suggestions?