March 3rd, 2012

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Are there things from your childhood that you still enjoy, even though the target audience no longer applies to you?

Personally, I just go crazy over pokemon games. Not so much the spin offs, though I did enjoy playing one of the mystery dungeon ones. Currently, to sate my appetite until Black/White 2 comes out this fall, I traded in a bunch of old games and was able to purchase "Fossil Fighters Champions" and "Monter Hunter: Joker 2." Has anyone else played these games? What did you think?
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Dear TQC: Have you ever heard of THIS SITE?

Would you consider such a service useful or is it just a terrible idea/bad excuse to interact with someone you shouldn't be thinking about, let alone asking for opinions?

What would you think of an ex that asked you to write a report about them?

Would you ever ask any of your exes to write a report about you?

What choice words would you say about your worst ex that might actually help them?

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I am writing a novel. I need character names. Can you help me decide on some??

Anita Jackoff
Bea Chermeat
Ben N. Syder
Betty Phucter
C. Mike Rack
Cox Ucker
Dixon Kuntz
Kenya Swallow
May I. Tutchem
Wayne Kerr
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Dear TQC,

I really would like to get a cat. I've never taken care of a cat before (only fish and other marine organisms), but I've been doing a lot of research.

There are two things stopping me however:

1) I do planning on moving around a lot for probably the next decade or so. I'll be moving probably every two years to (ideally) places all over the United States. I don't know how stressful this will be for a cat.

2) Currently, I basically make enough money to cover all my bills. I usually have about fifty bucks at the end of the month for "extravagant" spending. How much does it cost a month to take care of a cat? How often should I take a cat to a vet? Once a year? Only when he/she appears to be getting sick?

I also really want a cat because I live alone and often get lonely. My dad told me that when he lived alone, he would get lonely, too, and having a cat really made that a lot easier.

Should I wait to get a cat? Should I wait until I'm settled somewhere and have more disposable income?
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Samsung Blu-ray player

I was on my samsung, watching shows on netflix and hulu plus last night, and everything was fine.

I go to turn it on this morning, and there is no video showing. I put in a DVD and the sound is working, but I see nothing on screen. I tried googling it, but nothing was coming up. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, I just reset everything, but I lost all my applications and whatnot in the process.

Does anyone know why this is happening? and how to fix it without having to reset everything? Any suggestions?
Thank you, in advance.
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For a fun question today, who is/are your number 1 or a few favourite, whichever, youtube channels and why?

My favorite channel is Shane Dawson. Not only does he dress in cool costumes and make up cool characters but he is genuine and shows who he really is. He doesn't make a fake personality and even shares personal things which is only a bonus but he comes off as really nice guy. It is not just an act for the camera and he truly respects and cares about his fans.

Another favourite of mine is Smosh. They are just very entertaining and it's just a bonus that Anthony is kind of cute.  

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When was the last time you were scared for your life?

We live right in the middle of all the tornado damage in southern Indiana, it got bad FAST yesterday and as we were coming on from an appointment and turned down our road there was a tornado/rotation about half a mile out...Normally Im all "Omg awesome!!" but we had Jasper in the car and I was terrified for him :(

What are your weekend plans?

Im chilling with the kid and watching Despicable Me.


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I am having a problem with tumblr.  I keep trying to post a picture entry and I click take a photo.  It says plug in missing, I disable to the plugin by going to chrome://plugins because I'm on chrome but then it gives an error message saying plugin disabled please go to chrome://plugins to enable plugin  Does anyone know how to fix this? 

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Let's say someone traveled 100 years back in time and encountered an ancestor of theirs. That ancestor was really good-looking and had all the traits that their descendent considered attractive. The attraction was mutual, both parties were consenting and aware of the fact that they were related, and no coercion was involved. Would this be acceptable to you? Would you go for it? Let's say that you were in no danger of endangering your own or someone else's existence.

What if it were 200 yeas back in time instead? Would your answer change at all?

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So, provided that the term probably becomes inappropriate after you turn older than 16, would you consider yourself to have the qualities of one who is "boy-crazy", or "girl-crazy"?

Because I'm as bad as I was when I was in middle school. STOP BEING SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE, MEN FOLKS.
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Baking and Such

I wanted to bake something today, the first time in a long time; but when I went to see if I had one of the ingredients, I did not have it, and seeing as I was going out tonight, did not have the time to go get it.
Now I will probably not make something for another long time.

So, my question is, how often do you cook? And what is your favourite thing to cook?


What is your favourite dessert?
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I am so anxious right now and I can't take any of my anti-anxiety medication because I live with a drug addict who took it all. I've been like this since last night. WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO?

srs/non srs
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TQC, what should I have for dinner tonight? I don't have anything in the house to cook, but I can't eat nuts, seeds, or anything with a "skin" on it - so hotdogs are out, most hamburger places, sushi, and bean and cheese burritos. :(
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Is it bad to cut your cuticles off?

I've recently (in the past few months) quit biting my nails after being a lifelong nail biter. What should I do to keep my nails healthy? (I'm kind of clueless, admittedly.)
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What is the most you would pay for a pair of good jeans?

I literally have not worn pants for the past 3 years. As in, not a single pair of actual zip-up/button fly pants with real pockets has touched my legs. I've worn leggings and dresses exclusively.

So now that I am looking into buying jeans, it seems like there is a huge market for "premium jeans" that are in the $200-300 range. To me, that seems incredibly expensive and I initially recoiled. But all these reviews are saying "Trust me, totally worth it ladies!!!!1!" etc.

So I'm wondering, are expensive jeans really different, or does the difference in quality kind of cap off at around $60 anyway?

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1) what's an appropriate gift for a doctor that was able to correctly dx you and actually listens? Is a thank you card enough? I don't want to go overboard....

(srs/non srs)

2) Have any stories about any really good doctors? Any really bad ones?

3) Will you share the last book you read and what you though of it?

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i'd like to email frank warren in response to a post secret that was posted today. i can't seem to find any email address for him anywhere. do you know where i can find one?

what is your favorite "throw together" dinner? i've just discovered black bean soup and i'm so glad.
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So I punched something earlier (I'm not violent, I swear) and my middle, ring, and pinkie finger knuckles are swollen, the back of my hand is a little numb/feels weird, and my hand (obviously) hurts. However, I can move all of my fingers and even though typing is painful I'm not having too much difficulty. I've never punched something before, so is this normal or should I seek a doctor sometime?
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oh my god I just scratched my vj and I forgot I was touching jalapenos. I did it like 10 seconds ago and the pain is already growing. do I put water???? what if it makes it worse?

this is real

EDIT: I don't have any dairy, I put cold water and it's sort of better but also more spread out instead of localized. sorry I panicked. we can talk about anything else. or keep talking about peppers and vjs whatever

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i'm trying to upload a gif file as an icon, but it doesn't move (goes to the 'resize' page when it's uploaded)--i've had gifs before and it hasn't been a problem. anyone know how to fix this?