March 7th, 2012

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If you absolutely had to go to the movies and see The Iron Lady (biopic of Margaret Thatcher), who would you take with you?

If you actually have seen it, who were you with?

What do you think about Margaret Thatcher in general?

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For those of you who have your wisdom teeth or have had them out:

When did you go to the dentist?

I have one starting to break through on the top but none of the others are, it does not hurt yet or anything and I have not been to a dentist in around 8 years and I dont want to go if I dont have to :/


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So my mom's yahoo email account has been sending out spam emails lately. They get sent to about 6 people each time, both to people she knows and random spam address. The emails just consist of links, probably containing spyware.

Any idea WTF this is and how to prevent it? I'm really not that tech savvy and I don't know what to tell her to do. Should she just make a new account?

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I'm moving into an apartment with a shared laundry room, which I've never dealt with before. Any tips? Do I need to stay in the room while my clothes wash/dry? Is it rude to use more than one washer at a time? (There's five washers and five driers).

DK/DC: Worst laundry fuck up?
Conan & his Amazing Friends


You're looking to buy a house. The realtor who's showing you the house is a little liquored up. You can smell it on his breath. As a result, he's unusually chatty, and winds up revealing more about the property than he would have if he was sober. Which of these lines, if heard, would make you think twice about the house and opt to pass on it? Anything you don't check is assumed that you're pretty ok with the information and it wouldn't dissuade you from purchase

"It's a nice house. A little TOO close to the train tracks, but what can you do"
"It's built over an ancient indian burial ground, but you folks don't strike me as superstitious. Haha"
"The former owner used to film porn here. Some real filthy stuff. People shitting all over each other. Disgusting. The floors was covered in feces before we cleaned it up"
"The neighbors are nice. Across the street are some college boys. They throw a huge block party once a month. You'll be lucky to find parking anywhere, and the music is extremely loud. But nice boys"
"You have kids? I just ask cause there's a meth house a block over. All sorts of riffraff come and go. But they keep to themselves"
"Kind of a weird story, but 3 people have died here in the last 10 years. Reasons unknown. They checked for radon, gas leaks, everything. Couldn't find a reason. Maybe it's supernatural. Hahaha"
"It's a colorful area. Betcha didn't know there's an insane asylum a few blocks over. Real bonkers people. Once in a while, one escapes, but they always capture them"
"The last owners moved out because they got tired of finding people fucking in their front yard. There's this swingers' club a couple blocks over"
"Beautiful house, but when they added the patio much later, they built it over the driveway. As a result, you'll have to park your car on the street"
"A couple owners moved out. Said it was haunted. Pfft. Ridiculous. I've never seen anything out of the ordinary whenever I'm here"
"The first owner killed his whole family. This was like in the 50s. Scandalous. But that was a looong time ago"
"The neighbors? Decent enough, though on your right, the owner is a born-again Christian. Holds large bible studies in his house a few times a week. There can be as many as 30 people milling about his yard, chatting about the Lord"
"There's ol Sid. Such a character. He's always on his porch, next to his Confederate flag"
"This house used to be a brothel in the 20s. There was a LOT of fucking that went on within these walls"
"Macho Man Randy Savage's parents used to live here. Every now and then, his fans show up and take pictures in front of the house. It's a big deal in some die-hard wrestling circles"
Gargoyle Eye

Family Names

To those of you who grew up with a different last name than any of your parents, was it ever a hassle?  Does it bother you?  And what was the reason for having a different name?

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You're driving home in the wee hours of the night. You take a sharp bend through an unlit area, and your headlights reveal someone in the middle of the road! You can't brake in time and you hit him. You go out to investigate and realize that he's dead. In his right hand there's a handgun. Next to him, there's a briefcase, which was knocked open in the collision. In it is about $20,000 in cash, and a large packet of white powder. You look back where he came from. There's a dead guy, dressed in gang colors, shot twice in the chest. This looks like a drug deal gone bad, and you just killed the doublecrosser. No one's around you. No houses or cars. What do you do?

Get back in the car and take off
Call 911. Wait in my car for the police to show up. It's the right thing to do
Take the money and get in the car and drive off
Take the money and drugs and get in the car and drive off
Take the money, drugs and handgun and get in the car and drive off
Drag the bodies off the road, hide them, and then take the goods
Drive away and call 911 while on the road, reporting the accident
Call 911 and then try to revive the guy I just hit. Hang in there, buddy
Who said I was stopping? I just kept on driving after contact
Wonder Woman

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Does anyone know what kind of knife this is?
Collapse )

The picture isn't the best for judging size, but it's huge.  The blade is eleven inches long and has that weird curve to it.  It doesn't look like any kitchen knife I've ever seen before.  (I found it in a rarely-used kitchen drawer, so I think it's probably a hand-me-down.)


Edit:  Sorry about that.  I messed up the LJ cut, but it should be working now.

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I just checked the Where's my Refund website and it told me the following:

Your Personal
Tax Data
Social Security Number

or IRS Individual Taxpayer
Identification Number:
Filing Status:
Tax Period Ending:
December 31, 2010
Your Refund Amount:
Refund Date:
March 13, 2012

So does this mean that I sould have it by Tuesday or it'll be mailed out on Tuesday ?

Have you checked the status of your refund ?
or does it not matter when you get it?

