February 26th, 2012


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Do you have any mental health issues/conditions/your word of choice? Do you currently see a psychologist, psychiatrist, someone else?

Have you told many people IRL about your problems? If so have you ever felt stigmatized because of them?
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Collapse ) What's something only just a little bit scary I could put on my Netflix of a Saturday night alone?

What should I cook? (these are all canned/boxed/frozen, nothing special)

macaroni & cheese
potato soup
fish fillets
nothing, greedy!
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A couple years ago I bought a really nice soft leather Marc Jacobs purse. It had been getting a little grungy-looking lately, so I decided to try and clean it with the stuff they make to clean shoes. This was a huge mistake - I ended up rubbing away what I guess was paint, the color of the purse itself, and now there's a big fade-mark. I've looked into getting it refurbished, but these services all seem to cost more than the purse itself did.

My question is, are any of you familiar with leather paint, or the process of painting leather? It's only a small spot a few inches long, I'm not trying to paint the whole purse or anything, just disguise this beigey spot. Thanks!

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Does anyone want to name a book that they have on their bookshelf right now that they think maybe no one else has on their bookshelf currently?

If you do have a book that someone else name, reply and prove them wrong?
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Having just started listening to Leonard Cohen's latest album, I'm entertaining the thought of deleting all the music I have except for this album.

What's the best music you've heard this year so far?
legs motherfucker
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For those of you who have gone through having a friend or relative with a serious illness... have you gone through times where you can't get yourself to visit them?

My grandma has cancer and she is doing really bad and has given up on chemo and all the other treatments and she is just not herself and I hate to see her like this. But I feel like an awful person.

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Do you have pepper spray, a rape whistle or any other type of self defense technique ? (a friend of mine has a tazer but Im not even sure that's legal haha)
If so, have you ever used it?

I go to school in not the best area and last night my roommate got mugged.. about two blocks away from where I plan to live next year. The fact that we are all expected to live in fear while campus security does nothing really pisses me off, so I want to fight back. Im considering buying mace or something to that effect just to hold in my hand as I walk in sketchy areas. But would I remember to use it?

Also, if you've ever bought mace or anything of the sort, what would you recommend?

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I want to plug a 1600 watt space heater on the same power strip that my desktop computer uses, but before I do, I want to know this: what is the maximum amount of amps/watts you can safely draw from a single wall socket?
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what is the most money you've ever spent at one time? (exclude homes, furniture, and electronics, please.)
i work at sally beauty & last night i had a woman come in and spend more than $1,700.00! she was getting the basics together for a salon, but whoaaa.

dk/dc: what is your favorite indulgence, when you have a little extra money?
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TV / Movie ?s

1. For those of you have watched The Wire, what was your favorite season?

2. What is your favorite original motion picture soundtrack?

3. What TV show that you've watched do you think needed to have one more season?

4. What's the worst movie you've watched from beginning to end?
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Anime Recommendations

Can anyone recommend me some anime?

I'm big on shojo, but have watched others such as Fullmetal Alchemist.

I'd prefer if the anime goes closely with the manga or doesn't end abruptly without conclusion so I have to read the manga lol. Or even better if there was no manga or it became one AFTER the series aired.

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Which is your Zelda Game?

The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II
A Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
The Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword
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The Wall

What do you think of free-solo climbing a 2000ft rock face? (Rock climbing with no equipment save rubber climbing shoes and chalk?)

Have you ever done anything that could have resulted in certain death if you made a single mistake?

What color is your parachute?

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I've got a jar of smuckers strawberry jam I opened at the beginning of January, and a jar of peanut butter i opened around the same time. can i use in the morning?
how long will jam last in the fridge?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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What is the most "grown-up" job you've ever had? (as in, a career job and not just a retail or customer service job).

How did you get that job?

What are good sites when looking for jobs?

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I had a very late night. I still have a bit of uni work to do for tomorrow. It's nearly 8pm.
Do I try to sleep through now, and get up early to do it, or take a nap and work on it later? Either way I have to be up for about 9 tomorrow.

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How could I go about finding the street address of a house that has no mailbox/house numbers and is deserted?

There is an old brick house on the way out of town/in the country that is falling apart and I would really like to photograph it but in order for the records office to tell me who owns it I have to tell them the street address.

There are not many houses in the area so Im not sure if going by the other houses numbers would work?

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TQC, are you as horrible as I am about waiting to hear back about major life decisions? I applied for a job at Cosi and it went really well, and the managers were going to run a background check on me this weekend and let me know by tomorrow morning. I know I'm most likely going to get the job but I just really want to hurry up and know for sure! Are you currently waiting to hear about any Major Life Decisions in particular?
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Do you speak more than one language?

How many and which ones?

Which language is your native one and how did you learn the later languages? Were you brought up with them or did you learn them in school or some other way?

Are there any you'd like to learn or are currently learning?

I speak English, but I'm trying to teach myself ASL, and I also would like to make my Spanish fluent (took 3 years in school), and learn German and Japanese.
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TQC, what sort of things do you do with your SO? Especially things you do when just hanging out at home. (And feel free to substitute "friends" for "SO," especially if you have suggestions for things that work with just two people rather than a larger group.)

My boyfriend and I are so boring/bored. We hardly ever get a chance to see each other during the day, and I can never think of anything to do at his apartment. We usually just each do our own thing on our computers for a while - play video games, mess around on the internet, whatever - and then we'll watch a movie or a TV show together. But that gets old and I really want to come up with other things to do once in a while.
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This is probably a shot in the dark, but here goes. Is there any site that list job postings with their salary ranges? Just being able to search for salary ranges without getting stuff like "negotiable" or "attractive" is good enough.

My husband is casually looking for jobs but the salary range varies drastically in his field, so he'd rather not waste his time with some of them.

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You're getting sent to Devil's Island for a term of 10 years. You may bring three things with you but nothing that will aid you in an escape attempt. What do you bring?


10-yr supply malaria pills
10-yr supply iodine tablets for purifying water
a tarp.

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Would it bother you to watch a performer play a role where the character is the opposite sex? I don't mean like Shakespeare in Love or the movie Glenn Close was just in, I mean a movie like "The Year of Living Dangerously". Linda Hunt played a man. Not a woman posing as a man, just a man. The auditions for the role was open to men, but for some reason, they gave it to Linda Hunt.

I could probably forget who the actor is and just enjoy the movie if the actor wasn't well known. But if the actor was famous, I probably couldn't get past it. Johnny Depp once told "Inside the Actor's Studio" he thought it would be interesting to play a woman, but the entire time, I'd be thinking, "Holy shit, that's Johnny Depp in a dress."