February 16th, 2012

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Can I get a book rec?

I just finished the Hunger Games series and I really don't think I have it in me to start another series so one shots please.

ETA: By that I mean the attention span, not the emotional capability.
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You know that "Ohhhh shiiiit"  feeling you get when you realise you probably just messed something up?
When's the last time that happened to you?
In a possibly related story,  has there ever been a time when you decided to just troll the crap out of anyone?
How did that go?

I know it well.
About five minutes ago, and still, really. As you may have guessed. 
There's this girl who's apparently a friend-of-a-friend of mine on Facebook who doesn't seem to understand

that 'The Onion' isnt for real.  It amuses me.


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I am 99% positive that I have a UTI or bladder infection and I won't be able to go to health services until tomorrow afternoon. What/how should I cope with this irritating and annoying problem until then?
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Has anyone else seen both versions of The Woman in Black?

Which one do you like better? Which one is scarier?

I thought the first one, especially the ending, was much better but the new Danrad version is much scarier. I'm currently afraid of all my windows.
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This is kind of old, but one of the pages I'm a fan of on Facebook is having a debate over whether police were too extreme in pepper spraying an 8 year old boy who was threatening his teachers.

What are your thoughts, TQC? Were the cops right to pepper spray the kid, or do you agree with the mom that they should have tried harder to talk him down first? If this had been your kid, what would you have wanted to happen?

DK/DC/TL;DW: what do your checks look like?

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Do you iron you clothes?

Iron? lol wut?
I let my clothes express thier own orientation with out my interference
i'm a naturist
I do not subject my clothes to torture like they're in GITMO
I pick my clothing to be iron-free
I'm a v*gan

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Anyone here ever had a child that had their tonsils removed?
Did you child have to do pre-op?
Apparently mine has no pre-operative exam and that is making me nervous because I had one when I got mine out.

DK/DC- When am I going to get over the stomach bug? D-:
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Girls, I need some help. Gonna try to let my hair down more, but I need a mousse that won't become too stiff. Something that has a little more flexibility and won't let my hair go poof everywhere. Suggestions?

What kind of stuff do you put in your hair?

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have u ever had someone in ur life who u loved and they loved u... even when u've been apart for ages, not spoken and everything. and even though things got so shit part of u feels like u always end up with them??
I still want to marry him, he still wants to marry me. but thinks got so hard and we were so young.


when is it fate?? or just an inability to accept change?

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if you like scrapbooking, what types of scrapbooks have you made?
where do you get your inspiration?

do you think its important to read? why or why not?

is there a luxury you indulge yourself in often that is important to you, but may not be important to others? (i.e. massages, manicures, fancy dinners, going to the hair salon, etc)
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Have you ever looked back through questions you've asked here, and wondered why the hell you asked them? Like why the hell was I asking if bacon-scented tissues would sell? Would YOU buy them? I wouldn't.

What time do you usually wake up? What's the latest you've ever woken up (from going to sleep for the "night", not from a nap)?
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Did you ever do a science fair project (or something similar) in school? What did you do? My son has decided to grow mold on bread at various temperatures.

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How would you react if someone told your child that their goal/dream isn't realistic enough to pursue so they should just stick to being something basic and boring?

My son lives for football and plays a pretty damn good game. My step-grandmother decided to crap all over his dreams of becoming semi-pro by basically telling my son he is reaching too far. She told him that he should just finish out high school ball and look into coaching after college. WTF. Seriously.


Why do some people love to be tickled while others hate it? And why are some people not ticklish at all?

Are you ticklish? If so, do you like being tickled or do you hate it? How do you react when someone tickles you?

If you're ticklish and you don't like being tickled, have you ever been in a position where someone tickled you and you told them to stop or that you didn't like it, but they didn't believe you because you were laughing?

Any other thoughts on tickling?

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Camera/photography people of TQC, I come to you with a question!

Im about to use my tax money to trade in my well loved Nikon d50 for a nicer model.

Im having trouble deciding between the D3100 which is a nice step up and perfect for what I need and well within what I want to spend ($550) or the D5100 which is a bit more camera than I really need but it has nicer features and while its a bit more than what I WANT to spend at $700 its still within my $1,000 budget.

Any input?

Here is the 3100 http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Nikon-D3100-14-2-MP-Digital-SLR-Camera-Black-Kit-w-AF-S-DX-18-55mm-VR-Lens-/100108089?_dmpt=Digital_Cameras&_pcategid=31388&_pcatid=782&_refkw=d3100&_trkparms=65%253A12%257C66%253A2%257C39%253A1%257C72%253A5848&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

And here is the 5100 http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Nikon-D5100-16-2-MP-Digital-SLR-Camera-Black-Kit-w-AF-S-18-55mm-VR-Lens-/101827356?_dmpt=Digital_Cameras&_pcategid=31388&_pcatid=782&_refkw=d5100&_trkparms=65%253A12%257C66%253A2%257C39%253A1%257C72%253A5848&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

How do you make pretty links!?

Dk/dc: What are your weekend plans?

