February 19th, 2012

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Have you ever been to Australia?

I live in Australia
I used to live in Australia
I visited Australia for an extended period of time
I visited Australia for a brief period of time
I have concrete plans to visit Australia soon
I would like to go to Australia eventually
I don't care if I ever visit Australia
I don't want to ever go to Australia
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which of your toes is longest?
my middle toe is longest. a friend made me aware of how fucking strange this is tonight when she told me she'd never seen it before, and she's been fitting pointe shoes for going on 10 years.

dk/dc: what is the last thing you did that made you proud of yourself?
did my first perm in cosmetology school! worked out quite well!

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what is your bed-time appertif?

warm milk
cold milk
hot cocoa
other in comments
i will not apologize in advance


hmm, why would it bother my boyfriend that i stay up at night? i've always been this way, i don't mind it, but i've started to feel guilty and i would just like your thoughts. why does he want me to be in bed with him? we are in seperate rooms, it's not like i'm doing anything to bother his sleep. 
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There are too many movies I want to see today. Can you help me narrow it down?

This poll is closed.

What should I watch today?

The Woman in Black
Journey 2 in 3d
Journey 2 in regular
The Secret World of Arrietty
To Kill a Mockingbird
Other which I will say in comments

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Do your parents have any traits that you absolutely will never do when you are a parent? How often do you end up acting exactly like your mom and dad anyway (despite swearing to never be like them)?

My dad called me all sorts of horrible things this morning ("You're a filthy, lazy piece of shit" "thank god I have three other children to make up for you" etc.) I think my getting V-day flowers from my non-Asian boyfriend might have triggered it.

Will I end up calling my future kids "horrible pieces of shit" and "the scum of the earth" too?

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What do you do with clothes that are still in good condition but you don't want anymore?

How often do you shop for new clothes? Do you shop in person or online?
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Music Time!

Post the most recent music video you've watched?

Or the most recent thing you saw on YouTube, that works too!

Bonus: when you use commands on LJ (to make cuts, post pictures, etc) do you use the FAQs to snag the code or do you just have it memorized?

I have the ones I use the most bookmarked for easy access or to doublecheck if I'm working off memory.

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is it pouting or taking a much-needed break?

So, I seem to have gotten into this run where most of my friends expect that I make all the plans, and that I ask repeatedly etc. to make any kind of social engagement happen. We're all adults with full-time jobs and most of us have kids, so spontaneous get-togethers don't happen much, even with just two people. I think it would be nifty if someone would occasionally ask me if I'm free for coffee or drinks, or if I'd like to see some new movie, or whatever, but I can't remember the last time I did [not do] the asking.

So I'm just staying home, either until somebody asks me or until I get stir crazy and start asking people again. I don't mean to flounce off and I didn't make a big statement, I just quit pursuing people. Is this really pouty?
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Dear TQC,

As a joke, I was given an Atlas of Creation (an "encyclopedia" about the "theory" of creationism) from my boss (we work at a science museum). We talk about evolution in our presentations and exhibits, and some self righteous windbag took it upon himself to donate this book to "truly educate us." It was in the recycling bin until my boss fished it out for everyone's amusement.

But after flipping through it, it turns out there are LOTS of beautiful photos of animals and fossils. The "atlas" is now currently sitting on my couch, and I'm planning to cut out the pictures and use them to decorate my apartment.

However, just taping them to the walls doesn't seem to be do these photos justice and I'm trying to figure out a better way to display them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Most of the photos are about 4x6-ish in size and I'm pretty broke, so I can't afford frames for them (which was my original idea, but...that got expensive, since most of the frames I would need to buy would basically have to be custom made).

Thooooooughts, creative minds of TQC?

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tqc, i went to the chiro for the second time ever on friday. the first time he just adjusted my back and i was fine. this time, he adjusted my neck as well. since friday, i've had a low-grade, annoying headache. is this normal? it goes away with caffeine and tylenol, but of course google is telling me i'm having a stroke. i'm going to call my family physician tomorrow morning, but i wanted other people's opinions. Like I said, it's not a migraine or anything very painful. i don't have any other symptoms. my neck doesn't hurt either.
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TQC, I am all cocked up emotionally and going through some rough patches.  I feel like I need to cry and kind of "feel" all the things I haven't been able to let myself feel.  Does anyone else ever feel that way?

The main point of the post is this: Will you post something sad, like a youtube video or picture, that will turn on the waterworks?  I've got The Order of the Phoenix on, and I always have a meltdown at the end, but its just the beginning of the movie and it's on TV so it's going to be a while for the part that I cry about. Can you please help me?

ETA: The opening sequence of Up! has already been suggested and watched. Also already watched Futurama "Fry's Dog" thing.

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You're making a sandwich and you're down to the last two end pieces. Do you use them or start a new loaf of bread?

How are you wasteful when it comes to food?

I can never eat the end pieces of bread. I only eat the crust on pizza if its stuffed crust.
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I'm looking for something similar to Little Lion Man by Mumford and Son in terms of lyrical content - IE about ruining something and being ashamed of having ruining it.


DK/DC - What's the last song you listened to?
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Hypothetical:  You're living with your S.O for 2 years and  you come across a picture of your S.O's printout of his online dating profile from 6 years ago. Someone has written "SCUMBAG"  next to his picture?.You get along great, have no problems with him.

 What would you do?

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I need new music and I need it now. What is the most amazing album you have ever heard to date? Most Amazing song? What song/album/artist needs to be in my ipod right now?

Also, do you think this is the most active community on lj? Is lj dead?
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Have you ever taken a summer language course/program? What was your experience? What language did you study? Did you take it in another state? In a different country?

I'm interested in taking a summer language program to learn Japanese! To hear about other experiences would be great, since I'm trying to work my way around this with no experience.

dk/dc: What language would you like to learn?