February 23rd, 2012

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sorry ive been gone for so long i didnt die, just havnt had a computer. have you ever had to cut off a friendship with someone because you had too deep feelings for them that where not returned? i need to tell the guy who led me on and now wants to just be best friends that i cant talk to him anymore. idk how to do this and honestly i dont want to but i know i have to for my own well being. im dying inside over him and its not fair to myself. i dont want to hurt his feelings but hes hurt mine. hes a really great friend but being just friends with him i cant handle. im soooo in love with him and he says he cant be with me. how do i go about this without sounding crazy and emotional? im also afraid ill go running back to him after i say it im afraid ill feel really lonely without him and miss him so much. i know i need to seperate myself from him completly to get over him.

can you tell me about a sitation you have had if its similar?
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What have you found in food that shouldn't have been there?

It could be something like a bone or a band-aid, or finding a chip in a tortilla bag.

EDIT: Has anyone ever hidden something in your food? What was it? 
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when was the last time you were REALLY excited about something? what was it, and did it turn out to be as awesome as you expected?

for those of you who have never been excited in your whole life, what was the very first cell phone you had like? pics plz
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ABOUT what percentage (%) of the advice you give in TQC is "good advice"?

100%- I love ya'll
84.36% lol wut?
75% I am semi serious
50% sometimes you feel like a nut
25% I am here for the LULZ
less than 10% Ya'll are a bunch of idjots and get what you deserve
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right now i'm watching Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network (mostly because the featured eatery is 10 minutes from my house)

Is there anyplace near by you that has been featured on TV?

if yes, what show and what's the name of the place/what do they do there?

Oh and PBS came to a factory I worked at last spring to film for Sesame Street :D
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after every meal i eat, i always get a bloated belly. this is probably cause i like eating salty food, but ive been trying to reduce that.

however i still get mad salty food cravings late at night. what is a healthy option for me?? 

sometimes i wish i had a sweet tooth, at least that can be curbed by eating fruit!
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Mobile dog groomer, DC Area?

So a friend of mine is taking care of a couple long haired dogs for a week or two, and they arrived bathed but still matted and in serious need of grooming. One is old and blind and he doesn't want to freak her out by dragging her into yet another unfamiliar place, so he's hoping to find a groomer who is willing to come to him. Ideally one who other folk have liked.

Anybody know a mobile dog groomer in the DC area?

OB conversationstarter: What's the worst thing you've seen a dog roll in?

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How many phone numbers do you have programmed into your phone?

How many can you list off the top of your head or have memorized?

What do you like to eat on or with crackers? Favorite crackers?

How long do your toenails get before you have to clip them?

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What is your favorite font/size/alignment combo when word processing?

I have an obsession with doing everything in justified 11pt tahoma. i get disproportionatly upset when I am forced to work in a different font/size or with a document that is not justified. Like really upset. Everything should be justified 11pt Tahoma in my world.
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My husband recently immigrated and he's been umemployed for five months while he waits for his permit to work in this country. He's trying to decide if he should put that on his resume and if so, how to word it. What does TQC think? 

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How do I search a community for only entries made by a certain user?

Any advice for making a response to a "Request for summary judgment" in regards to a debt collection case?

When is the last time you were stressed?

Im really a bit ticked about this...I paid off all my other debts (2 credit cards and my student loans, about 12k) last year and was planning on contacting this last one soon about settling and literally the day after my son was send to the NICU I come home to a freaking court hearing :(

I got an extension but thats ending on the 30th of next month so I need to figure out what Im supposed to do and no lawyers have been helpful.


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Make-up wearers: Do you have a foundation you want to sing from the rooftops about?
I'm looking for one for my average to teenage skin (read: a few blemishes here and there and patchy redness) and want something with good coverage that isn't too heavy.

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What are some of your pet peeves?

People that do not say please and thank you and when I have to repeat myself over and over.

Have you seen the show Grimm? Did you like it?

I have seen two episode and it is interesting thus far.
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This is completely hypothetical:

If you've traveled internationally before, what specific pieces of advice would you give to someone (an American) who is traveling internationally for the first time? Other than "don't be an idiot" and "they don't speak English everywhere, idiot," of course. I have no specific country in mind and I'm just curious!

