March 4th, 2012

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Put your music player (iPod, Zune, whatever) or music software on shuffle, and play the first song that comes up. What song is it?

Who Do You Think You Are - Spice Girls... Smh...

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anyone know the name of a film that (probably?) came out in the past year or two, involved a custody battle, and ended with young son (daughter?) mistakenly being shot? i think the target was the mother.
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Does anybody know anything personally about cleaning steel? Particularly steel that is pretty old, NOT well-cared-for, and covered in grossness? By old I mean... I'm guessing it's at least 30 years, but it's in such bad condition that it's hard to tell what's age and what's grime.

I've googled it and am getting recommendations including dish soap and vinegar (which sound like they are vastly different, so do they really both work?)... but I'm wondering if anybody has any personal experience, product suggestions, and tips for cleaning/polishing?

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I travel often. English alone can't get me everywhere. What other language is common enough so I can communicate with non-English speakers??

What other language should I learn?

Others in el commento
Pig Latin
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I applied for the DC teaching fellowship. One bullshit rule they had was that we had to upload proof of registration for the Praxis (a teacher certification test) prior to the interview. Anyway, I didn't get picked, and I can only get a $30 refund, of the $120 I spent to register. I'm not going to pay to take teaching certification classes, so I guess there's not really much of a reason to take the test. On the other hand, they already have my money, so I might as well take the damn test, right?

Would you get the refund or study for/take the test?

y no bleach yo?

I have a white Cynthia Rowley bedspread with black flower stitching at the bottom.  My dern dog got it all dirty so I was going to throw it in the laundry with some bleach to get it bright white again, but the tag says DO NOT BLEACH. 

Why does it say DO NOT BLEACH?  Can I just break the rule?  Will something awful happen?

It's 100% cotton with 100% poly filling.  Spanx!!
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Do you ever binge eat?

What do you need to accomplish today? Will you?

What do you do when you're stuck under your pet?
(IE: my cat is laying on my belly, I put my hand under her side and bounce it until she gets the hint and moves on her own)

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Hypothetical question:

You live in an apartment with your SO and one other roommate. Everyone including you pays 1/3rd of the rent, gas, electric, and internet costs per month. You and your SO will be gone for the entire summer. What costs do you think you and your SO combined should cover during the summer?

I think continuing to pay 2/3rd of the rent and internet costs is fair. Utilities will be the 3rd roommate's responsibility since she will be the sole user. Thoughts?

ETA: Trash and water is already included in rent.

ETA2: Hm, does paying 2/3rd of the rent, internet, and gas costs and making the 3rd roommate solely responsible for the electricity bill sound fair?
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I haven't seen a "help me buy a computer" post for a bit, but I apologize if there's been one and I missed it!

For those of you who know a bit about this stuff (there's always a few, eh?), do you have any laptop suggestions for an amateur photographer who is interested in learning how to create/edit music but generally does not like Apple products? I've used a Mac in the past and wasn't so keen on it, so I'm trying to avoid just doing the easy thing and buying one since that seems to be the default for "creative" people these days.

DK/DC: What's the most recent new food thing you've tried? Did you like it?

I just had an apple sage field roast sausage with my breakfast and it was amazing.
Hanamatsuri, Inuou

Trying to find out the name of this movie...

Sometime in the past year or two, I saw a trailer for a new movie that looked awesome to me, but I can't remember the title. Here's what I remember:

- It was an Asian foreign language film
- It had some kind of martial arts in it
- The title was LONG and strange
- The movie seemed to have some odd humor in it.

Even if you don't know which exact film this might be, I'd love to hear your suggestions for martial arts films. I have enjoy movies like "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers" (as well as old Akira Kurasawa movies) and would like to see more.

EDIT/UPDATE: I'm am pretty sure the movie I was looking for was "Detective Dee and the mystery of the phantom flame" Thanks to all who replied!

Paint Stripper

I want to refurbish my kitchen table set, it's quite old and my grandmother added several layers of paint to it over the years before she gave it to me for my first apartment.

I've never did anything like this before but I know I need to use some kind of paint stripper.

Are the chemicals too much for indoors? I live in an apartment so I don't have access to do this outside.

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Do you like mayo-based salads?


How do you prefer tea?


What kind of snack do you like better?


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TQC, I'm going to go acquire me some red pepper seeds and some daisy seeds to plant. I'm planning on getting potting soil, seeds and maybe some Miracle Grow. I already have a planter. Do I need anything else? What's going to be growing in your gardens this spring/summer?

