February 17th, 2012


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My SO just told me that the present he got me for valentines finally arrived and I won't know what it is until tomorrow evening.

What did he get me?

also if anyone wanted to know i do have a UTI and have antibiotics (yay)
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TQC, what would you do* if, 4 months ago you asked your ex to return things you let them borrow whilst still friends, and they said they would as soon as they were settled into their new place, but having had no reply, you ask again and they don't respond to your email, but you know they have been online several times?

*other than make passive aggressive posts

help my roommate is an overbearing neat freak

I have a roommate who is really OCD about cleaning and everything basically has to be spotless. She is always cleaning and is always leaving notes and reminding us to clean, so I've been trying.

As one example, the other day I had someone over and we cooked dinner. She stayed pretty late and I was tired after she left, but still I washed all the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher), swept, and cleaned up any crumbs on the counter I saw.

In the morning my roommate had left me a note saying to PLEASE! clean the stovetop and counters after I am done cooking!!. And then she told me in person too (politely), all about the mess I had left. (The stove is new, so heaven forbid if it looks like someone has ever used it.) She said 'it was driving her crazy' and she 'dreamed we had mice'. I apologized and told her I would try harder. But I don't even think the crumbs are all my doing since I did wipe the counter, and it could have been one of the other two roommates. Honestly, I am just not PROGRAMMED the way she is to see EVERY SINGLE CRUMB WITH LASER VISION. I appreciate that she enjoys cleaning so much, but I...don't.

Guys, I am making a sincere effort here. I am doing my dishes after I eat and not leaving any major messes. Maybe a spot here and there, but I am TRYING. I don't want to spend all my time cleaning just to appease my crazy roommate. How should I best handle this? I don't want to cause any problems, but she is SO overbearing and now it's stressing ME out.

dk/dc: anyone else want to rant about a roommate? it'll make you feel better.
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Not too long ago I found this alcoholic drink generator. All you did was type in a musical artist and it told you what drink you should have while listening. Does anybody have the link to this website?

DK/DC: Burger King or McDonalds fries?
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If you could get as many tattoos as you wanted (money is not a factor and you don't have a job where you have to look "professional"), what would you get and where?
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Fellow folks with stomach problems, what do you turn to as an alternative to coffee/caffeine to get & stay awake? (note: i'm vegan)
(Those five-hour energy things seem sketchy to me, are they as pukey?)
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Can we just talk about how much of a scam this is? I found & fell for a Mystery Shopping scam (sent a resume and cover letter, too), though fortunately they didn't get any of my money because they sent me this email:

Collapse )


tldr: Guy tried to scam me but he did it poorly. 

EDIT: I just contacted the USPS and they gave me the go-ahead to send him an email to cease communication. 
Not to worry, I've already contacted the FBI, filed a complaint with IC3, filled out a form with USPS fraud services, and forwarded your fake check to the main department in Chicago. I suggest you be more careful next time you try to scam someone like this.

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are you more content with your life now, or as it was 5 years ago?
do you think you are more attractive now or 5 years ago?
what is the most major change that has happened to you in the past 5 years?
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1)What is the weirdest position you've ever had sex in?
2)If you had to name your pet after a food, what would you call it?
3)Do you think there's an age at which you are too old to get a tattoo?

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Do you know anyone that stored the cord blood from a birth?
Would it be something that you would consider if you birthed a baby?
Do you have any any other feelings about cord storage?

I spoke to a guy today that used to rep for cord storage and now I'm interested in hearing what other people think about it.

Memory Full

I have noticed over the years that whenever I watch a movie or read a book, I cannot retain any of the information.  Less than a week later, someone can ask me what the last movie I watched was about or how I liked the book they saw me reading a few days ago and I won't be able to answer because I have no idea.

Does this happen to anyone else?  When I'm watching the movie or reading, I always feel engaged, but it's rare that I will remember anything about it.  I don't understand!

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So I'm in the market for a cute dress for a wedding.
I've noticed a lot of prom dresses are on the shorter side and are not that, well, prom-ish.

When do you think prom dresses will start to go on sale? (I have no idea when prom is anymore, it's been 5 years since I've been)

On another note, does anyone know where my bandanna has gone?
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This is a post about being sick.

I am sick. I am freezing, even though the thermostat is at 85 and I am snugged under all the blankets, my head is pounding, my throat hurts, and I keep hurking things up. Will you tell me about the last time you were sick? Feel free to go into nasty detail, chances are someone was going to anyway.

Additionally, what are you like when you're ill? Do you turn to others to take care of you, or do you take care of yourself? Do you power through it, or do you just give in to the sick? Do you take meds, or do you believe in natural home remedies? Do you do both?

I am personally so used to taking care of myself and others when I/they are sick, I generally just ignore it as much as I can. If there is chicken soup or stale 7-Up or soda crackers, I will make use of them, but I do not take cold meds because they do not do a damned thing for me (I metabolize things weird). I am still going running tomorrow though.
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What are your thoughts on this quote?

"A jealous girlfriend is a faithful girlfriend. If she doesn't get jealous when someone has your attention, it's because someone has hers."

Do you think there is some kind of truth in there?

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So, if you meet a girl when you're out drunk on a Tuesday night, and you get her phone number, and it's now Thursday, and you have a 'friend crush' on her, is it totally creepy or not to text her? Is there any socially acceptable way to say "hey, even though we're almost strangers, can we please be friends? Because you're so totally awesome"?
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halp/do my work for me

Hey TQC, within the next couple of months I will be facilitating a group for parents of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It'll be an educational seminar type deal where I talk about group homes vs Lifesharing/Family Living vs in-home supports for families who want to keep their child with them.

My supervisor wants me to give this thing a catchy title.

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what is the last injury you sustained, and how did you manage it?
scraped knee, tripped on a root

what was your reaction to said injury?
lots of 4 letter words