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Inspired by a previous question:

Is it the normal way of things for people to drink before they go out on dates? Is this what I've been doing wrong forever? 

Also, what are your favorite shoes? Can I see pictures?
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TQC, help please! Me and my boyfriend are going to Paris next month for 5 nights. Where can we stay? We're students (and I am vvvvv poor) so we need somewhere cheapish! p.s what would you do in paris?

dkdc - what little pleasures in life do you enjoy?

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What are some things that you just own way too many of?

I just realized I have a shit ton of dresses, shoes, nail polish and books. Which is weird because up until maybe a year ago, I never really had a thing for any of those things. Now I'm running out of room in bedroom/closet and I don't know what to do with it all.
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Inspired by this post.

Are there some crimes that you are more willing to forgive than others?
Does it matter if the person is truly sorry that they committed the crime?
What about if they have made changes in their lives to make themselves a better person?
Is there a crime that you can't ever forgive a person for?
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Fucking Heathrow -.-

For anyone that's been to London Heathrow Airport, do you happen to know if they
a) accept the Euro in some shops (I'm flying from Germany)?
b) have a Western Union anywhere inside the airport?

My mother Western Unioned me about €70 and happened to do it at the last minute, so I can't exchange the cash into GBP before going to the airport. I have no credit card, and I hear cash exchange in the airport is brutal. I have a 4-hour layover and just want something to do (and eat). Any shared experiences would be great!
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I just called the vet to ask how much it would be to have my kitten spayed and they told me i had to come in for a check up first which is fine because i was going to do that anyway, but they said i had to come in because the prices for spaying kittens is different every time. does that sound right? why would this be?
what are you confuzzled about today??
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I'm a teacher but I'm most likely going to need to apply for a non-teaching position.

Should I include the fact that I'm an out of work teacher in my cover letter?
In an interview, how do I negotiate the fact that if a teaching job were to come up, I'd drop whatever the current job was immediately?

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Inspired by below:

What is the ethical and morally culpable difference between owning child pornography, being a child pornographer, and engaging in pedophilia?

Also, the real mystery: CAN WE ALL BE CIVIL?

ETA: to clarify, engaging in pedophiliac behavior with actual children. I am attempting to understand the difference people perceive in the behaviors associated with the psychological disorder.
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What's the last ignorant and infuriating thing you heard?

I love my aunt and uncle, but it's so hard not to cause a fight when they agree with Fox News that Christians as a whole have it so hard- or when my aunt, surprisingly, said, "Christians have never attacked other religions just for being non Christian. It makes it hard to sympathize with Muslims when they go around killing their own for converting to another faith when no other religion ever does this." Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Can you please post photos of bedrooms you would love to have?

Alternatively, can you post a photo of your bedroom?

I'm planning on buying (or co-buying) my first flat sometime soon and am so excited to finally get to decorate my own bedroom myself.

eta question mark. Duh.
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I adopted a dog in October from the SSPCA. Part of adopting him meant he had to be neutered. For a while I had to keep an eye on the incision area, and well I noticed he had funny looking testicles. Anyways, I checked recently to see if the the incision was still noticeable and I realized his balls were gone! Like, there's just a tuft of fur where they used to be. Is this normal for neutered dogs? Oliver is my first male dog, so I really don't know.

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HALP I forgot my the answers to my security questions to get into my super secret e-mail acct!

What is my favorite food?

Who was my favorite teacher?

What is my favorite name for a pet???
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A grocery store I go to has been selling a specific expired item for nearly 3 months now. They have about 20 of the item. I've told them about it twice. Once when returning the one I bought without checking the date, and once shortly after when I noticed they just left them all on the shelf.

Am I right to be annoyed by this? Should I even bother letting them know again?

I kind of want to stick a post it on them that says "these are expried" but I'm not going to.

Edit: It's a few different flavors of these sauces. I'm sure they are edible a bit past the date, but they still shouldn't be selling them.
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I went to urgent care today because I thought I had a UTI. I've had some blood in my urine, but when I gave a sample at the clinic, it came out brown, with some blood. The doctor took my blood, pressed on my stomach and thinks it may be Hepatitis. I am absolutely terrified. Has anyone ever had something similar happen?