February 28th, 2012


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my co-worker/self proclaimed manager attacked me tonight. Hitting me punching me and screaming at me. I called the police and had 911 on the phone while the attack was going on. I pressed charges and they handcuffed her and then released her 30 minutes later.

The owner of the business fired me and let her keep her job.

Who do I call or what do I do now?

Do you think I have a lawsuit?

This isn;t the first time she's went nutso, just the worst incident ever.

And yes, i went to the ER and got examined. I have a few cuts and bruises but will live Photos were taken
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What's your closest brush (or relationship) with a celebrity?

Would you date a celebrity?


Are there foods you'll only eat at certain times of the year (aside from naturally seasonal fruits/veggies) because they just don't "go with" certain seasons or weather?

(Mine's chili. I only eat it when it's cool or cold outside)
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Can a TQCer from the UK or who understands UK measurements help me out, please? I'm either Googling wrong or something, and my aunt's cookbooks are not helping me figure out conversions.

I've figured that 125 ml milk is about 1/2 cup milk, and that icing sugar is powdered sugar, but can you help me figure out:
110g unsalted butter
225g granulated sugar
125g self-rising flour
120g plain flour
115g unsalted butter
60 ml semi skimmed milk
500g icing sugar


Thank you!
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say a friend of you wins big at the casino, and hands you a $1000 chip to do whatever you please. what do you do?

this happened to me on sunday night - the friend is someone who is always shouting drinks, paying for meals, paying for entry to wherever, basically he pays for everything wherever we go. would receiving a chip from this sort of friend change what you would do with it?

eta - this friend is not really MY friend, he's my bf's housemate. anddd he's just letting me stay at their house rent-free for as long as i want. CONSIDERING ALL THIS - would you STILL cash in the chip?
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Please tell me if I am being unreasonable or not.

I share an apartment with another girl, whom I love. She is dating a guy who spends a lot of time here. He's okay -- I'm not really a fan but not because he's a bad guy, but because our personalities are way different, and not very compatible.

He's irritated me in the past because he has eaten my food, and then tried to convince my roommate and I to have a "food contract" in which everyone's food is fair game, which was really a weird way of basically justifying eating my food. I kind of brushed it off as a just a single rude thing.

Well, there's three bathrooms in this apartment. One downstairs, one in my roommate's room, and one that I use. I just got home from work, and she's gone but her boyfriend was in her room sleeping. I don't know if he realised I was home -- the door to my room was cracked because the cats were walking in and out of here to see me. All of a sudden he walks out of his room, into my bathroom, and pees in my bathroom with the door open.

I know, it is a bathroom, but come the fuck on. Why is he peeing in there when there's a toilet in his room? And I had suspicions that he's been doing it, because there was piss on the seat last weekend when I clean it and I don't pee standing up because I have a condition called a vagina.

Do I have a right to be frustrated? Should I say something to my roommate? I keep all my embarrassing girly shit in there, I don't like the idea that he comes in there specifically to shit and piss when he could do it in his girlfriend's.

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Both Elbow and Adam Ant are coming to my city in the next few weeks. I'm quite fond of both of them but it's likely I will only be able to afford to attend one of the gigs. Who should I go see?

DK/DC/They both suck: Are there any upcoming gigs you're super excited about? Tell us about it.

Too much hair

TQC, should I cut off my hair? Can you suggest any haircuts for me? I've been growing my hair out for about 3 years just for fun, but I'm starting to get tired of it. I feel like it looks limp and sad but people are always telling me how nice it looks, I think because it's curly. Anyway, on with the pictures!

Collapse )

Thanks for the help anyone, I have no idea what looks flattering on me and you guys always have good taste!
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what is that breed of horse or pony that has very pale coloring and has creepy eyes? it looks like a death pony. I remember seeing a whole bunch of them at some Chinese zoo sticking their heads out of a pitch-black stable and they terrified me.

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How long until I should just take my information about high school out of my resume completely? Is there any need to? I sort of feel like it looks really juvenile to have shit about high school on a professional resume.

I graduated high school in 2005. It's not really taking up any space since I have it parallel with my college info. I was in the International Baccalaureate Programme which I don't really give a fuck about anymore, but someone might. I don't know.
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Do school buses in your area move to the side and let cars pass if there's a big line stuck behind them?

My hometown buses do but the ones by my work do not and it makes me very nearly late to work sometimes when they're behind schedule.

DK/DC: Is your facebook feed still butthurt about the fact that people care that Whitney Houston died? There has still been at least one post a day about how awful it is that people give a crap.
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I'm going to be at home for the next 5 days recovering from surgery (sinus lift, dental implant, wisdom teeth out) - what should I put in my Netflix queue to prepare? Non-Netflix recs okay, but Netflix is hooked up to my nice TV and y computer isn't so...
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Four of my friends are moving in together. What should I get them as a gift for the housewarming party? The funnier the better (I'm already bringing some booze.)

Also, what are some good remedies against a sore throat?
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When you see the 2 second gif userpics, do you make a noise in your head to accompany them? I do, and it's annoying, but I can't stop it.

Edit: If they do make noises for you, which ones?

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Poll #1822686 Ruining sex for you, part 2

Who would you have sex with?

Captain Crunch
Snap, Crackle and Pop (enlarged to normal size)
Tony the Tiger
Lucky the Leprachaun (Lucky Charms)
Toucan Sam (Fruit Loops). He may be able to do a LOT of things with that beak of his (wink wink)

Who would you have sex with?

Captain Jack Sparrow...without a condom
Captain Picard...now (Patrick Stewart is 72)
Captain Janeway
Captain Kirk....now (William Shatner will be turning 81)

Who would you have sex with?

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker in an incest threesome
Darth Vader (minus the helmet)
Darth Maul
Young Anakin Skywalker, right after he lost his limbs in Episode 3
Jar Jar Binks

Who would you have sex with?

The fucking talking dog they hang around

Which Real Sex doll would you have sex with?

One that looks like yourself
One that looks like your mom
One that looks like a clown
One that looks like Queen Elizabeth II (current)
One that looks like Voldemort
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what to do in California in May?

Hey TQC! My boyfriend and I are taking a vacation to California some time in May. We want to go somewhere in the southern part of the state; maybe the San Diego area (mostly because I want to see the zoo, lol), but we haven't finalized our destination yet. We just want to relax, enjoy nice weather and eat some good food; we're not really keen on amusement parks or spending a week in a crowded city with no access to nature. So, for those of you who are familiar with the general area, what can we do there in May? Is it beach season yet, or is it still too early (we are Canadian so our definition of hot may differ from Californians')? If you don't think we should go to San Diego, where should we go?
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hey so why is the little kid version of spaghetti p'sketti? p'sketti is not any easier to pronounce.

do you think baby talk (from actual kids) is cute or gross or something else?
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What was the last incident that made you irrationally angry/upset?

Inspired by my frustration with the new students in my Pilates class who couldn't stop moaning and groaning about how hard the class was.
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You know how sometimes you see a commercial vehicle on the road, and there's this sticker on the back of it that says, "How's my driving?" and there's a number for you to call to give feedback? Have you ever called it?