March 5th, 2012


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What was the last thing of yours that broke down/needed to be fixed?

One of my roommates flushed metal BOLTS down our toilet and we had to rent some tools to properly get them out. BOLTS!

DK/DC: What was the last food/drink item you bought yourself?

I bought [and then made] cake mix! :)
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I've just won an auction on ebay but I didn't realise the seller didn't offer international postage. I've sent a message asking if it's possible to change that but if it's not, what should I do? I feel bad for messing them around but I honestly didn't realise. D:

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TQC, I am horrible at math, but I have to take either a statistics class or a calculus class to finish my college degree. When I was doing math on a regular basis, I was better at algebra than geometry. Abstract thinking is easier for me than real-life stuff. Based on that, which of those two (either stats or calc) should I try and take?

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Hey guys....I need some help. 

I'm considering getting a laptop. I have never had a laptop before. People are suggesting that I get a Macbook (for art reasons), I can afford one and I like the way they look but I don't know if it's really for me. 

In your opinion what is the best laptop on the market right now?
I will be using it mostly for regular online usage, photo storing, movies, music and art. No gaming. I also need a very good sound system, as far as laptops are concerned. 

What are the pros and cons when it comes to Macbook VS other laptops?
What laptop do you have? Do you like it?
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There's 3 pinatas. Two of them are filled with $10,000 in cash (each). The third is filled with angry hornets. You can't tell which one is which (just cause). Will you smash one open, or walk away?


There are 4 passageways, shrouded in darkness. Three of them lead to an alcove with a suitcase of money ($20,000). The fourth leads to a wall, but not before you walk through a gigantic spiderweb, with several large spiders hanging from it. Do you walk down one of the passageways, or walk back where you came?

Back where I came

There are 10 passageways. 9 lead to a room with a chest of $50,000 in gold dubloons. The tenth passageway has a trap door, that, when fallen through, splashes into a large tub of honey. In the room is a family of hungry honey badgers. Do you go forward into the passageways, or turn back?


There's 10 bathtubs. In 9 of them, you pull a cord and it releases $10,000 in paper currency into the tub on top of you. The 10th cord, when pulled, releases 50lbs of wriggling earthworms and beetles. Do you pull the cord or walk away?

Pull the cord
Walk away

There are 30 bungee stations overlooking a 500 ft drop. 29 of these stations are perfectly normal and will return you to safety after you jump, where you will be paid $1,000,000. The last station has a cable that's only supposed to support 50lbs in weight, and anything over will break and the jumper will fall to their peril. The cables are all identical in appearance. 29 bungee stations will make you a millionaire. 1 will make you a grease spot. You have no way of telling which is which. Will you jump?


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If your boss schedules a work meeting but is not willing to pay and it is difficult for you to get into work that day because of busses [and you aren't already working that day]; would you go?

Would your answer change if you were the store's Team Lead?

How oftten do you have work meetings?
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While walking along the beach one morning, you come across a mermaid, sunning herself on a rock. She's beautiful and naked after pinching yourself several times to make sure you're not dreaming, you're positive that this is really happening. What do you do?

Just admire her. It's something I'll never see again
Take pictures
Tweet/Facebook the sighting
Try to capture her
Call a friend
Call the tabloids
Call Gorton's fish stick company
Fap fap fap
Try and hit her with a rock, and then strap her to the roof of my car. That's some good eatins'
Jump out and go "HAH! Where's the cameras?" I'm assuming I'm on some kind of reality show
Put my jacket over her shameless hussy body

At the very least, it's an interesting anecdote. Which of these mermaid anecdotes would be the most interesting to you if you heard it at a party?

"I saw a mermaid sitting on a rock. I watched her for hours until she swam away"
"I saw a mermaid sitting on a rock. I took her picture and sent it to the National Enquirer. I'm a wealthy man now"
"I saw a mermaid sitting on a rock. A few hours later, we're all having some of the best tuna steaks in our lives"
"I saw a mermaid sitting on a rock. Badda boom badda bing, I had sex with a mermaid"
"I saw a mermaid sitting on a rock. Then God appeared to me and told me to jump rope. That was the last time I did acid"

Edit: AND after pinching yourself several times...
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is it rude to go to your previous apartment to see if they have any mail for you? I had my tax information sent to the wrong address and I can't get in touch with my previous employers to change the address.

DK/DC What's for lunch?
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Do you work out? If so, what sort of exercise do you use to stay fit?

I do weights an hour a day, with a split upper/lower routine, and then half an hour of cardio, either walking, elliptical, or bike. The routine changes every couple of months. I was running for several years, but I started to get sore knees. At my age, I'm not sure running is the best way to get cardio.

I have been doing this for over 30 years.
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are you a good person?

really good
generally good
good enough
neither good nor bad
welcome to the dark side
piss off!

Wash my face

TQC, what kind of facial wash do you use?

Where do you normally buy it? Drugstore? Boutique? Department store? Somewhere else?

What kind of skin do you have? Does it work well for you? And is it expensive?

I'm trying to find a new face wash that I can stick with. I've got combination skin - oily T-zone that gets breakouts, normal/dry cheeks. I use a Clarisonic.

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Did anyone else think that Hugo was completely overrated and undeserving of its accolades?

Frankly, I thought the film was overly long, boring and failed to capitalize on any of its story hooks. You'd think a movie about missing keys, mysterious automations and mysterious pasts would at least reveal something of interest, if not major substance to the story


My name isn't kree8ive or terribly unusual but I have to spell it for people at least 2 or 3 times a day.  I have been considering a pseudonym for the purpose of speaking to people on the phone or at Starbucks and the deli; a name I won't have to spell for people or repeat numerous times.  I also don't want to be a Jessica, Michelle, Sarah, etc. (not that there's anything wrong with any of these names, but you get my point).  I even considered Princess Consuela Bananahammock, but I wouldn't be able to say it without laughing and I think that's worse than my original problem.