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I have only until Monday to spend time with my dog. What are things I can do to make it the time of her life? No recipes please, I've tried all sorts of different things but she just vomits them all up.
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Saturday, I'm going to be running a zombie RPG with 5 friends. This is the kind of RPG with dice. The setting is going to be at a mall, with the players doing their best to survive, find cover, improvise weapons, etc. I'm running through the myriad scenarios in my head, and I think that I'm running short on some ideas. When I say scenario, I mean a scene that can happen in the mall when zombies are introduced, such as crawling through the vents to get to the other side of the mall or having to save a little girl (an NPC - non-player character) from getting nommed by a couple dead guys. I'd like a couple dozen scenarios that I can drop on the players, depending on their location in the mall.

Can you think of any?

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I bought a nail polish on ebay and today it came in the mail. When I opened the mailbox, I could already smell nail polish, but it didn't look like the envelope had anything wrong with it or anything had leaked. But when I unwrapped the polish from the bubble wrap, the part of the bottle where the brush screws in was completely broken in half and there was polish all over the bubble wrap, bottle, brush handle and now my hands. I ordered 2 polishes and the second one is completely fine. As I mentioned, the envelope (a packing envelope) and the wrapping on both were completely fine but one of the bottles is completely unusable. I can't even fix it and a lot of polish is missing so I know it didn't just start leaking recently (ordered 4 days ago). I took pictures of everything from the bottle in the wrapping, the broken part of the bottle and the shards of glass in the cap. Do I open a claim with ebay? Contact the seller first? I don't want my money back or anything, I just want a replacement because it was a polish I really wanted and it was a great price. I've never had a problem before so I've never had to open a claim or do anything after the sale beyond give feedback. 

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My husband left me all alone tonight to go to some spur of the moment family dinner thing with an uncle who just popped into town :( boo.

What should I do tonight after work? I'm supposed to stop at 9pm.

~ Invite my sister over
~ Eat alone and play Dragon Age since we finally got a new PS3 and I haven't started over yet
~ Work overtime for more moneys

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So, adults who still live at home. Do parents still ground their adult children when they act up? Or, do you think they should be able to? I don't really have a context for this question, I'm just curious because my friend thinks it's so obvious that parents do that, of course, and I think it would pretty strange. Neither of us live at home, so we really don't know what's the generally accepted answer on the subject. Or if there is one.

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If you get periods, does your apatite change when you're on it? Do you indulge yourself?

Because lately I've been wanting to eat everything in sight every five minutes and I can't even help myself. I've consumed an entire bag of york peppermint patties.
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Has anyone here ever been diagnosed with/or knows someone who has been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus? If so..

  • What were your/their early symptoms and what are your/their symptoms now?
  • How long did it take you/them to get your diagnosis after the symptoms started appearing/you began seeking medical attention?
  • Did they/you ever have the markers for lupus in your blood?
  • Did they/ you have trouble with people not believing you or thinking you/they were a malingerer?
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    Can you tell me all your stories of getting with a friend, how/where/why it should or shouldn't be done?

    There are so many conflicting arguments, one friend says never ever, one says always do it.


    What is the last thing you have made that you liked? Be it food or crafts.

    What was the last thing you taught someone to do?

    Will you give a story of heroically saving someone who could not complete a task? Example: changing a flat tire because the driver couldn't or finding out the times of the bus schedule because your friend has no idea.

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    Guys, I'm pretty sure I'm dying.
    It's my wisdom teeth. I have a very small jaw, so there is ZERO room on my upper mandible. My teeth are being pushed together and I'm scared to really eat (I forced myself to eat dinner) anything because after I do, the pain hits a thousand times worse. I had 2 molars removed yeras ago so there's room on the bottom but it still really hurts.

    I took a codeine about 30 minutes ago and I'm waiting for it to work but they make me super tired and I don't really want to have to take another one in 6 hours. I might smoke some tonight but I'm not positive.

    What do you do when you have mouth pain?
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    Trying to lose weight, what are some diets you've tried? I've done Weight Watchers in the past and it was working, but it was expensive to keep doing meetings.

    Any suggestions for low-cost diets or anything you've tried?

    I'm at the point now, where if I don't lose this weight it will not only drive me out of my flippin mind, but it could ruin a lot of things for me if I don't start losing.


    Also, my biggest issue is sugary drinks (sodas etc). Any low sugar drink suggestions?
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    I came home today and SO had eaten both his piece and MY piece of pie, that I had bought yesterday specifically because I had been craving it for ages. What is an appropriate punishment?

    ETA: crises averted, he went out and bought me a new pie with whipped cream. I still feel it was inconsiderate of him to eat it in the first place, but I am happier now.

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    I've got my two nephews staying tomorrow. They don't stay at mine often and I'd like to make it as fun as possible. They will be bringing their Xbox and their DS's but I'm well prepared for tantrums over the Xbox. (sharing isn't a concept they have mastered yet) There isnt much for them to do at mine, thats why they bring their consoles. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can amuse/entertain them when they get bored of their video games?

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    I often suffer from random headaches or knee pain. What types of pain constantly reoccur for you?

    Is there something you do to prevent the pain? Such as insoles or heating pads?

    Can you give me a story of where this pain came from?