February 22nd, 2012


How Long Is Too Long To Wait?

How long would be too long for you to wait for an engagement from your significant other?

What if there was absolutely no hint at all that your boyfriend/girlfriend was going to ask in the near future, or at all? Would you leave?

Is marriage important enough to you that you would break up if you didn't foresee them asking you to marry them in the future?

Basically, how long is "too long" for you all to wait for marriage?

Unrelated (yet kind of related) What do you think about people who are married yet don't wear wedding rings?
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dear tea queue sea,

will you please show me the strangest video you've ever seen on youtube? i've been exploring the backwaters around those parts, and things are getting scary. i'd like some confirmation that others have safely been further.
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Mrs Haji wants to go to the beach for a week...what should I advise her to do?

Yes go! Enjoy. Find a cute beach buoy.
HOW can you think of going when there are riots in Bagram?
It will cost too much!
Seafood! Sea air! See butts!
Icky sand
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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What makes people get SO into Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I'm genuinely curious. I share similar interests with people who love that show, so I'm wondering if I should give it a shot even though I don't really care for supernatural stuff or vampires. I need more information.

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would you rather give up coffee for a year, or the ability to listen to any kind of music?


when you make coffee at home, do you put anything special in it?

(I make mine with soymilk, torani sugarfree caramel syrup, cinnamon and splenda)
eating you first
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Ugh kind of day

I am having a really bad day. Seeing people and positive things cheer me up.
What's something good that's happened to you?
What cheers you up when you're down?

Do you have any pets?
What are their names?
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I'm trying to word this question in a way that makes sense.
Have you ever had something to drink or eat right before you've vomited, and after that you couldn't have it anymore because it made you nauseated? Like how I can't have anything vanilla flavored after The Night of the Vanilla Vodka.

Is there a way to overcome that? Is there something I could be doing that I'm not?

I have some illness that causes me to repeatedly go through cycles of nausea and vomiting and the list of foods I can eat is rapidly shrinking. Yesterday I realized that I couldn't even wear a certain perfume anymore because I was wearing it when I got sick. :(
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I scheduled an exam with my doctor so I can get my anti-baby-pills. The receptionist told me to fast for 8-10 hours prior to the appointment. This is something they have never told me to do before. WHY? WHY AM I TO FAST FOR 8-10 HOURS?
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Babies and the Big City!

My boyfriend's sister just had her first baby, and I haven't seen him yet, but I'm so excited for everyone in his family! Obviously they've already had their shower, and they have lots of love and support from other family members, and I am pretty broke, but I'd like to do something nice for them.

So, people of TQC who have been new parents to a newborn, what did you need/want the most after your baby arrived? Obviously I know that they're probably overwhelmed with visitors and all that right now, so I'm not about to thrust myself onto them just yet, but in a few weeks, probably. They're mostly covered for babysitting and all that (the mom's father is retired and has been "hired" as babysitter). I'm fairly close with the parents, but we're not super tight-knit or anything either.

With this stuff in mind, would it maybe be better to just let them know that I'm available if and when they ever need something?

TL;DR If you've ever had a new baby, what are some things that people did for you that you really appreciated, or that helped you during those hectic times?

DK/DC, can you name some young adult novels (or collections of short stories, I suppose) that have an urban setting? Are there any specific episodes of cartoons, like Hey Arnold, that really show the city? (I'm putting together an 8th grade ELA unit that revolves around urban settings, and I've got no idea what to do yet.)

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So, I have a temporary debit card from Bank of America. It says I can activate it at any ATM, but does that mean literally any ATM or only any Bank of America ATM? Google is not helping me.


Are there any people you don't know irl who repeatedly appear in your dreams?

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What sorts of things make you close your eyes or change the channel when you're watching a movie or TV show?

I gtfo whenever I see a murderer pick up a knife or any kind of cutty weapon.
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Ladies: how do you know if a girl likes you (or is into girls)?

