February 25th, 2012


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You have three roommates and one of them is awful. She's a pretty shit roommate, as far as roommates go, generally making everyone else annoyed with loud music she won't turn down, having parties and alcohol on a dry campus, and saying really mean things about you and your other roommates on facebook. You've tried numerous times to fix the problems (from mediation to trying to get her kicked out of the apartment...) to no avail. She posts something about blowing up the cars of everyone she doesn't like. 

Your campus takes things like this very, very seriously. Precedent says, she's likely to get expelled. Do you turn her in? 

Does it make a difference if all four of you, including the bad roommate, are seniors and less than three months from graduation?

Getting older

I find that as I get older I am far less tolerant (particularly of stupidity) and that people annoy me far more than they used to.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do they find their "fuse" shorter as they get older?
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Do you have someone (or someones) you consider an enemy?

Do you think it's normal* to have people you consider enemies?

If not, do you think it's normal* to have people in your life (e.g. through work, school, etc) who you have a strong mutual dislike relationship with?

* In this case I'm just talking statistical majority, whether most people do, rather than any more philosophical ponderings on whether it's a core aspect of human nature.

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Costs being equal, what would you like done to your remains

Fancy burial, shiny coffin, the works!
Simple burial, maybe even no coffin, no fuss
Cremation and a nice urn
Cremation and ashes scattered
Tibetan Sky Funeral
Embalmed/preserved for future generations to see!
Burial at sea

(if you want to donate organs/body to science or the like, assume we're talking about what happens with your remains after that)

parabens spam

I love amusing spam subject lines. I've received this one about 40 times in the past week:

Parabens! Seu Cartao foi selecionado para participar da Promocao Premiada Cielo

It makes me LOL because I always think it's about parabens.

What are some amusing spam subject lines in your spam box today?
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If you are a tea-drinker, what kinds of teas do you always keep on hand? Do you keep a wide variety to offer guests or do you keep just a few that you drink on a regular basis? What brands do you typically drink? Do you have an all-time favorite tea?

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How secure is your password?

It would take a desktop PC
About 169 days
to hack your password

it looks like i have a bit of time to change it, at least.

eta: if you're uncomfortable using your actual password on the website but are still curious to find out, mimicking it with the same amount of letters and/or numbers produces the same results.

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Which of the following factors would make you significantly less likely to go out to party with friends? Assume you'll be barhopping and if it's available in your area, you'd be taking public transportation there and back.

Severe wind (25-50 mph)
Intense heat
Intense humidity
Frigid cold
Any kind of shitty weather and I don't have a ride back. Screw public transportation
Screw the weather, nothing can keep me from a good time

Shots on the house! The bartender asks you what you'd like a shot of. What do you choose?


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I'm taking the first class in my graduate program.
Very few people in the class have a grasp of what we're learning. The teacher never explains anything. The program director said to let her know if we're still lost after the first few classes. I talked to a friend who just graduated with this particular major and she said that our paper topic was on par with doctoral work and was totally inappropriate for the first class in a Master's program.

What should I do?
I emailed the professor today to ask for clarification on a paper and her response confused me even more.
Do I email her again and say all of this to her?
Have you ever had a similar issue? How was it resolved?
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Does anyone else here have a problem with always speaking too softly?

People almost always have to ask me to repeat myself because I talk very quietly. I think I am speaking at an appropriate volume but I am not. I mumble. It's not as bad on the phone because it's right in front of my mouth, or if people are across the room or something because I know I need to speak up. If someone is like 6 feet away.. they say "What?? Speak up." It drives my girlfriend nuts. It's been a problem for as long as I can remember. Is it.. an introverted quiet person thing or a speech impediment or..?

Is LJ hideously slow for everyone else all the time or is it me? I have to open things in tabs and keep reading or I'd just sit there staring at the monitor all the time.

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Hey, a group of us are going bowling a little later! Do you want to come?

Sure! We can take my car.
Yeah, sounds good. You drive.
Uh, I kind of tweaked my back, so I don't think I'll be able to make it.

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There is a massage school that offers massages by its students at a rate of $35.00 per hour. It's $20 for a half hour.

1) It's twice this amount at other locations
2) My back really hurts, but I've never had an actual massage

Would you consider going to a school and being massaged by a student? Should I suck it up and pay the $65-70 at another place and have a professional? If I do go to the school - would a 30-minute massage be enough or should I go for the hour?

DKDC? --- Have you ever thought you were posting to a community but actually ended up posting on your personal journal? This is the second time I've done this...

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What was the last thing someone said to you that triggered an epiphany?

"Seriously, though...  that's what you do!  When was the last time someone broke up with you?  *short pause*  EXACTLY.  You're The Heartbreaker."

I couldn't help but feel like, 'Well, shit.  Is that what people think of me?!'
Bug-eyed Earl


Got into an accident. Other driver's fault. Insurance cut me a check. When I call an auto-body place to find out how to arrange to get it fixed, they ask if I am going thru insurance. I say yes and they ask me to bring in the estimate I got for the damage.


The dent isn't that large and it's an old car so I don't care about that but the door sticks. That's really all I want them to fix as I could use the rest of the check to cover my excise tax. The check includes enough for the dent repair and painting (which it doesn't even need unless mess up the paint while repairing it). Is there a problem if I just tell them I am paying for it myself? Are they required to fix it all and use the quote I got? Insurance already gave me the check, they aren't billing them for me.

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Have you ever read the Zohar?

What would be your opinion of the rather significant portion of it being dedicated to describing the different mundane and esoteric aspects of each letter in the Hebrew alphabet?

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I'm watching Bambi four the first time. (I'm 30) Even though I knew what to expect...holy shit. This movie is rough. Tbqh I felt physically ill when Bambi's mom bought it.

My question is, what's a movie you ' should' have seen by this stage in your lifebut haven't?

kitchen fail

I asked my son to make some pizza dough in the bread machine while I was out buying groceries. Somehow he translated "1 cup plus two tablespoons water" to "2 cups water." I came home to find dough soup.

Have you had an epic kitchen fail lately?

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are you apprehensive about what happens to you after you die?

stupid poll is atupid please make comments because i am more interested in your opinions
silly rabbit, trix are for kids

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A month or so ago, I bought a few books from Barnes & Noble. I stuck them on a table near the front door with the intention to read them as time became available.

Now I can't find them. Where did my books go, TQC?!

Important fact: I am the only reader in this apartment, so hubs doesn't have them.

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So, I have no suave with men, TQC. I'm currently in love with this guy who I think may be attracted to me and when he comes over Monday (and/or Tuesday), I want him to have sex with me. Well, ideally I'd want him to fall crazily in love with me, but I'm willing to settle for sex. Barring just flat out saying, "Hey there, hot stuff, let's bone!", how can I persuade him to get in muh pants?

Non-srs muchly appreciated, but srs will not go unheard.
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I'm not good at cooking or anything, but a medical emergency is basically forcing me to learn (I have gallstones, and if it keeps up, I have to go in for emergency surgery. I have to change my diet.

What are some good gluten free, dairy free, red meat and egg free recipes?
(I don't know the first thing to non-microwavable-non-packaged foods)

Have you had your gallbladder taken out? Was it scary?
(I'm 22 and freaked the hell out.)