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What common/easy things can you just not get the hang of?

I couldn't swallow pills until a few years ago. They would always get stuck in my throat and I'd gag it up. Still happens sometimes I haven't used enough water to take it with. I also can't whistle by blowing out.
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My ex-husband's new wife just starting following my twitter feed. I hardly ever use it. In the time I went to ask my son if it was really her, she either deleted her twitter account or she blocked me.
She and my ex both blocked me on facebook months ago.

So weird! Why would she do this?

tbh, I don't really care. I never say anything bad about either of them. Maybe she was just looking for dirt. But why block me and then follow me somewhere else? I wonder if she didn't know I'd get an email...
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If you know you're being lame, encourage lameness, and just deserve it, would that you could, if you were in their shoes, be annoyed if you were put in a Facebook restricted list then had to go to your friends to read everything posted to friends of friends?
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Movies, Books and That Sort of Thing

Is anyone here as big of a LOTR fan as I am?
In my daily life I quote LOTR in situations that a LOTR quote would easily fit into, but no one ever gets them, or if they do, they get it really late and the moment has passed...


What about the newer Doctor Who? From the 9th Doctor and forward, I love those as well (ESPECIALLY David Tennant as the 10th Doctor), what about you?

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Dear TQC, the people downstairs are playing music so loudly that it awoke both babies that I am babysitting. They are now both screaming. What should I do to the people downstairs?

Non-srs answers please.
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what is the appeal of pugs?

there's a pug that visits a lot, and she's grown on me and I love to hang out with her, but overall I'm a bit baffled by how popular pugs are or the fact that they exist at all. they're sneezy, sinusy, grunting animals who have no dexterity, smarts or skills whatsoever. when we take her out, she gets dozens of comments in venues where other, more awesome (in my opinion) dogs, get zero attention.

what do you think it is about pugs that delights people so much nowadays?

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How to deal with grief/sadness when its over something that doesnt really affect your directly?

We had some horrible storms here a few days ago (several major tornadoes) that killed quite a few people that I knew indirectly, including a 4 year old, a 2 year old and her entire family including her 2 month old and 4 year old brothers and a man that I used to work with.

Im not really sure how to deal with what Im feeling and I have never really gotten emotional over death like this before (pregnancy has made me an emotional wreck even 5 months after giving birth) and I have had like no sleep the past few nights because I cant seem to stop thinking about those poor babies and how I would feel if it had been Jasper :(

Then I start feeling guilty because really, I did not get hurt/property damage...I have no right to feel sad over this to this degree...and then it goes in a terrible circle.


Whats the last tv show you watched?

Im catching up The Walking Dead and Im not happy with how its going.

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I see car commercials advertising cars that get 30-45 mpg but it doesn't say they're hybrids. Do economy cars these days actually get that kind of mileage or are these hybrids and maybe they're trying to appeal to people who don't necessarily want a hybrid?

How do hybrids work anyway? I know they switch between gas an electric but do you plug it in?
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Inspired by a BBC documentary:

Is there nowadays a modern version of the girl group in Anglophone countries? Pussycat Dolls broke up as far as I know, Girls Aloud never made in the US (I don't think they even tried) and are on break anyway,  and for all the time I spend on ONTD I cannot come up with a current group.


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Hello/Good Evening,

Have you ever purchased a bed frame from Ikea? What about a mattress? My husband and I are in need of a new bed (we're currently sleeping on his old nasty STAINED mattress from his college days) and frame (our current mattress is on floor, w/o a frame.... which is fucking gross). 

We went to Ikea last weekend and tried out some mattresses, and we found one that feels right and is priced oh so right. Will it just collapse/break/yada within a year? What about their bed frames?
I want this frame:  What do you think? 

Thank you in advance!
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TQC, my GoogleFU is failing miserably. I'm looking for the numerical answer key to an anatomy and physiology model we use in our lab. The model is of the male reproductive system and is made by SOMSO "MS 3 - Male Genital Organs" picture here and has numbers on different structures which are SUPPOSED to correlate to the correct anatomical name. Except someone in the lab made off with the original key/booklet. Can anyone find it online?

dkdc: Free for all picture post!

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I put some dresses up on ebay tonight, and I've just had someone send me a message about one of them. She wants to come to my house and try on the dress. Has anyone who have sold anything on ebay ever let a potential bidder come inside their house to inspect said item in person?

Is this a bad idea to let her come over? I don't know this woman (if she is indeed a woman), she could be scoping out the place to rob later, she could want to hurt me etc. Or she could be someone who's truly interested in the dress and if she tries it on and falls in love with it, she might bid more, so I'd get more money.

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i'm on a soup eating kick lately and there is a soup with white beans and pasta that I have been craving and for the life of me I can't remember what it's called !

can you help me remember the name of it ??

I'm Italian and i'm pretty sure my grandmother used to make it for me but I can't be certain that it is an Italian named soup

It's pasta fagioli !!!!! <3 yummiest at its best!

What's your favorite type of soup?

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say you had a really vivid and detailed dream that an acquaintance of yours died [from a sudden infection of some sort] weird would it be to tell them "i had a dream that you died the other night"?

how would you react if someone who wasn't a close friend told you something like that?
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Um, I just found two library books that were due in November under my bed. That's a new personal record for me. What is the biggest library fine you've ever encountered?

If I don't have the extra cash yet to pay the fine, should I just ditch them in the drop off, until I can pony up?

DK/DC: What are your favorite cleaning products?