February 20th, 2012

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Have you ever dropped the ball horribly, say in a school or work situation? Were you plagued with guilt, did you apologize?

Because this is the first time I've done this and I feel like shit.

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Poll #1820211 Cookies

Which cookie do you enjoy the most?

Chocolate Chip
Sugar Cookie
Peanut Butter
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TQC, last night at 2:20 AM, there were three rounds of gunshots fired outside. They were loud enough to wake my family up, plus 4 of our neighbors, but no one knows what happened.

Any ideas?

DK/DC: Do you wear cologne or perfume? If so, what kind?

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When was the last time you confessed your sins?  To anyone...  not just a clergy member or whatnot.

If you have a SO, what is your favorite expression (facially or verbally) of theirs?

Who emails you the most?
it's in that place

Pls don't kill me, mods...

My SO is sleeping.

Do I wake him with a BJ (which is something that he has previously expressed that he likes) or do I let him sleep?

I should mention, he has bad knees and after HOURS trying to get him to sleep (rubbing topical prescription medication on his knees, scratching his back, making sure the room temperature is okay, etc.), he is finally asleep and part of me would feel awful if I woke him up and then he wasn't able to get back to sleep... 

But I am HORNY, damn it.

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Whenever my husband has a significant change to his schedule, his body goes into energy-drain mode and he needs way more sleep.

Two weeks ago, he got a 30 hour/week job after 6 months of unemployment.

When will my husband stop hibernating?

Will you please post a picture of clothes that you have worn to a wedding and tell me what kind of wedding it was (black tie, casual, whatever)?
i say, old bean

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TQC, I was drinking a glass of water when I noticed it smelled like bleach.
I don't think I drank bleach, but wtf?

do you ever feel like your sense of smell is off?

do you take any sort of vitamins?

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If you had to work 8 days of a 2 week pay period on 2nd shift (3pm to 11pm), what would be your ideal days to work? (every other weekend is required, working both weekends is an option)

What prompts this question is that I want to switch my schedule at work.
Right now it's (and hopefully it makes sense)
Week 1: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday
Week 2: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday [sunday, monday, thursday, friday]
movie: eraserhead

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I have 50.00$ off the Nook Color (good until the 29th). Since I'e always wanted one, I figure this is a good deal. Any good/bad experiences with them? Pros&Cons?

Thanks guys! I'm off to go get mine in a few! I just hope this 50$ off doesn't mean they're coming out with a new model soon!

Girly question about tools.

I'm so sorry to ask this but I don't even know what to google for and the man of the house has given up (when he gets frustrated he just says "FORGET IT!" and storms away from the situation).  The most that I know about tools is that  I know what a hammer is and the difference between screwdrivers is that one is a flat head and the other has a star. I don't know anything else about this stuff, really. :( It's embarrassing.

Without getting too much into this, I'm trying to save myself about $100.  We need to get the ignition off a motorcycle.  The bolt (?) that needs to come off to get the ignition out is stripped, and is in a VERY inconvenient spot to even get a tool in there to remove it.

That's about all I got.  Does anyone have any magic tricks that will help us get this piece off? I feel like I saw a commercial once with this thing that will remove bolts and screws in tight spots, even if they're stripped.  I really don't want to/can't pay someone an extra $100+ to come out to our house to get it off. Help?

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As a wedding gift (October), some friends of mine gave my husband and me a big picture frame with a collage of some of the shots from our engagement shoot (they were the photographers). It is really nice, but we have yet to find a place for it. We already have some pictures from the shoot framed and displayed around our house and didn't want to overdo it.

On a scale from 1 to "you monster," how shitty would it be for me to disassemble the collage so I could use the frame to house some of the prints we just got from the actual wedding? There's also at least one photo from the collage that I'd probably reframe and display elsewhere.

I feel like a horrible person for even thinking about it...but...the frame sure would be perfect...

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Favorite Tea?

Lipton/Nestea type black tea
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Lady Earl Grey
Fruit flavored
Vanilla Chai

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Have you fall in love with somebody who is like your dad or mom’s age? or at least 10 years older than you?
If so, is this some kind of desease? or something that you go through at one period in your life? or especially if lacking of your dad or mom’s love during childhood, those ppl most likely go into this situation?
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Do you watch the tv show Hoarders?

Do you personally know anyone who is a hoarder?

Are you, yourself a hoarder?

Watching the show makes me want to clean my already clean house even more :(
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Do your pets get stressed out? What triggers it, for them? How do they act, and most importantly, how do you deal with it?
My dog is very nervous around loud noises. She freaks out especially bad when there are gunshots, though, and has to be in my lap, claws dug into me, shaking like a leaf. I've had her for more than 4 years--we thought that it would get better (as most of her neuroses have!) as she learned she was safe with us. Sooo not the case.

