March 8th, 2012

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I was watching youtube and this question came to mind...

If you could choose between one of these videos to be in and actually have it happen, which one would you choose and why?

1. Lunchtime With Smosh and they get to choose what you eat for lunch.

2. A Shane Dawson mini movie where you play the girl he likes and you get to kiss him or a small bit in one of his Hanging With Shane vids where you bump into him randomly on the street. 

3. A viewers react to FRED video. You know the kid with the high pitched voice.

5. Epic meal time as a taster of the finished meal.

4. ??? Pick something else and tell me.
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I'm trying to come up with the best way to cook some plain omlettes in order to use them for next day breakfast sandwiches. It's for a cafe. Do you have any great ideas for an easy to prepare hot breakfast food item? I'm a barista, not a chef!
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More for non-US peeps:
Is there a lot of anti-immigration sentiment in your country? If so, is there a particular type of immigrant that people complain about stealing the good jobs in your country?

For US and non-US peeps:
What are some typical animal sounds that you'd hear outside where you live (at night or during the day)?
(inspired by my viewing of a British show in which I'd always hear what I thought was a bird call that sounded like someone screaming. after searching the internet, it turns out it's a fox)

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Are you...?


Identify with...?


How about...?



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I am cooking stuff to freeze for future meals (I usually bring lunch to campus with me and use the student union's microwave) but I want more variety. What are your favorite recipes for one-two servings? Bonus points if they DON'T include meat but DO include lots of rice or pasta. (I have loads to use up)

Do you have any good meal recipes that involve chickpeas?

What do you post about a lot on TQC?
I feel like all I ever talk about is food, lol

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My head is going to explode and I need some advice.

A B and C are roommates. A owns a hair straighter that she used yesterday morning. A and B were going to an appointment yesterday evening and C was going to stay home and do her hair. B used the straightener before they left and she says that it worked fine. An hour and a half later while A and B are still gone, C calls B and says that the straightener isn't working, she doesnt know what B did to it and that A is going to be pissed when she finds out. A gets home and cannot get the straightener to work. She tells B and C that she does not care what happens but she needs someone to fix it pronto. B says C and B should split the costs because it worked last when B used it and no one was home when C said that it stopped working. C refuses because she says B is just trying to cover her ass.

What should happen?

Doggy adoption


Ok, so I really miss having a dog (my family got a puppy when I was a young teenager and I was her primary caretaker and lurrrrrved her to bits).  I was really looking forward to finishing uni and living on my own so I could get one.  So, now I own my own condo, and have a steady 9-5 job, so I would seem to be ready.  And I've found a really adorable dog from a rescue place.

Buuuuuut...I have some concerns...

I'm out of the house from morning to about 4:30pm or so Monday-Friday.  If I do any activities (I'm not a big social person, but it might happen once or twice a week), I'd be away even longer.  The dog I'm looking at is 10 years old, and she's a smaller, not-too-active breed, so I'm not too worried about her in terms of activity level, but would I be a horrible person to get a dog and only be able to spend around 5 waking hours with her on weeknights?

Another thing.  Currently I spend a couple of hours on the weekends at my cousin's house.  Would it be ok to bring the dog with me, or would the change of environment weird the dog out/disorient her too much (I know cats hate to be moved - is that true for dogs?)?

Thanks everyone!!!

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If I were to start doing commissions for my writing [the erotic writing specifically] about how much should I charge as a starting price/what's a good pricing range?
I was thinking $10 for the first 1k then $5 for every 500 words after but I'd love to hear your opinions.
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On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, how would you rate your public library/libraries?

Does it have a good selection of materials?

For the computer section(s), does it have a certain age limit (i.e. 13 and younger only) or can anyone with a valid card use whatever computer they please?

My library more or less sucks. No good selection of books, hardly any DVDs (I've checked out the same ones quite a few times and there's hardly any good ones at the neighboring libraries)
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Do you smoke?


What is your preference regarding bars/nights clubs that allow smoking?

I only go to bars that allow smoking.
I prefer to go to smoking bars.
I don't care either way.
I prefer not to go to smoking bars.
I only go to bars that don't allow smoking.

Smokers: How does being able to smoke affect your enjoyment when going out?

I can't have a good time if I can't smoke.
Being able to smoke enhances the experience but isn't necesary.
No effect.
I prefer to not smoke when I go out.

