March 1st, 2012


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What is the juiciest drama in your life?

My ex and I still share an apartment. People seem to think this is the craziest thing ever and mention it to people we barely know.  "Oh, you know A--- and H-----???  They broke up over a year ago and still live together!  What do you think about that?!" 


Say there's a job opportunity you can take to be closer to the SO you have been in a LDR with for 3 years.
Pros: Interesting work, it's a state you want to live in, cost of living is somewhat cheaper, you will be 1250 miles closer to your SO. You'd be 30 minutes away from a pretty major metro area. pelomalo would be within driving distance of you.
Cons: The job comes with a 16% decrease in pay (this is due to the fact that your pay will not be adjusted for high cost of living in a metropolitan area, not a demotion). The job involves 20-40% travel and you have a dog. You currently live in a state with no income tax and will be moving to a state with state income tax and local wage tax (not a huge deal but it does affect your already reduced take home pay). You will still be 250 miles away from your SO. You will have to drive twice as long to get to work. You'd be living in a small town (again not a big deal but you've become accustomed to city living).

Would you apply? What is your deciding factor?
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1) If you have had a baby, was it your experience that people felt free to give opinions or attempt to become overly involved in your life?

2) What do you do when you don't feel like working out, but you make yourself at least get started, and you just can't get into it? Force yourself through? Quit and try again later? Something else?

3) If someone was going to show up with a treat for your lunchroom today, what would you want it to be?


Who would win in a fight?

Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie (both bands), armed with broken bottles

Who would win in a fight?

Justin Bieber

Who would win in a fight?

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingritch, Rick Sanotorum, armed with baseball bats
A honey badger on PCP

Who would win in a fight?

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher, armed with brass knuckles
Steven Segal, oiled up and ready to fight. Steven Segal now in 2012

Who would win in a fight?

The characters on Giligan's Island
The characters on Friends

Who would win in a fight? This takes place in a steel cage, so Cruise can't run

Tom Cruise, fighting mad
30 girl scouts (between the ages of 8 and 13), armed with heavy schoolbooks

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So about a week or so ago I posted, asking for advice on how to handle a debt collectors request for a summary judgement.

I got some good advice and I called the court and actually spoke with the Judge who agreed to grant me an extension during which time he asked that I bring in a letter explaining my situation.

I was wondering if you guys would tell me if it sounds OK and not too "pity party"??

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Will you copy/paste your Netflix queue here or at least give me some suggestions?


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I've been doing a lot of work in trying to find a house for myself and my friends to rent for the fall. It's down to two:

A place in which a bedroom is $550 per person (WAY cheap for this area) and is fairly spacious and has a deck. The downside of this one is that we share a basement with the other unit in the duplex, which means things could get really awkward for the bike workshop we want to set up and we couldn't do house shows. : / Both of those things are really important for us, but so is cheap rent.


A place with a private basement where we could have a bike shop and put on shows. Slightly less run-down, but also slightly more boring in terms of architecture. No deck, but potential roof access. The bathrooms are awkwardly distributed. Main detriment is that the rent is roughly $670 / bedroom (gross).

My friends are being unresponsive in voting on these and I'm afraid they'll both get rented out. Don't wanna make this decision alone. TQC, which place should we get?
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stupid baby name

Scenario: Someone you care for had a just baby and named it something grotesquely retarded. How out of line would it be to share your concerns and ask them to reconsider the baby's name?

The baby's name isnt that bad, its just one of those pretentious, spelled weird on purpose names.
For the sake of making the question more interesting I said the name was "grotesquely retarded." It wouldnt have been as fun if the question was about a not really that bad name.

People who were offended by my choice of words:
I see where you're coming from. I don't agree 100%, but I'll try to choose my words more carefully.
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One of my best friend's birthdays is approaching. For his boyfriend's birthday I put together a scrapbook which is something I've done for his major birthdays (21, 25) with notes from his friends, pictures, whatever.

I'd like to do something along those lines but we don't have as many mutual friends. He recently did a study abroad program, and I was thinking of contacting those friends to maybe send a post card from whatever country they're in to put into a book. Is that totally creeper of me?

OR I was thinking of taking the massive amount of pictures he has on facebook and putting them into a photobook on Shutterfly.

Which is least crappy?
Do you have any other suggestions?

I'm relatively crafty and this won't be his only gift...I just really wanted to do something to make him feel extra loved.

Thank you!

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Game of Thrones views, anyone else feel like Peter Dinklage was nominated and given the Emmy mostly because he has achondroplasia?

Don't get me wrong, he's amazing in his role, but so is the entire cast of GOT. Nothing except his dwarfism really makes him stand out from the rest of them.

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TQC, I'm about to head out for a doctors appointment while I'm gone I was wondering if you might morph some faces for me to look at when I get back?

Thank you for your cooperation!

Live long and prosper V
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Do you try and keep from speaking poorly or venting online about people you know?

If someone you knew found out you were talking shit about them on LJ, but never actually told you, would you attempt to apologize to them or just let it go since they're not saying anything either?
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Non-constructive questions

Which things have you given throughout your life? Anything you haven't checked, it's assumed you don't give a ______

A shit
A fuck
A flying fuck (in certain regions, the fucks are airborne)
A rat's ass
I don't give enough of a crap to answer this question

Someone tells you that fourcorners is well hung. You go over to see me to ____?

Ask me to show you the goods
Try and get some action
Ask how much I paid someone to start such a rumor
Make sure the noose is tight enough
This question is making me uncomfortable. Shouldn't you be making another awkward sex poll?

