March 2nd, 2012


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I have ridiculous stage fright and I'm going to be performing Cabaret IN FRONT OF PEOPLE in two weeks.

Getting drunk and/or high before I perform? Excellent idea or EXCELLENT idea?

Non-srs answers plz. OR hilarious stories of drunken stage shenanigans.
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What are some things that you and your SO keep from each other?

My SO goes on a hippie type retreat trip once a year for a weekend. He won't tell me what goes on there. It's not even that I care about the details of the trip, but the fact that he can't trust me with that information kind of bothers me. Am I overreacting?

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So I just got a new job, my first in retail. There is a TON to remember because the whole store is operated by only a couple people at any one time. Anyway, today is my second day and I'm afraid there will still be a couple things I don't remember, and I'm afraid running credit card transactions on their complicated system will still give me problems. How long before I should worry about not catching on?
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Because people demanded it

Poll #1823471 Awkward sex questions part IV

Who would you have sex with?

A Michael Jackson impersonator
An Amy Winehouse impersonator
A fat Elvis impersonator
A Vincent Price impersonator
A Sid Vicious impersonator

Who would you have sex with?

Steve Rogers (Captain America), before he was given the Super Soldier Serum
Iron Man, in his iron suit
Odin (Anthony Hopkins)
Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart)

Who would you have sex with?

Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Minnie Mouse
Bugs Bunny

Who would you have sex with?

A centaur
A satyr/faun
A minotaur
A mermaid

Who would you have sex with?

Mario and Luigi (threesome)
Princess Peach
Link (Zelda)
Zangief (Streetfighter)
The last character you made in the Sims (describe him/her below). Only the last character
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I`m planning a trip to Europe, probably for September. I`ll be visiting family in Austria for most of the trip but I`d also like to spend a week in Paris. I`ll be going to Paris alone. Last time I was there, I went with a friend of mine who had been many times before (her sister used to live there) so I basically just followed her around everywhere. It was fun, but this time I will be left to my own devices and it will be very different.

I was wondering if any of you had any advice for a woman traveling alone for the first time (every other trip I`ve taken has always been with someone else). Where are some safe places to go in Paris? Where should I stay? What should I avoid? I`m hoping to stay in an area that is fairly well lit and not deserted at night so that I don`t necessarily have to be back in my room by sundown. If you don`t have any advice yourself, do you know of any resources, websites, blogs or the like for solo travelers, especially female ones, or especially in Paris? I`ve googled of course but I prefer recommendations :)

Also, what are some things that are especially fun to do as a solo traveler? If you`ve ever traveled alone, what did you like about it?

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You know how facebook forcibly gave everyone timeline.  I was just on a friends page and noticed that they do not have timeline, they had the old profile page.  Is there a way to change from timeline to the old profile?
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What are all the various things you wanted to be while you were growing up?

Did you ever want to be a rockstar/famous musician?
Did you ever want to be a doctor?
Did you ever want to be an astronaut?

I wanted to be a school bus driver (lol), a doctor, a therapist, a firefighter, a PR person in music, and now a translator.
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Does it bother you when you're in a mostly quiet room and you can hear someone doing that bouncy thing with their leg? And then at some point they just stop for 10 seconds, then start again? Have you ever asked someone to stop?

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So my cousin got married in January interstate and I couldn't make it due to unfortunate timing. She will be in Sydney this weekend to catch up with those who missed the celebrations, do you think I need to get the couple a belated wedding gift? Or just flowers? What do you think is appropriate?
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I'm a substitute teacher. The other day, I was in a 4th grade class wiAth a co-teacher and I was helping this one kid with his writing assignment. He was kind of slacking off, and the co-teacher told him to "stop daydreaming about Nicki Minaj". This kid's face turns bright red and he goes "why'd you tell everyone?!". Fast forward a few days later, the kid greets me "hey Nicki Minaj" and came up to me and gave me a hug. How would you react to something like this?

EDIT: It doesn't bother me at all that he hugged me, but he is a 4th grader with a crush on me and I just don't really know what to say to him. I just kind of patted his back and then stepped away.
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So, I'm dating this's been a month and a few weeks now. My birthday is this weekend and he keeps asking me wtf I want for my birthday. I have been avoiding this question for weeks now and he just won't leave me alone about it. What is the appropriate thing to ask for? I told him to surprise me but he wants me to tell him a specific thing. HALP!!!
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For the computer knowledgeable people, I have two computer options with similar memory and processing but have two different graphics cards. Are either the Radeon HD 7450 or the AMD Radeon HD 6530D decent for gaming?