Gentlemen: how do you know if a guy likes you (or is into guys)?

I'm basically only straight for one guy at this point in my life and my interests are otherwise drawn to women. I've never been able to tell when someone likes me, especially not with girls. Any pointers?

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Do you tend to succeed or flounder when put under alot of pressure? Mainly concerning school.

I am floundering. Big time. I'm really far behind in all of my classes and still have work to make up from last semester. And all I seem to care about doing is laying in bed and watching tv. I just don't want to be bothered, even though I know I just need to get my shit together and get the work done.

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1.) I am really sick of all my icons. What is your favorite icon community?

2.) What song are you incredibly sick of right now?

3.) Are there any old commercials you remember that make you feel nostalgic?

-(Mine is the old commercial Payless would play during Christmas. There was a little jingle at the end: "Merry Christmas, from Payless... Merry Christmaaaas." And for some reason as a dorky kid I loved it.)
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How do I make the Jehovah's Witness woman stop coming to my house?

I've tried everything from being polite to just flat out tell her to never come back and she keeps coming and giving me books to help me find my true religion or something.


How is school/life going?

skin care/rash

sooo half of my face is burning a little and has red spots. its been like this for a couple days but i can't really afford to go to the dermatologist. i've changed my pillow and pillow case, let it breathe some nights, put something gentle on it other nights, but still no change.

have you had something similar happen before?
what'd you do to fix it/make it go away?
what lotion/moisturizer do you use when you have breakouts/rashes/etc.?

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TQC, have you ever had a chest cold that turned into a head cold? Mine have always been head colds and then turn into chest colds, but I think my chest cold is becoming a head cold! This is so weird! It's the anti-gravity cold.

How sick do you have to be to call out of work? I work around food and feel awful possibly infecting people with my cold but I'm the only one on opening shift (like, there literally is no one else who can come in besides me).

Elementary Graduation

My little sister is finishing elementary school (kinder to 5th grade) and I am helping with the cd yearbook. We need music! What would be good but still apporiate (we are trying to stay a bit up beat) for 10 and 11 year olds.
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I want to dead lift lift heavier weights. Say 300 lbs. How can I do this??? Where should I start??

135 lbs 8 sets of 10 reps
155 lbs 5 sets of 10 reps
200 lbs 3 sets of 2 reps
245 lbs 3 sets of 1 rep
haji you're a wimp, give it up
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Can you recommend any good songs revolving around same sex couples? I've been in the mood for love songs, but I get tired of hearing "Boy falls in love with girl/Girl finds dream boy" again and again and again.

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One of my eyes frequently feels irritated. I went to see the eye doc like three times about it, and in the end he concluded that he could find nothing that would cause it and there was nothing he could do about it so there was really no need for me to keep coming in. So I've more or less gotten used to it, but recently it seems to be acting up more than normal. It bugs me a lot, I feel like my vision's not quite what it used to be, and the past two days it's felt like there's an eyelash in it even though there's nothing there. Would it be worth it to go see the doctor again, or would I just be wasting time and money? Or am I just being a whiny baby about this?

If you have any ideas about what might be causing it that would be awesome too

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If a teacher included the following text in an assignment would you assume they wanted 5 vocabulary terms in each example?

Think of 4 examples of operant conditioning that you have experienced and describe them here. Be sure to use at least 5 vocabulary terms from the chapter in your description. Underline, bold, or italicize each term to make sure I see it.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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I found a spider in my house and am curious if anyone will know what kind of spider it was.

I was too eager to get it the fuck out of my house to take any pictures or look at it too terribly long.

But it was a dark brown color, about an inch, maybe a little bit larger. What struck me was that it had a single little spike/horn/thing on the end of its body, as though like a tail. Ulghhh, this is the first spider in a long time to give me such jitters. I live in western Washington (Seattle, if getting that specific makes a difference?)

I'm mostly curious to know if the spider is potentially dangerous.