If the Village People were guardian angels, which one is more likely to watch over you?

The cowboy
The construction worker
The indian
The policeman
The biker
The military guy

What's more likely to happen in your lifetime?

Alien invasion
Zombie invasion
Jesus invasion (Second coming of Christ)
Jugalo invasion (Insane Clown Posse becomes insanely popular in your country)
Jeb Bush gets elected president, starting a third tour of the Bush family

God appears to you in a dream and tells you to build an ark. How many times would he have to instruct you in your dream to motivate you to actually build an ark?

One time. If I dreamed God told me to build a ginormous boat, I'm building a ginormous boat
2-3 times. I figure that's enough times to rule out the normal 'crazy' dream nonsense and start taking it seriously
Over 10 times. I gotta be sure
Over 50 times. Arkbuilding is hard and I'm lazy
Over 100 times. I may well build the ark just to shut him up and get some peace and quiet at night
I'd just hire some day laborers outside Home Depot to build it for me
I'd never build an ark. Sorry God
I accidentally build an arc (like in St. Louis). Whoops

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Do you spend much time speaking when you're not actually in a conversation with someone?

For instance, do you talk to yourself, or talk yourself through tasks you're working on, or explain to the cat that this is how you fold a shirt properly, or something of the sort? How often?

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I am a snacker! I snack all day long. Can anyone suggest some good, healthy snacks that don't require much in terms of preparation?

My usual healthy go-to snacks are popcorn with nutritional yeast, roasted pistachios (occasionally other nuts but these are my favorite), fruit, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate squares, pumpkin seeds, celery (which I LOVE plain) and recently, I've been obsessed with making popsicles; I just puree whatever fruit I have on hand and freeze it in my Popsicle mould.

I like a lot of variety and I would like to add to the list. Any suggestions? Either sweet or savory ideas welcome! The only limit I would place on suggestions is that I don't eat meat :)

Shoe advice

I've asked for clothing advice before, having started dressing more and more feminine.   Well, I bought a dress and am looking to find shoes to go with it.  I'm not quite ready for heels, and like the idea of black boots but am not sure if that is "fashionable".  I'm open to most anything else.  I think I have awesome legs and would like things that would accentuate those.  

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What kind of person would you be if you had never been exposed to the Internet?
I realized today I would likely be an overly religious, conservative, anti-choice misogynist, and be married with 2 or 3 kids because of the small town, southern mentality. I was horrified and have never been more grateful for the Internet.

DK/DC: what did you last have to eat?

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What would TQC do?

A friend has invited my SO and me to a concert in NYC. We live about an hour by train from NYC, and the concert would likely run until 11:30 or midnight on a Saturday night. Trains don't really run that frequently on a Saturday night at that time, so we'd get home around 2 at the earliest. Both my SO and I would likely be totally exhausted and cranky by the end of the night, as we're not late night people (we usually go to bed around 10 or 11 even on a weekend night). We're not entirely sure if we even like the band (it's ska-swing). The only upsides are: getting to be in the city, and free music. Would you go?

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Why is my husband insisting that I watch a video of Adele singing in her home?

I enjoy her music, but it's not like a fancy music video. It is straight up Adele singing into a microphone. He seems to be offended that I want to browse the internet while he plays this video...

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So today I had an ultrasound and they found an ovarian cyst that was roughly the same size as my ovary, and that or a series of them have likely been responsible for the excrutiating pain I have been in. Validation feels awesome.

What is the greatest feeling of validation you have ever had and why?

DK/DC: on a scale of 1-10, 1 being Buckingham Palace and 10 being the worst cases on Hoarders how messy is your place?

(Mine is about a 4, with the kitchen closer to a 6).
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job interview followup

I went to an interview and I'm writing my thank you email. Usually it's one person interviewing me, but this time there was two. One guy was the person I'd be working directly under and the other guy kind of dealt with my position, but not as close.

My question is can I write one email to them both thanking them and with my questions or should I write two separate emails? I just don't know what else I can put in another email. I don't want to leave one guy out, but I can only make up so much for a thank you email. :/

DK/DC: Are you watching American Idol this season? Do you watch from the very beginning or wait until it gets to the Top 10, 5, etc...?

gmail filters stopped working?

In anticipation of the new "enhanced" Google experienced, I got a different (non-gmail) email address and most people are sending to me there, but a few of my friends are slow to catch on, so I have filters set up to forward their messages. I have a different gmail account for non-friend things (my kid's school, work-related mail) and the forwarding filters there are not working either. And now the kid reports that his gmail forwarding filters have stopped functioning. These were all fine when I went to bed last night...I'm guessing this has something to do with the "enhancements."

I'm not doing anything funky, just accessing all of my various accounts from the web. So it's not an apps problem (don't have a droid, don't have apps).

Anyone else having gmail filter problems?

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1)  hypothetically, you are 18 years old and a classmate of your preferred sex behaves strangely around you.   They are fine around everyone else, but when they speak to you, they won't look you in the eye.  Sometimes, during idle moments, you catch them staring at you across the room.  What do you think is up with them?

2)  are there any particularly strange things you've witnessed teenagers doing in a school/college setting?

3)  what's your favourite drink? Why?
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I'm taking my road test tomorrow. Any words of advice or encouragement? Also I tend to get really nervous and start shaking, any techniques to remain calm?

How many tries did it take you to pass your road test?