By gaming I mean like Sims 3 and Skyrim.

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Have you ever stayed, forgiven, or gotten back together with someone who cheated on you?

Alternatively, what do you consider a huge dealbreaker/never forgive in a relationship?
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Last night my boyfriend took me to see a band I've never heard of in my life. ("Mest" - kudos for anyone who knows them) Now, I'm not a fan of punk-rock-whatever, so I was expecting the worst.
Turns out, they were REALLY good. I loved them.

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?

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What do I do about a bunch of rabbits that aren't afraid of people?

My neighbors got angry that their kids were refusing to get off their asses and feed their show rabbits, so they opened the cages and all 12 rabbits are free. I know they should be yelled at since you can't just set domestic rabbits loose, but the damage has been done. Since the neighbors have a dog that's loose on the property, all the rabbits have made their way over to my house where the dogs are behind a fence. It was sort of amusing at first, but this was a month ago and the rabbits won't be chased off. They'll let you get close but they won't let you catch them. It's getting to be spring, and I can just imagine the bunny nightmare about to happen, especially since we usually start planting the garden in March.

I don't want to hurt them or anything, and I can't really afford any of those humane traps. Even if I could, what would I do with the rabbits then? I think animal control would laugh me off the phone if I called and said I had rabbits in my yard. I've complained to the neighbors a bit, since they started the problem, but they don't really seem to care.

EDIT: I'll probably call AC tomorrow then. And definitely tell them about the neighbors.

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How do you politely tell somebody that they have outstayed their welcome? I have a friend that I have only known a few yrs, we get on well and I enjoy her company but whenever she comes over she stays for hours and hours. I don't like to be rude and ask her to leave so I do the passive aggressive thing of dropping hints that I'm tired/its late or whatever but she doesn't notice.

How do I explain that I want her to go home without coming across as a complete dick?

How do/would you react in this situation?

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What are some words in (other) English speaking countries that you've wondered about or noticed are called differently among English speakers from different countries?

What's something you've heard of in another country that you would like to try?
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TQC, my kitty seems a bit sickly. He has been sneezing a bunch for the past two days; and he's a bit less energetic than normal. He's still alert and will play with us if we dangle something in front of him, but he's not running around like he's lost his mind as is usual with him. His eyes and nose are clean and clear, and he has no other real symptoms. Am I overreacting and he'll get over it, or should it be vet time soon?

Other info: He was actually just at the vet last week for his yearly shot and a checkup, so he might have picked up something there. Last week vet gave us a different kind of food that we've been mixing in with his normal stuff. Oh, and he's a strictly indoor cat.

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When you go to a fast food place do you have a usual that you order every time?
Please share
I did until after college

Taco Bell: Burrito Supreme
Burger King: BK Big Fish no tartar, cut in half, add mayo and tomato
McDonalds: Filet o Fish Meal
Wendys: Chicken Nuggets Chili Frosty

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What are some products you buy at the dollar store and which products would you never buy?
I buy:
paper plates
zip lock bags
make up sponges
cleansers for dishes etc
some cards
some candy

I would never buy
make up
sun screen
I love you

Bottom's up!

It is just not my week, TQC. I'm so glad it's the weekend.
Today my husband told me something that was devastating to me and I've cried most of the day. Now I just want to get drunk.

What should I drink?

I don't like drinks that have a strong alcohol taste. I like flavored vodkas and rums. I have all sorts of soda and if I needed something else I could pick it up at the Class 6.

Have you tried the cotton candy vodka? Is it good?

I'm going to vent a little:
My husband is a soldier and he was deployed to AFG. While he was over there, I got cancer and his unit sent him home.
Today he told me that he resented me and the cancer for his having to come home early.

You don't think I resented it? You don't think I hated it?
I ended up being hospitalized for depression because of it. Which he also resents me for, BTW.

I'm really trying to understand where he's coming from, but really, I'm just gutted.

I'm off to the liquor store.
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it's FASHION ADVICE time you guys!

so i am going to this party i know nothing about. it's called "The Future Society", i know it's in a restaurant after closing time (well for the restaurant part anyway) and i know the people behind it throw hipstery fashiony parties, but i don't know if it's that kind of party. if it is actually a party.