March 6th, 2012

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I had my professor for my History of Film class approach me after last week's class and ask me to stay and help grade midterms (grading them this week, not last week). this weird? I've never had any professors ask that, and I've been in college 2 1/2 years. Is that kinda creepy or am I just being kinda paranoid and this is normal? He didn't ask anyone else, either, and I've never talked to him one-on-one.

I said yes just to be helpful and because I seriously don't have anything better to do that day, but it's kind of been on my mind all week because I've never had professors actually ask me to help grade something (I had a professor who turned into a close friend, and the semester after I had her, I offered to help her grade papers for another class of hers because she said she was struggling but she declined). 

ETA: Nope, not a TA, and he's not paying me as far as I know. It is grading midterms for the class I'm in.

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You're sending an email! You see that you have a new message while you're composing your email.

Do you stop writing your email to read the new email?
Do you continue composing your email and check the new email after you finish and send yours?
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Lets say you have a new love interest who might become an SO.
If he/she professes to LOOOOVE a certain TV show that you hate, which one(s) would be a deal breaker for you??


two and a half men
top gear
say YES to the dress
Rachel Ray's 30 minite meals
Jersy Shore
The Apprentice
other(s) in comments

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TQC!  I'm about to start as an assistant teacher at a Montessori school for their preschool class.  What should I expect?  I appreciate pointers and anecdotes from parents and non-parents alike!
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For St. Patrick's day what should I cook?

guinness braised lamb and barley stew
irish bacon and cabbage
cheddar and stout meatloaf
shepherd's pie
leek and potato soup
dingle pies
steak and guinness pie
leek and oatmeal soup

Tailor or not to tailor

So I'm going to order a tailored suit and coat from an online store for a cosplay in November. I've been advised by friends and associates to go to a tailor to get my measurements.

But. I have measured myself before. I know my measurements. Should I go to a proper tailor, or should I just stick with myself?

Does anyone else here like to cosplay? What characters have you done before?
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How much would you have to have in savings before you felt comfortable moving to relocate for 1 year in another country?

EDIT: I will be working whilst there, and I will have no living expenses back home.

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TQC, one of my friends keeps sharing feeeeeeelings over facebook. Gooey ones. Things that could be sent in a private message and not all up there squicking up my screen. What can I do?

Do you do this, or do you bury your feelings in a deep dark hole somewhere, as is appropriate?

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inspired by the egg post:
what foods have you successfully gotten yourself to like, or at least tolerate?

i didn't put much effort into liking mushrooms, but at some point i abruptly started liking them. i started liking peanut butter when i realized it was great with chocolate. i started liking cheese after i tried smoked gouda. and i've been working on liking pickles for a few years now and i have a feeling i'm closer than ever to actually enjoying them.
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As a heterosexual man, the thought of doing sexual acts with a guy is repulsive (no offense to gays or anything, i have no problem with gay people at all).

Im wondering weather gay guys (like full gay - not bisexual obviously) have that same repulsion towards being with a woman? Or is the idea of being with a woman fine but you just prefer other men?

Dont mean to cause any offense with my choice of words, im genuinely curious.

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My fiancee is confused about mothers day. Our son will be 8 months old and he knows he's supposed to pick something out from our son but he says if Riley picks it out it will be elmo or something like that. What should I suggest he pick out?

Im not trying to sound conceited or anything.

Mom's? What did your infant get you for your first mothers day?

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When should a doctor be contacted when someone has a fever? (For the sake of argument, let's say said feverish person is feeling generally punk-ish and headachey, but nothing specific.)

DK/DC/Damn it Elbie I'm a blogger, not a doctor: You wanna see something strange and mystical?

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Will you reply to this entry with a contreveral/non-pc question or statement?

If a woman who gets drunk is not responsible for her actions if she tries to sleep with someone, because she is intoxicated and cannot make rational decisions or give consent, (and it in fact becomes the other party's responsibility to say no) why is a drunk driver responsible for their actions?

Does that make sense?

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hobbies and the intarwebs

Hi TQC! I recently started playing The Sims 3 and as a result, I've joined some TS3 communities which led me to the following question:

What hobbies do you have where you participate in related online communities? What are the communities? 

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TQC, can you suggest songs/bands/albums for a road trip mix I'm making?

I'm going to St. Louis and back next week (2 1/2 hour drive each way) and I need some music to keep me entertained.

Pretty much nothing is off limits.

What was the last concert you went to?
I'm going to see Boyce Avenue. :)
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I'm moving from my apartment into a house in May (so exciting!) and I can't wait to start a vegetable garden! We're renting and I don't plan to be there longer than two years, so I'm looking into a container garden. Do you have any tips, especially for gardening cheaply?

Example: the Internet tells me that leaf lettuces and other shallow-rooting things (like herbs) can be grown in vinyl guttering, which is available at Home Depot for ~$5 per 10 feet.

Also, is there a stupid-proof site to tell me when to plant different stuff depending upon my location? I have never gardened before in my life and I'm a little overwhelmed, ha.

DK/DC/what is a garden: what is something that you will reliably procrastinate on?
Mopping the floors. :( It's just so much of a hassle!

Kony 2012

What do you think of FB campaign to have Joseph Kony arrested?
.Do you think its a good way to inform people about what`s happened in Uganda, or do you think its just annoying?

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Which movie should I watch (for the first time)?

Leaving Las Vegas
Life After Wartime
Inland Empire
House of Sand and Fog
The Road
The Pledge
Dancer in the Dark
Lilya 4-Ever
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man what do you do when someone who you HAVE to see on a daily basis is a constant interrupter?

a good friend has become pretty self-absorbed lately, and she has always been a chronic interrupter, and yes we've had multiple talks about it, but I don't know what to do about it in the moment that isn't cruel or overly showy but that lets her know she's doing it again. she continuously cuts you off in order to relate any anecdote you're sharing back to her own life and then she just goes off on that tangent and never looks back.