Non-smokers: How does being around smokers affect your enjoyment when going out?

I can't have a good time if I'm in a smokey place.
Being around smoke detracts from the experience, but I can still have a good time.
No effect.
I prefer to be around smokers.

Is smoking banned in bars/restaurants/night clubs where you live?

Yes, completely.
Yes, partially.

Do you support smoking bans?

Yes, total bans.
Yes, partial bans.

Do you have any medical conditions (asthma, allergies) that prevent you from being around cigarette smoke?

Maybe (undiagnosed)

(To clarify the question about supporting bans applies only to restaurants and bars)

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My cat just got the Cone of Shame put on (poor thing got a nasty mystery foot wound, but she's okay now!). Is there anything I can do to make her life easier? She looks so pitiful and like she wants to sleep but it's too hard to lay down with the cone or something.

Also, I have a couple dollars to spare. Should I spend it on fast food?

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There seems to be a few questions today that start 'on a scale of 1 to 10'...

So allow me to apply my special oddness to this matter

1. On a scale of 6 to 15, how much do you hate wedgies?

2. On a scale of 13 to 22, how much are you attracted to people with combovers?

3. On a scale of 1 to 13 (but not counting 6,7, and 8), how funny is Tracy Morgan to you?

4. On a scale of A through J, with A being the lowest and J being the highest, how badly do you want this post to end?

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I'm cleaning my kitchen, and discovered that neither my boyfriend nor I ever remembered to clean out the crock pot from the last time we used it, which was a little longer than two weeks ago. It was (at one point) mushroom and black bean chili. The lid has been on it ever since, and I see no mold...but should I just toss the whole crockpot? I'm kind of worried about botulism (since I think it grows in a non-oxygen environment?) and I'd rather be safe than take a risk. I wouldn't be upset if I just bought a new one. 

What's the grossest thing you've found lying around that maybe you forgot about, lost, or someone else (roommate, SO, friend) left?      

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If 1 is leftist-communist and 10 is right-wing facist totalitarian, where do you see yourself on the scale?

(I'm probably a four, slightly left of center).

How old were you when you figured out whether you were liberal or conservative (or libertarian or whatever)?

I was 16 or so...the Iraq war was the thing that pushed me over the edge.

If you identify as a liberal, would you ever vote for a 'moderate' republican (ie, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Scott Brown...) ? If you identify as a conservative, the same question for a 'moderate' democrat?

I might--I'll consider voting for most so long as they are pro choice and pro marriage equality.

DK/DC: do you prefer fall back or spring ahead?

I say spring ahead cos I like the longer daylight.
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I am kind of piggy-backing off another question earlier, but I want to know:

What is the nastiest thing that you have ever eaten? And I heard these horror stories about how so-and-so went into a restaurant and there was a bit of finger in the salad they ordered. Has anything like that ever happened to you? And, if not, have you heard any stories like this that deterred you from eating at a certain place?
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Which speaks louder: Actions or words?
It depends on the situation, I think. But sometimes I think they are equal in their effectiveness.

What is your number one love language?
Words of affection/affirmation.

Do you and/or your SO have pet names for each other?
I call my bf 'darling' all the time. Well, until recently, apparently it bugs him.

DK;DC: What is something that is bugging you right now?
My bf's lack of verbal communication skills. :(

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Hey everyone,

I'm ordering earrings online, and all of the ones I really want are 1.2 mm, or 16g. I'm pretty sure my earring size is 1 mm (18g), judging by the width of the post on my current pair. 

0.2 mm doesn't seem like it would be enough to stretch my ears, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if going up to 16g will significantly affect the size of my piercing? 
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Here I am, extremely annoyed at a good percent of Facebook's political and moral values--yet again. How typical. Can we just vent about the cynism, finger pointing, mockery, and STUPIDITY you've befriended? Come onnnn you know you wanna! Where else are you going to do it? Twitter? Pffff..

Have you seen this one? You probably have since it's going viral on mine. What's unreasonably or reasonably crawling under your skin, TQC? Just let it all out.


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I was prescribed quite powerful pain killers to help see me through a certain medical problem that I may or may not have posted about in this community.

I haven't taken any yet, but tonight has been problematic.


Should I take one? I have 30 total and no refills, if it matters, and I don't usually take anything stronger than aleve.