February 18th, 2012


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So I'm in this writing class, which is half in person and half online. One member of the class has great posts except her grammar is really bad because she just started learning English a few years ago. I sent an email offering to basically beta her posts. So she's going to hate me now or not?

Edit: she doesn't hate me and accepted my offer to help!

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My friends and I are starting a book club. Our first book is Brave New World.
We can't read a book someone else in the group has read.
Any book suggestions?

The same group of friends and I are starting a cooking night. Each time we do a different countries food. Polish is first!! Authentic Polish!
Any suggestions for that?

DK/DC; Whats the last thing you were super excited about?
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I am looking for several penpals. But instead of exchanging letters, I want to exchange a notebook-- where we each fill up a few pages with ideas, journaling, thoughts, pictures, drawings, whatever, and the mail it off to the other person to do the same. Anyone on here interested in doing something like that?

If not, do you know a site where I could find people interested in something like that?

If not, have you ever had a penpal?
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How would you feel if someone baptised you into the LDS (Latter Day Saints) Church after you died? Let's say the request was submitted by a family member. Granted you'd be dead, so let's assume that you could somehow have knowledge pre or post mortem that this is going to, or has, happened to you.


How does one go about negotiating a price of something?

I'm going out to look at a venue for my wedding.  This place has new owners (less than 6 months of owning it).  It is a bed and breakfast.

I've looked at a few other bed and breakfasts ...and this one is charging about $2000 more, and I don't understand why.  It's in a less nice area than the others, too.

I'd like to see if the owner is willing to come down to start matching the price of the others.  How should I go about this without offending her?  Do I give the name of the other places?  Any other tips?

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Does anyone have any good vegetarian recipes for meals? Names will do and I'll look up the recipe. I need more veggies in my diet but want something that's still flavorful instead of bland.
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What was that show called?

Back sometime in the early 90's or late 80's there was a dance competition show on MTV where the contestants were a team of dancers (derp). They would have a song that they choreographed and the show would speed up and slow down the music. The contestants had to stay in rhythm with the constantly changing music to win. I don't remember who the host was, but one of the big winners were a group of dancers (three or four men, I believe) who danced to K7's Come Baby Come, which is what I'm actually trying to locate, the episode with the Come Baby dancers.


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What are some futuristic type songs? We need them for marching to in a parade. Sci-fi ish things are especially appreciated (I have already suggested the Picard song, but people seem to not love this nearly enough)
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In the last month or so, there have been a lot of local news stories about puppies being mutilated, abandoned, and/or killed. I don't remember hearing about this kind of thing growing up and it got me thinking.

1) Do you think there is more violence towards animals now or is it just being more widely reported than it used to be?

2) What do you think the punishment should be for someone who abuses and/or kills an animal? Apparently around here, it's only considered a misdemeanor.
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Do you play any instruments? If so, how many?

Are there any instruments you'd like to learn how to play? If given the means to learn (given the instrument, lessons, whatever helps), do you think you could do it?

Do you compose or write any music (lyrics dont count) whether it be for one instrument/part or several? Do you think you could compose music if you tried?

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Inspired by a question below: How can women forget that they've inserted a tampon?

My aunt's a nurse, and she's had some stories of women coming in with horrible vaginal infections, and when she and the doctor examine them, they find tampons that have been in there for weeks. I just don't understand. I'm aware of every second there is something inside my vagina, to put it bluntly.
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I'm looking for some really good tutorials on how to wear head scarves. Can anyone hook me up?

What are you doing right now? I'm sitting at work scrolling through tumblr and playing games on Facebook. I'm also playing Hanging with Friends. If anyone wants to get beaten by me, search for weebleroxanne or share your HwF username
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