February 29th, 2012

Accent query

I have a question about accents from England, specifically referencing Being Human and Skins, the original UK versions and This Is England. Cutting for spoilers for the most recent episode of Being Human and general safety due to referencing the other shows.

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Have you ever...

Gone hunting
Gone fishing
Gone mushroom or berry picking
Grown your fruits or vegetables
Fermented your own beer or wine

If you could only eat ONE grain for the rest of your life...


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Have you ever...

Gone hunting
Gone fishing
Gone mushroom or berry picking
Grown your fruits or vegetables
Fermented your own beer or wine

EDIT: LJ hates me, didn't mean this to be a second post but a correction to the first one which was supposed to be ticky GAH sorry :[

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TQC, how long will you remain on hold for, typically? Does that change by what you're on hold for? Like right now I'm on hold with my student loan company trying to make a payment and I'm prepared to sit and hold for about fifteen minutes, but after that I'll hang up and try again later. What's the worst on hold music you've ever heard? My college had one of the choirs for their hold music, but it was a really awful recording and they sounded demonic.
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I feel like this word is right on the tip of my tongue and I can't call it forth.
I am writing an email to a friend whom I generally feel is progessive and caring. Yet he constantly refers other people by female slurs and it really bothers me.

Is he being a mysogynist? What is the word I'm trying to think of?

EDIT: How does this sound?

Hey B. I really respect you, and I admire the way you stand up for yourself and for others. In that respect, I'd like to stand up for myself.
It really bothers me when I see you use language that's so degrading to women. Calling people 'pussies' 'cunts' and 'bitches'. It seems mysogynistic, at the very least. It's jarring coming from someone I normally think of as empathetic and caring. To casually toss out feminine slurs detracts from your message. I'm no saint, either. But I would hope someone would point out to me that I was using sexist language, if I were trying to spread a message of tolerance.

I'm not being too pushy, am I?

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TQC members, do you sleep on your back? Or are you a side sleeper?

If you are a side sleeper, where do you hands go?

I ask because I sleep on my side, and my one hand always goes under my pillow and then I always wake up with my hand asleep (pins and needles) and it drives me nuts. I've tried sleeping on my back, but then I just end up on my side again eventually.

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I just walked to the gas station to get cigarettes and soda and after I left I realized she only charged me for one pack as opposed to the three that I got.

How horrible of a person would I be if I didn't go back and let them know?

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Can we have a caps lock post? Why are you angry? What makes you want to throw your unparalleled excellence to the wind and rage like a thousand suns are searing the flesh on your back?

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TQC, do you play the ukulele? Any tips for someone who's looking to start? Brands of ukulele to buy, song books, that kind of thing?

DK/DC: Do you speak another language? Which one? Do you get to speak/practice it often? I speak a little French and used to be really good at Latin.

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What is the dumbest thing you've ever heard?
In what ways has bureaucracy totally screwed you recently?

I just discovered I can't used my unemployment debit card to pay my cell phone bill. I can pay all my other bills, but not my cell phone bill. So I have to leave my house to go to the ATM then to the AT&T store to pay my bill with cash like it's the freakin' nineties.
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In order to buy a certain bathing suit I like, and as motivator to look better this summer, I'd like to buy a certain size that would require me to lose about 2 inches off my hips. And a bit off everywhere else. How much weight would I need to lose for that? (I'm ~165 lbs at 5'7")

when you lost weight, how many inches off of X area of your body did you lose as well? Did you ever lose inches but your weight stayed the same?

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My area got smacked with an F4 tornado... flattened a town about a half hour away from me. We're supposed to have another round of bad weather on Friday....

Have you ever been in a tornado? Or something similar?

We had a derecho come through here and do a bunch of damage back in 2008...but nothing as massive as this. :(

Do you own a weather alert radio?
I think I might need to finally invest in one. The storms that came through were really bad...they issued a tornado warning for my county and I never woke up to the sirens.

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Are you in a situation right now you never thought you'd be in?

Ex. Rich when you never expected to have money, enjoying motherhood when you never expected to have kids, etc, dating someone you never thought you'd date, etc.

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Poll #1822957 Day 3 of awkward sex questions

Who would you have sex with?

Captain Hook

Who would you have sex with?

The cast from Jersey Shore
The cast from Golden Girls (when they were all last alive)
This season's contestants on the Biggest Loser
All the Republican presidental candidates
Your cousin (any of them)

Who would you have sex with?

I'll take a go at Dino

Who would you have sex with? They won't try and kill you during the sexmaking

Michael Meyers
Freddy Kruger
Bride of Chucky (Jennifer Tilly's character)

Who would you have sex with?

The Kardashian sisters (Kim, Kourtney, Khloe)
The Simpson sisters (Jessica and Ashlee)
The Fanning sisters (Dakota and Elle)
The Deschanel sisters (Emily and Zooey)
The Middleton sisters (Kate and Pippa)

Who would you have sex with?

Mr. Garrison
Kyle's mom
Cartman's mom
Stan's dad


For years I have wanted a Monkees logo tattoo. I have been unsure of where to place it.

However, today my favorite Monkee died. I feel like today is the day I need to finally get my Monkees tattoo. Should I just pick a spot and go for it?
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May I request a cheer up post?

I just found out my pop's in the hospital back home cause he fell last night and broke his hip. I'm just sitting here feeling worried and that I'm a terrible person because I didn't have enough time to visit him when I was home last.
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Do you think someone who has lived in the same town their whole life, has happily married parents, and the same friends since kindergarten knows what a person who has moved two states, has divorced parents, and who has to make completely new friends feels like?

This is inspired by the fact that my friend keeps telling me they know exactly how I feel, when they haven't gone through what I've gone. I know they can imagine it, but they can't know what it feels like, right?

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You and your SO don't have jobs right now and can't afford your rent. Out of the following options where would you pick to live:???

Option A: At your grandmother's place in her own travel trailer. She will butt in to your lives a lot. Doesn't get along that well with either of you.

Option B: At your SO's grandmother's house. You'd have your own room in a two story place, but you can't take your pets with you.

Option C: On your dad's property. You have your own apartment and can have all of your pets. They hate your SO and think you should leave him/her. Your SO hates them back. Constant drama.

Option D: In your SO's parent's mobile home. You get your own room, but that's it for privacy. They already have pets and you can't take all of yours.

Bonus E and F: A tent or your car. Pets probably wouldn't work in the car either.

There are also apartments that go by income, but no pets and huge waiting list.

What would you do TQC?
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What are your favorite PS3 games TQC?

I got Blockbuster online so I could rent games and I only put like 6 things in my cart and I'm not even psyched about playing any of them.

I have Dante's Inferno right now which is pretty good.

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TQC, my dad has just informed me that my cat only cries for breakfast at 4 in the morning when I'm staying in the house (as opposed to staying over my boyfriend's house). Ignoring him doesn't really work; he wakes both of us up and doesn't stop until one of us gets up and feeds him. And his mewing isn't really something we can sleep through or really ignore. What can we do to instill his being quiet all the time?