February 14th, 2012

macaroni murder lady

I have been drinking

How likely is it that I will make macaroni and cheese? (does not preclude pizza)

100% certain

How likely is it that I will make frozen pizza? (does not preclude mac&cheese)

100 per cent certain

How likely is it that I will accidentally burn myself during one or both of these endeavours?

100% certain!

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Is it a faux pas for a UK dweller to wear something with the union jack on it?

The union jack seems to be quite trendy in Australia at the moment and there's a shirt I would quite like to give to someone for a present. But he lives in the UK and will be going home soon and I have no idea if wearing the union jack in the UK is as tacky as wearing the southern cross in Australia, if you know what I mean.
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The Pyrenean ibex, a type of mountain goat, went extinct 10 years ago. Are you pro or con toward the issue of your government allowing or companies attempting cloning to bring it back ?
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Plastic flowers and being an ungrateful bitch on Valentines Day

So, it's Valentines Day in my timezone already and I have a boggle. My boyfriend recently not-so-subtly asked me what kind of flowers I like (bless his cotton socks, he thought he was being sneaky) so to make Valentines Day less tricky for him, I told him a couple of varieties. Last weekend he presents me with what he says is just the first part of my gift- plastic flowers.

To be fair, they're the plastic version of the kind I like, but still, plastic. I fucking HATE plastic flowers, seriously there is not a strong enough word in the English language for me to describe how fucking awful I think they are. I would rather get no flowers ever for the rest of my life than get plastic flowers even once.

As it's 2am on Valentines Day, I haven't been given the rest of the present, but before that weekend was over I accidentally caught sight of it in his room. More plastic flowers. I can't. I just can't. What's worse is I know he put a lot of effort into finding the right type and he even bought plastic for a reason - I once made an offhand reference to wishing I wasn't so good at killing plants and he's taken that very literally.

The context: we've been together for only 2 months, but we're both pretty far gone for each other. He's it for me - Imma marry this boy, I know it. We've always been super honest with each other about everything and I kinda want to catch this before it becomes a long term reoccuring present thing.

Do I thank him (verbally and through sexual favours) for the thought and effort he put into my gift, but let him know gently that I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I sort of hate plastic flowers or do I suck it up, display the monstrousities in my room FOREVER (remember, they're not going to wilt and give me a reason to throw them out) and potentially deal with getting MORE of them every year until I die of old age?

/tl;dr - TQC, do you tell someone when you don't like their present?

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100% hypothetical. First World Etiquette question.

A lesbian in your work environment is getting married to her girlfriend. You're anti-gay marriage. Do you buy a wedding gift? Why or why not?

Grampa walked on the Moon

For those of you who followed the men on the moon program with some degree of interest, which moon landing would you have liked to have been part of?
I pick Apollo 15, because they got to spend the night on the moon, and not exactly work themselves into exhaustion.
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bad for you food

My yoga teacher was confessing about her kids eating bacon-wrapped donuts.

What's the worst thing (for your health) that you eat on a regular basis? How often do you eat it? Do you serve it to other people or just eat it yourself?

Mine: big handfuls of cashews. Sure it's "good fat," but it's still FAT. Lots of it. I eat this several times a week.

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I am friends with a few of my former students who graduated out of the high school where I taught. I just decided to check my school email and I *think* the uncle of one of my students has sent me several facebook requests.

Do I just ignore it?
From what I can see, I haven't emailed the guy ever regarding the student or anything.

What was your last weird thing going on in your life?

Obtaining formal diagnostic test results?

So I had my first visit with a doctor here at my university for my ADHD since I've gone back on my meds. Things went well, but for me to be able to keep getting treatment there, I have to get my school the actual formal results from when I was tested for my original diagnosis. However, that all happened almost fifteen years ago, and all my doctor's office from back home sent up here was just some paperwork that mentioned the diagnosis, not anything else-- which isn't enough for the school going forward.

Since a large chunk of that testing took place at school back then, would my school district from the time perhaps have a copy retained in student records or the like, and would I even be able to obtain a copy of them to get sent here?
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How often do people you've met before introduce themselves to you again(as if they have no recollection of your face)? This happens to me all the time and I wonder sometimes if I'm just that un-memorable.
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What are you getting your sweetie for Valentines' Day?

Hookers and blow
Upcoming romantic weekend/trip
You're gonna put out
You'll do agreed-upon chores
You'll do that 'thing' they've been pressuring you about in the bedroom
Proposal of marriage
Taking them out to dinner at a nice restaurant
Something engraved
A gift card
Just a normal Hallmark card (I'm a little cheap)
I don't have a significant other, but I may clean up at the 'after Valentines' sale as far as candy goes
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What's the biggest worry you have as a parent? Is there anything you've done as a parent where you were like smacking yourself later and saying "oh crap, that was so not the right thing to do?"

If you're not a parent, how tall was the last snowman you built?

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Inspired by all the parenting questions:

Those of you who have kids, why did you name your kid what you did? How did you go about choosing a name?

Those of you who don't have kids yet, if you do, what do you want to name them?

or, unrelated:

Do you have a "usual" drink you get from coffee shops? What is it?

Because my caramel machiatto this morning was superb. 

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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For those of you who have read The Time Traveler's Wife or have it on kindle and can check for me...

Is there an actual scene where Henry visits Mrs Kim's daughter in the 1950's, and she attacks him, or is it just referenced? I'm sure I read the scene in the book somewhere but now I can't find it and I think I'm going mad :/ Extra points if you can tell me what page it's on.
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Does your household tends more towards the organised side or the disorganised side? Where would you put it on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is "We have lost pets to this chaos" and 10 is "The military WISHES it was this efficient". Show your working.

6.5 maybe. 7? I mean, we have colour-coded bath towels.
won't run
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I got an audition with the Milwaukee Symphony in April. How many of my toes will fall off due to the cold?

Should I play the first movement of Mozart's 4th violin concerto, or the first movement of Mozart's 5th violin concerto?

What is the most recent thing that you really wanted, and then were absolutely scared when you got it?

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What's the last time you made a stupid mistake when cooking?

ETA: What's worse, a cheesecake that was slightly overdone and dry, or a cheesecake that was slightly undercooked and gooey?

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So, I don't have anything going on tonight. Would it be okay for me to introduce myself to strangers on okcupid, on this night of all nights?

I mean, will sending "Hi, I'm Jerry" messages to age-appropriate women on a dating site on Valentine's Day be taken as somehow creepy or weird or desperate (as opposed to waiting til February 15th?) Should I block out the whole week before I write to anyone?

Do you have, maybe, a lonely great-Aunt in the Kalamazoo area whose been asking you to hook her up with someone?


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[something not about my relationship-which is going well thanks]

TQC, have any of you ever owned or know someone who has owned sugar gliders/sugar bears?

Do you have any tips?
We're getting two tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. My only experience with small creatures has been with rats.

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Did your Valentine's Day plans involve anything scandalous?

Like this?

Do you think these foolishly frisky folks ought to be charged with anything?

It's just an article, there are no racy pictures in the link.
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What kind of cover letter should I write for a part-time clerical position? I've written a targeted cover letter but I'm not sure if that would work. I just figured a list directly to the point would be best. The application process is online, btw, and the cover letter is optional.
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Is there a place to watch "Extreme Makeover" online? I just keep finding Home Edition but I'm looking for the surgery one. It seems not to have been released on dvd.

How do you pronounce the name Nga (Vietnamese, female)?