DK/DC: what did you have for breakfast/the first meal of the day?

Is skipping class a really bad idea?

I've been having panic attacks on and off all weekend, and I'm getting panicky about class - probably doesn't  help that this is a class I hate. Is there any harm in skipping tonight's class to go to a unitarian discussion (which is relaxing).,

DKDC - hows your day going?

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I'm trying to download a (free) mp3 of silence. Does anyone know where I can do this? Anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes of silence. My friend wants a track on her CD to be just silence. I'm using iTunes (and a Mac) to create it.

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If you could have any kind of dog you wanted (assume you've got the yard space/time to devote to it) what would it be? Care to provide pics? What would you name it?

I'd love an awesome mutt mix (something crazy like a Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed with a cocker spaniel, lol), or something "apartment sized" like an Italian Greyhound or a Whippet. I'm really fond of classic English names right now; I blame Downton Abbey. So I'd have James and Elizabeth and Carey and Bertha.

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Does anyone have weird sensory pleasures? For example, I love the smell of dirt and certain cleaners like Comet. I hate cleaning my bath tub because it tires my arms but I love the smell of the cleaner. I also like the smell of swimming pools.

For textures, I looove the texture of coffee beans. I don't care of they're bitter, I will eat them just for the texture, omfg. Same goes for Grape Nuts.

Is there something wrong with me?
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What do you say when you want to fight a ticket when it ultimately comes down to your word against the officer's (in this case, stopping/not stopping at a stop sign)?
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1) What do you love the most about your job?

2) What do you hate the most about your job?

3) If you've ever job shadowed someone, what was the most useful thing you learned? Or, if you could go back in time and ask anyone in your current field of work any question about the job, what would it be?

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A lot of my towels, rags, and my bath mat all smell incredibly sour because of an apartment flood this weekend. They still smell just as bad after one wash. Other than wash them over and over and over (which isn't actually possible because I only have three dollars in quarters left...), what will get the smell out?
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If you didn't have to worry about money, which would you be more likely to do for food?

Eat at restaurants all the time
Hire someone to buy food and cook for me in the comfort of my home
Actually, I would still make my own meals, but they would be out of better quality ingredients than normal

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TQC, what should I get to put in pots to make a little potted veggie garden this spring/summer? What grows well in pots? I do have some garden space, too, but I'm not sure how much exactly -- my mom had a lot of different things growing but we've kind of let it go since she died and now things are a bit hodge podge, and I don't want my hypothetical strawberry bushes running into secret tulip roots or something. Also, what herbs do you like to grow? We have TONS of wild mint in our yard and it's the best in teas and things like that.

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Have you or anyone you know done The South Beach Diet?

How did it work out?

dkdc - What's something you can't stand that people look at you weird when you say "I don't like that.." or what have you?

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If you like to wear dresses, what are some of your favorite stores to shop for them? Bonus points if they're places other than thrift stores, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Modcloth.

If n/a, what's the last disappointing movie you watched? Why was it such a letdown?

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What are some things that you really like in small quantities but can't stand in large quantities? It can be a food/spice, a type of behavior, an activity, whatever.

dk/dc: What book are you reading right now?
Braeakups are the new relationships

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What age are you happy to be done with?

What is one thing you achieved today?

DK/DC: do you like the dk/dc questions or find them extraneous? 

12/seventh grade. NEVER AGAIN.

Turned in my 7 page Chaucer paper with two and a half hours to spare!

I like them, but I often feel people spend too much time thinking them up.

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Dear TQC, 

I very stupidly bit the inside of my cheek today and now because it's all sore and sticky out and stuff, I keep biting it and ARGH. How do I stop this vicious circle? :( 

Dk/Dc/Lol you idiot: Tell me about your most recent injuries so I can be reminded that I am just being a big baby please? 
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Is there something you do that gets a vocal response from your pet(s) every time?

Every time I sniffle my oldest cat meows, and the youngest meows every time the tv is turned on.

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What's the most disappointing thing that's happened to you recently?

Discovering that grad schools send acceptance emails instead of letters. I'm all for going paperless... but this is much less exciting.

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Is National Treasure (the first one) a good watch? Do you like it?

I'm not necessarily looking for high quality, Oscar winning, just something funny. I saw the second one and I found it funny and worth it, for the record.

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Do you rinse your dishes after washing them by hand?

Question brought to you by the fact I keep seeing people wiping sudsy dishes with a towel in various programs and movies...