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You've committed a crime and you're going to prison for it. The judge is lenient to a fault. "If you start your sentence tomorrow, you'll only have to serve 4 years in prison. If not tomorrow, then the next opportunity to serve will be in 5 years, but you'll have to serve 5 years then. After that, the next opportunity will be in 10 years, but you'll have to serve 7 years then. After that, the next opportunity will be in 20 years, but you'll have to serve a full 10 years of time. When would you like to serve your time?"

Tomorrow, be out in 4 years
Five years from now, be out in 5 years
Ten years from now, be out in 7 years
Twenty years from now, be out in 10 years

Things to consider: if you'd like to make plans and preparations, maybe finish school, maybe wait til kids are a certain age, maybe wait til the Hobbit movies are out

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Help! I do some work for my university, and was meant to be assisting with a talk in a local secondary school today.
I completely forgot. I just got an email from my boss saying 'I was expecting you at X school today'.

How do I explain myself?
Mr. Pants Says

cooking all the things!

Do you ever make your tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes?

If you do, does it ever smell different from how it tastes?

Are there any things that you make from absolute scratch, by hand (no bread/pasta machines) that is readily available in the supermarket? (butter, cheese, bread, pasta, that sort of thing)

Do you can your own vegetables? If you do, who taught you how?
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Let's talk pubic.

Do you shave? Trim? Wax? Bare? Bleach? Designs? Does your partner prefer you one way or the other? What do you prefer on them? Do you maintain the color around your brown eye? How do you keep your sex region looking sexy?

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TQC, where is the class?

I was at McDonalds today, and some guy sitting on his own at a table was talking into a phone. He said, "Thanks for the blowjob last night, I really needed it."

Or is there no class to be expected at McDonalds?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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What is the longest you've had to wait to find out if you'd been chosen for a job?
Do you have any really frustrating stories about poor communication with HR?
How long do most companies take to fill a position, in your experience?
Have you ever had to complete a task to qualify for an interview? (e.g. for this writing job, I had to write an article for them).

Job hunting is hard!
FFXII, Chain, Negalmuur, Pwn

long time no see TQC

What is the latest (time of day on same day) you have ever received a delivery on the day it was supposed to come?

I have a package that has supposedly been out for delivery all day but it has not arrived. I don't want it to be here tomorrow as I have to be at work and I do not have a job where I can just leave and come back. 

What's good for meeting people in Richmond if you are single, young, and are: 1. not looking for dating, 2. have no local friends to go out with, 3. like stuff that is not bars and nightlife?

Post a kitteh gif/lol for the intertubes?

What would you do?


You moved across the country 8 years ago. You and your partner have decided it would be nice to be closer to family again, especially because you're starting to work on the whole have-a-family thing and you want to be near your family when the kids come.

You've kept in touch with your former boss, and upon speaking with her, she says, "I've got a position opening up from May-September. I can't guarantee that a full-time job will come out of it at the end of September, but there's a good chance I can get something worked out beyond that. The key is to get your foot in the door again and have people see you being capable and all that jazz."

To do it, you have to move back home alone, without your partner. While working the temp job, you'd stay with family and the only bills you'd have are ones like gas, credit card, etc. If it turns into something permanent, then partner would move out, too. If it doesn't, there's no job, no income, and you'd move back across the country and hope to find something permanent quickly.

Do you take the risk?

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Is rubbing/scratching your eye gross?

Some lady was giving me dirty looks because I was trying to get an eyelash out. She didn't expect me to ask her what her problem was, though. She thought it was mucus and I should do it in a bathroom.

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I was at the pub with friends tonight. A guy I was seeing for a while (and who fell pretty hard for me in a month) was there, but he didn't see me notice him and ignored me. I then got a text saying, 'I saw you in the pub tonight and felt bad I didn't say hello. Do you want to catch up over a drink?'. For some reason I feel like I should, though we don't have a lot in common and there is no chance I would want any sexytimes out of it.
Should I go?

Dk/dc; Do you say yes to most opportunities, just to see where they take you?
i say

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Do you know anyone 'famous'?

My co-workers seem to think I live some sort of exotic life because I have a seemingly disproportionate number of friends or acquaintances who have reached some level of fame.

Name-dropping encouraged to satiate my curiosity.

Yay, work question.

So I'm at a new job. We care for birds. At night, we take all the dishes and put them into a sink filled with soapy (Dawn) water, then add bleach to it. Obviously, on the Dawn bottle, it says not not mix with bleach. I ignored this the first couple months because I was told to just make sure the Dawn was mixed in before adding bleach.
However, I'm starting to freak out about it, considering I have to breathe that shit in, and the next morning, have to hand rinse all the dishes.
Doing more research, it looks like it's a no-no to mix Dawn and bleach because Dawn has ammonia in it (or other chemicals that are just as dangerous) and..well, bleach and ammonia/whatever is hazardous to people.
I'm planning on bringing this up at work tomorrow, because frankly, I refuse to knowingly mix two products that are not supposed to be mixed together.

QUESTION: What is the next step after I'm told that it's perfectly safe and that in all the years they've been doing it this way no one's had any problems and thus I shouldn't be concerned and they won't change their practices?

This is a family-owned/-run business, and I will be talking directly to the owner/boss. But they're pretty set in their ways. I'm not even past my probationary period yet, so I'm kind eeehhh about trying to change something so important to them. (they had a health scare with the birds a few years back and now take huge precautionary measures).

OR: Tell me that it really ISN'T a problem to mix what shouldn't be mixed...