February 24th, 2012


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I just got invited to my friend's birthday.   I haven't known him very long, only for a few months, but I work with and talk to him everyday (I'm an art student).  I am panicking slightly because I'm not sure what to get him, or what other people will be doing.  I don't have much/any experience with birthdays, except for another friend's small gathering, which was convenient because we ended up in his girlfriend's car outside his house, so it wasn't awkward regarding him having nowhere to keep the gift whilst we were "partying". 

shorter version: tqc, I am inexperienced at life.  What is the etiquette for birthday gatherings? Do people typically give the host gifts on the day of the gathering?* How well/long do you have to have known the person to be expected to buy them something?

* Because where would they put the gift if we were clubbing, etc
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piss & vinegar

I need to get a horrible smell out of my room! My cat peed on the carpet and the smell was overwhelming. I read that I could neutralize the smell with vinegar, so I poured vinegar on the cat pee stain. It's been two or three days, window open, fan on, and now my room just smells like piss and vinegar. :(

How do I fix this nastiness!?
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Inspired by the post below, if you wear sunblock or sunscreen on a regular basis, what kind do you use? Can you recommend something that doesn't feel greasy and awful on your skin?

I'm looking for something specifically for my face. I know a lot of you use makeup with an SPF but as I only ever wear a little eyeliner and some chap-stick, that's not really something that would work for me, so I'm thinking more along the lines of a cream or lotion.

I've tried the oil free sun blocks, but they make my skin feel weird and tight, or grimy.
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2 questions

You know how old people just have that old people voice? how does that happen? does voice age?

Do you think there a "top" and "bottom" part to an egg? I think so but my fiance says no >:(
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I'm filling in a lot of job applications today, and my brain is starting to get a little fried with the repetitiveness of it all. I'm applying for a sales assistants role in Pets At Home and what of the questions is, "If you were to describe yourself as a pet, what would you be and why?"

How on earth do I answer that? I really, really need to get this job so I want to answer with whatever it is they would be looking for.

What kind of pet would YOU be and why?

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were you required to learn a second language in school, and if so, what language and at what grade level?
how early do you think learning a second language should be mandatory, or at least available?

Pole Fitness

What is your first impression of pole fitness?

Have you ever tried pole fitness?

Did you like it?

Do you have a pole at home? If so, tell me all about it!

I started taking pole fitness classes in October, and fell in love with it. I quit my gym and I love going to the classes, unlike the gym which I detested. I'm considering getting a pole in my guest bedroom, but need more info/opinions first.
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Have you ever done any DIY home decor projects? How did it go? Do you have pics of the results?

I'm thinking of buying a big canvas and maybe creating a geometric pattern on it in gold paint, maybe chevron or something with triangles. I can't afford any actual art right now and I have some blank walls that need something.

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1. I can't find anything about this on Google/Best Buy's website, but is there reciprocity between stores as far as their product limit for recycling? It says I can only bring 3 things a day, but if I brought 3 things to one store would I be allowed to go to another store in town and bring 3 more things there or do they put me in some sort of system that says "this person already brought stuff to store X, do not accept at store Y"?
(Obviously this is either an experience question or an I work at Best Buy and know things question. I'm looking at you, overwhelmingly. =P)

2. dk/dc/fuck the environment: What was your due date? when were you actually born? Mine was October 17, I was born September 14.

3. Was there a cut-off date for when you entered school wherever you live? Here in FL the cut-off date is September 1st, so if you turn 5 after that date then you would start kindergarten the next year. I grew up in CT, though, and we didn't really have one... if you turn 5 this year you can start kindergarten so I guess December 31st if you had to name a day.

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If you choose to study/do homework somewhere other than your home...where do you like to go?

Should I just go to Starbucks since I get a free birthday drink?

How's your day going? What's up?

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Do you think drinking earlier in the day is ok?

Dunno/Don't care

What about drinking alone?

It's the best
It's ok
It's not ok
It's terribly problematic
Dunno/Don't Care

Smoking Indoors?

Never ok
Only at home or at the homes of other smokers who are cool with it
Should be allowed in some public places
Should be allowed in most public places
I should be allowed to smoke constantly/everywhere!

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How clean is your room??

SPOTLESS- I'm OCD that way
very clean and tidy
I made the bed...OK?
I've been too busy..this weekend
Do NOT come in
boarder-line hoarder
hoarder- Call the health dept
OTHER in comments... you nosy pervert
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Hey guys, I need your help in finding out what the best face mask product is.
Specifically the one that drys on your skin and you peel it off and it pulls all the black heads out and leaves your skin lookin' awesome.

Which is the best one?
I don't know where to start!
One Of Those Days.
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Google FU fails

Soo... Long piercing question:

I've had my nipples pierced since Oct-2009. Originally the guy used titanium but the bars were comically too small, so I swapped them out with PTFE bars and titanium balls. They've healed pretty well and I haven't had any major problems. I just changed them to 7/16" niobium d-CRRs D-shaped-CBRs last night and now my breasts hurt. Less like PMS sore and more like in the area behind my areola, and more in the deeper left one than the right. I don't think I'm allergic to niobium because I have it in other piercings but I'm having surgery in the next year and I don't want to be massively damaging my skin (I'm a slow healer). Should I suck it up and leave them to do their adjustment thing or should I put in new PTFE?

Dk/Dc: what do you have pierced?
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I just beat Dante's Inferno. It was ok...

anyway one else play it? your thoughts?

what video games have you guys beat recently?

does it ever bother you when someone laughs at like everything like an awkward laugh?

like um that wasn't funny why are you laughing?

I SAW the Number 23, anyone else see it? did you like it?

I loved it!

what are your fave psychological films?

I would say Number 23, Butterfly Effect, Sucker Punch, Lovely Bones, Source Code... all I can think of at the moment

I have to work tomorrow, anyone want to go for me?

in media average guys are always getting hot girls, do you think average girls can get hot guys? why is it never in the media?

why are we are own worst enemies? why do we look at ourselves and see flaws...

I'm glad that even though I see flaws when I look in the mirror others see wonderful qualities in me...

I just finished an amazing anime Soul Eater. anyone else like it? fave character?

I love Kid, Stien, Crona, Maka, Soul, hero....

ever watch a show or an anime, a character only shows up in ONE episode but you just love them? want them to be in more episodes?

when you beat an AMAZING video game, or finish an anime, do you ever get really sad that you have nothing to watch anymore...because what you want to watch or play is gone...

know any simple work outs that are easy to commit to?

any one want to chat with me about the recent Face Off and Project runway?

well that's all I have for now....
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I have a 4 oz bag of artificially flavored cinnamon hearts my mom sent me for Valentine's Day. What should I do with them (besides just eating then as is since that's getting boring real fast)? I was thinking maybe cupcakes?

Will tell me about the last time you get in a a really big argument? Who was it with? What was the argument about?

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Which movie should I watch (for the first time)?

True Romance
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Life During Wartime
Get Shorty
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
A Fish Called Wanda

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Should I spend the cash and get my WoW account back? I've not played my characters in a long time, right before Lich King came out and I'm having some serious WoW aches. I'd need to get the expansions and pretty much relearn a lot. I'm not working right now, I'm in school 2-3 days a week depending on the quarter and living at home.

WoW addicts or previous ones: What do you play as a main or what did you play, and if you quit, why?

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Is it normal to be able to see the watermark for watermarked resume paper on both sides? I didn't notice it until now, but it's really irking me for some reason

What is your #1 constant worry?