February 21st, 2012

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hi long time no see buds

would tqc be able to guide me in how to deal with an extremely overdramatic passive-aggressive roommate? he is turning our house into a hostile battleground and I need to figure out a tactful and appropriate way to deal with it.

the actual story is tl;dr so I won't write it all up. basically we were kind of noisy last night, we didn't know he was home, he has since been pitching a massive shitfit to everyone EXCEPT us and saying pretty unacceptable and cruel things--he hasn't responded to any of our communications and attempts to apologize for being noisy. he is in general quite condescending and weirdly aggressive/chauvinistic although his actual "tactics" fall into the passive-aggressive category.

my bff-roommate and I are both anxious people and cannot handle his weird mindfuck games. and I have already had a frank and civil discussion* with him before asking him to be more direct.

what do I do??
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do you like philosophy? does it just go over your head? do you know any philosophical people? do you have any favorite philosophers?

dkdc, what do you think about bottled water?

my younger brother and i talk about philosophy for fun. a LOT. everyone else in our family thinks we're weird. we probably are a little weird.

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What was the last thing you regretted?

I asked TQC last night (or this morning, rather) whether or not I should wake him up for sex.  TQC said no so I left him alone.  Today, he says I should have woken him up.

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1. what are your favorite things to cook?

2. what fingernail length do you prefer on yourself?

3. what magazine should i subscribe to when my Newsweek subscription runs out? i enjoy reading about politics and current events both from a progressive, moderate, and conservative perspective. i've been subscribing to Newsweek for years, but i feel like there's been too much fluff lately (celebrity/fashion related things) and i'm looking for something else.

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i'm really close to having my first sexual relationship kinda thing with another girl. she is gorgeous, so i'm afraid of being shy and awkward. what's it going to be like, or what has it been like for you? sorry if this sounds like a joke, it's not.
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For as long as I can remember I've had trouble "speaking up". It hasn't really been a problem in my life (since I didn't need to speak much) until I started my job and I'm constantly being told to "project". It's getting on my nerves. I think I'm speaking loudly but apparently I'm not. Trying to speak up or project makes me feel dizzy and the tips of my fingers feel tingly. I guess my question is, wtf is wrong with my voice? Did I kill it with all the "vacuum cleaner" wailing/crying I did as a kid?
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How do you feel about your work clothes

I fucking love my work clothes!
Well, I wouldn't necessarily wear them outside of work, but for what they are, they're pretty groovy
I feel indifferent about my work clothes
I don't particularly like them but eh, it's work...
I loathe my work clothes and rip them off my body as soon as I get home/out of work!
I don't currently have 'work clothes'

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How do you measure distance? I mean, if you're traveling, do you say it takes however many hours/minutes, or do you say its however many km/miles?

(eta - I measure distance by time -(ie, 6 hours to family, 3 hours to the boyfriend...and a friend told me this was weird)
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favorite (preferably British or anything overseas. I tend to like their clothing more) clothing websites?

I know of:

I'm in need of some good work clothes (especially trousers with a short inseam. 28-29. I'm really short).

idk if this calls for it but: serious answers only.

d/c: I just got a Nook Color. What books to you recommend?
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Chris Brown and Rihanna did a song together. What are your thoughts? Why are you disappointed?

The lyrics are pretty disturbing as well.

Its depressing how much of the Chris Brown / Rihanna outrage has a clear racial bias. Not to mention the victim blaming and how most people don't even understand the cycle of abuse. I wish they both would just go away.

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Can we have a "stupid question" post?

Did you guys know that Elijah Wood is a member of the Beastie Boys!!??

I actually had a friend convinced of this when the Make Some Noise music video first came out...lols

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I have a chocolate bagel. I've never had a chocolate one before. Will cream cheese go well with it? What would be a good filling for it?

What are your favourite bagel/filling combos?
Mine are cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and jam because sugar forever, or tomato and basil bagel with falafel and salad.
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Baby names

How would you pronounce/sound out the name "Kyrill" and how would you pronounce/sound out "Kirill"?

Please don't look up the correct pronunciation before you respond. I'd like to know what percentage of people will pronounce the name correctly.