What was the last thing you tried and figured out you really liked? I tried persimmons and dates for the first time last night and was shocked at how much I like them!
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Do you like responding to on-line polls?

what do you think
you are so retarded haji
i get my kicks on route 66
drunk again, i knew it
I can find Poland on the map
its a nice tune but you can't dance to it
Four score and seven years ago our Fathers brought foprth in this continent a new nation
lol, wut?

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Guys, my sleep schedule is really messed up. I woke up at 3 pm today. I need to be in bed by midnight and asleep no later than 2 am to really get enough sleep for my early (and long) day tomorrow. 

How do I make myself tired after only being awake 9 hours?! Should I spend the day outside? I was planning on taking melatonin tonight, also. 

What time do you usually go to bed by?  

I'm not smart :(

Help a girl out? I did Google but everything says something different. 

I only know basic beauty stuff: Exfoliater, toner, cleanser, face wash, moisturiser. Can anyone tell me 1) what order I need to do these in, 2) if I'm missing anything & 3) whether they need doing morning and/or night? I know I have combination skin & big pores, if that helps? 

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What's the best way to give your two weeks notice to a job that's been really good to you? 

I'm not quitting out of spite, I've just got a new opportunity and I'm not sure if these kinds of things have to be done face-to-face.


I have currently just declared myself an English major with a concentration in creative writing! I'm still deciding on the minor and language, but TQC what exactly are my job prospects?
Will I be homeless with an attractive degree?
Current degree holders or people going for the degree, what are your takes on this?

What is your favorite piece of mythology/character within it?

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Are there any (non-genetic) illnesses that your family seems to contract more than most?

For some reason my family has always contracted strep throat A LOT, ever since I was a wee little thing. And this is even after we've dispersed and moved to different parts of the country and haven't contaminated each other. It seems like at least one of us has strep at least once every year; right now it's my sister.
I AM Adam Young


Are there any celebrities out there that you know you shouldn't like and say you don't but you do anyway? (e.g. Justin Bieber)

Or, what is your favourite joke?

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TQC, I have ridiculously dry/flaky skin on my forehead. I exfoliate ever once in a while, with a towel and with acne soap, but there's always dead skin on my forehead getting all up in my makeup. How do I make this go away? Industrial-grade sandpaper? Acid?

On the topic of makeup, what's a good eyeshadow color for green/blue/blue-green eyes?

DK/DC: Do you meditate regularly? Does it make you a better person?
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How do you feel about a man being a columnist on a feminist blog? Do you think he is a feminist, or an ally?

What is the worst sound effect/onomatopoeia usage that you've come across in literature? (mine so far, is the word 'slosh' for the sound made when thrusting during sex..)

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1. Have you ever had a close (non-romantic) friendship permanently end? How did you cope with the loss of your friend? Did it hurt to see or think of them after the fact?

2. Are/were you a smoker? When did you start smoking? Have you ever tried to quit, and how difficult was it for you?

why cook when there are Danimals and Hot Pockets?

So I was in line at the supermarket this morning and noticed how weird my cart's contents looked with everyone else's around me. It's not like I had NO processed food--I had almond milk, which I'm just not going to invest the time and space in making--and I had crackers. Got to have my crackers. And some tomato paste, and bread for the guys to make sandwiches for lunches. But I didn't have any cereal (I buy it rarely, we eat mostly steel-cut oatmeal), pop tarts, hot pockets, frozen pizza, Lean Cuisine, Lunchables, etc. and everyone else had those things, and I had a ton of vegetables and herbs, most of which will be cooked before we eat it. Partly because we favor a lot of ethnic cuisine that doesn't use packets of soup mix, canned vegetables, pudding etc., and partly because we all have dairy intolerance to some degree so I have to cook my own stuff to avoid dairy.

It occurred to me that cooking most of your food from scratch is not usual at all, that lots of my neighbors view from-scratch cooking as an occasional event, not a daily thing.

How about at your house--what percentage of your food is prepared from scratch as opposed to bought/from a package (or takeout)?

DK/DC: What was the least noxious entree served in your high school cafeteria?

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Have you ever developed a crush on a friend while you were in a committed relationship? Was it sudden or gradual? Was this a person you would normally find yourself attracted to? How did you handle it?

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Do you like ice in your drinks?
I don't/
Did you ever buy those plastic ice cubes so your drink wouldn't get watered down?
I have not.

When having a bowl of ice cream do you eat it right away or do you like it slightly melted?
I like it slightly melted.

Do you like the powdered mac and cheese or the velvetta kind? Were you raised on the kind you like now?
I like the powdered. I was raised on that. I have tried the velvetta kind b/c my best friends family ate that when we were little. I ate it but never liked it.

What type of milk do you drink?
I drink 1/2 percent.