Also, do you like/dislike the name? What do you think about it?

Update: How about "Kiryl"?

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I was just thinking this morning that the most recent Disney movie with all good songs was The Little Mermaid. The ones after that, the songs were not very memorable or only one or two of them were decent. What Disney movie had the best songs?

What's your favorite song from a Disney movie?

If you don't like Disney movies, what's your favorite song from any musical movie?
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What was the last strange subject for a song you listened to?

I just stumbled across Princess Chelsea's "The Cigarette Duo", which was catchy, but apparently based on the fact (they showed at the end) that more than 420 couples split in New Zealand because of cigarettes? Idk, it was weird!

Does anyone here know anything about Borghese nail polish? They were having a 75% sale at the Rite Aid in my hometown on it this past weekend while I was housesitting, and I'm testing out the one bottle I bought, Marino.
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When was the last time you were really super excited about something?

My wife just called and told me that some parts I ordered came in for my hobby stuff. I had to bite my lip to keep from yelling in the office.
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what is one part of ur life that causes you such havoc you wish u could cut it off and burn it??


(for example mine is a cousin who actually spends his day manipulating me ... atm its thhe girl my ex cheated on me with who he has befriended and constantly reminds me of and how wonderful she is... )

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My puppydog likes to lick my hand. In fact, "like" might be an understatement. If I don't physically stop him, he won't stop. I don't know how long he'll do it for, since I always eventually stop him.

Any ideas why he does this?
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Dear TQC,

I recently saw a job posting for a squid breeder in Madison, Wisconsin (no, seriously. There exists a job where you breed squid).

I work at a small aquarium in the south east United States. I've been working at this place for a year now. I like it here, but I don't LOVE it here, and was planning on moving away in another year or two.

However, this job sounds too awesome to pass up.

When I apply, I need to include references. I would like to use my boss as one, but can I? I'm worried he's going to think I'm trying to haul ass out of my current job, but I'm really not. It's just -- you know -- breeding squid!

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Why does water go sour after sitting in a plastic bottle for a few days? I found a half-full bottle that I'd started drinking last week and I just drank it and it was DISGUSTING.

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If a woman tells her readers her mom is her source for a listening ear when she has to talk about her day at work, is that an invitation for someone who wants to remove her panties to take on that role?

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Do you keep a planner? Do you use it regularly?

Do you have an address book?

Either digital or paper. I currently have a small pink 2-year monthly planner that I use regularly. Good to keep track of work hours. :)

Burn baby burn

Inspired by Haji's comment about riots in Bagram and this news story about burning Korans:

If you were in Afghanistan:

1. If someone gave you bags of books with funny Arabic writing on the covers, and told you to burn them, would you?

2. If you knew the books were Korans, would you still burn them?

3. Is it ever a good idea to burn books that are still in readable condition?

ETA: Since several people were offended, I wish to state that the comment about "funny Arabic writing" is sarcasm, meant to point out the provincialism of most Amurikans, who think there is one holy book and it is written in English (American), and that funny writing, well, if you want to be understood, just don't use it ... this loses a lot when you have to explain it ... sorry about that, but I hope this clears up any doubts anyone may have on that phrase.
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Short Question: Is it illegal for two minors to have sex?

Long Explanation: I was talking with a friend, who was talking about this guy in one of her classes. He's currently dating a 15 year-old (he's like 19 or something). She said something about how he said they stopped having sex when he turned 18. I pointed out that- at least to my understanding- two minors having sex doesn't make it legal. It's still illegal to sleep with a minor, even if you yourself are a minor as well. I guess my interpretation was that no minor can legally have sex, not just that a minor can't have sex with a non-minor.

Is this true, or am I misunderstanding something?

EDIT- I'm in Maryland, for those wondering.
And by almost every use of the word minor, I meant someone under the age of consent.
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Baku calling

okay kids, Eurovision madness will be upon us in a couple of months, and countries are picking their songs (the Netherlands is picking next sunday and it's already clear that it will be legendary crappy). are you excited yet?

so my first Eurovison-related question of this year is: what is 'a jocker'?