February 13th, 2012


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I sleep with my hamster's cage on my bed. Is this strange to you? Why?



(For notes, I have a queen size bed but I'm short & single so only use one size of the bed. I have several health issues meaning I wake at night & find a pet very comforting. My hamster is getting old & doesn't make much noise.)

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I am very upset, feeling down and pissed at everyone, but I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow morning so I need to get over it.

Recommendations for funny episodes of shows, or silly movies? Feel like sharing goofy gifs?

Listening to Richard Cheese for a while really hit the spot.

How are you feeling?

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Oops! Looks like Frank's nibbling on the wires

who is Frank? do you have a picture of him?

now that that's settled, how is/was your day/night going? what did you do/are you going to do today?

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What is the biggest misunderstanding you have ever been involved in?

My friend's brother told me that my friend "is no longer with us", which obviously sounds like she died, but what he actually meant was she's not around right now.. She texted me a little while ago and I told her everyone thought she was dead. Today has been interesting.

My kid inspires 90% of my questions.

If you could have any restaurant within walking distance of the place where you reside what would it be?
What would you order from there?

Will you show us their online menu so we can be jealous of the delicious food that in your imaginary world you are within walking distance of?

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Do you or would you eat genetically modified plant foods? Do you or would you eat genetically modified animal foods? If your answer differs between the two, why?

How often do you consume "energy drinks"?
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If there was a reality show like The Hunger Games where kids kill one another, would you watch it?
I probably would because it sounds so screwed up but intriguing. I just hope that no one I know gets entered in it.

Would it be a waste of time if I read and watched the Twilight series? I just want a good lol and this seems like a so bad it's good type of story. Or so bad it brings on the lulz might be a better description.

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Let's be superficial for a second...

Are there any physical features that would either be dealbreakers or just simply make a person immediately not attractive to you? (eg: receding hairlines, a huge mole on the face, etc)
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So I am soon going to leave for about a month of travelling abroad, and one of the relatives I am going with is that very pushy hippie type.

We are going to be in India, where we will almost certainly get at least a little bit of sick from the water/food. and I know She will try to cure me or shove the benefits of Homeopathy down my throat (she cured her lime disease with it dontchaknow.)

I know Homeopathy is a load of bunk, but only have enough time for a cursory internet search on details why.

What are some good arguments I can use to tell her off?
ideally starting off polite and then if it continues over the month more and more destroying her faith.
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If you could make any one food zero calories, what would it be?

EDIT: It is 100% healthy, and taste exactly the same.
Also, it's only one food. Yes, you need calories to live, but it's just ONE food item.

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Say that towards the end of a date, you say:
"Not sure how you feel about kissing on the first date, but I'd totally be fine with that."

He/she says, smiling:
"I feel that that sort of thing should just happen naturally," and then just gives you a hug goodbye and says that it was fun and that you guys should hang out again.

Would you take this as him/her not being interested in a second date?
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A girl I know from high school just messaged me on facebook and asked if she could stay with me (in my college dorm room that I share with another person) for 2 nights in a few weeks, except I don't really want her to. how can I say no without sounding like a bitch? I am friends with her, but we're not very close, and it's just a social anxiety/awkwardness thing for me. I just wouldn't feel comfortable. help?

what was the last awkward situation you were in?

edit: I went for a mix of it's against dorm policy/I'll be busy that weekend. I would have gone with "my roommate isn't cool with it" because that does seem more believable but she knows both me and my roommate -- we all come from the same town. thanks guys.
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I just watched the series finale of Six Feet Under for the first time, after absorbing the show over the last three months. It pretty much ripped my heart out, it was such a great show. Anyone else love this show?

What's the last show you watched that really impacted you?

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Why so much hate around Whitney Houston's death? It's not a challenge, I genuinely have no idea why. I never paid much attention to her, but I always had the impression that she was some kind of legend and not particularly hated by society.

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I'm on Klonopin, but a friend wants to hang out and have a few drinks (probably like three or four each). If I don't take my dose today, will I be safe to drink or should I tell her that I just can't drink at all? She just turned 21 and she's been waiting to turn 21 so we can go out and drink together and I feel bad being like, "Hi, I'm Debbie Downer and now I'm on medication that says I can't drink." 

I figured if I didn't take the medication today, then hopefully I'd be okay to drink later tonight. 
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Is there a nice way to say, "No, I don't have PMS, it's just that you can't go four weeks without acting like a jealous, insecure shitstain?"

Srs and non srs appreciated.

Alternately: If you have pets, do they get super snuggly in the winter? Its not even cold here but my cat is on me 24/7.
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Does anyone know what "dropping chocolate" means? A friend and I are trying to figure this out, it's in a song and we can't tell what it's referring to from the context.

"I'm going bonkers, I'm lost in Yonkers
the queens are droppin' chocolate like they're Willy Wonkers!"

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Yesterdayish I asked this question but a few thought I worded it poorly (it was based off my personal body change, rather than being a "general", PC question). So, sorry for a repost, but! 1. It is now a poll and 2. No more ambiguity.

Which would you rather be (het guys, which would you prefer)?

slender, but small or flat boobs and ass
luscious boobs and ass, but chubby/slightly overweight

YOU CANNOT CHOOSE "NORMAL/AVERAGE". And props to everyone for loving their body as it is, plus or minus some boobage.
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Would you ever name your kid Boots?

What are some names that you consider ridiculous or just plain awful?

If you have a friend who is planning to name their child something really awful, what do you do? Try to talk them out of it or just keep quiet?
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Do what you want because a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

Hypothetical question: if you had an eye that was injured permanently (blind in it as well) and it was different enough from your other eye so that it was noticeable, AND you needed corrective glasses for your non-injured eye, what would you do:

Get contacts for your non-injured eye and nothing for the injured one
Get contacts for your non-injured eye and a patch for your injured one (yarr!)
Wear eye glasses and a patch
Wear glasses and no patch


What would be a fun wedding theme?
I'm leaning towards polka dots

If you were in the bridal party, what would be a fun gift for you?

How excited would you be if you went to a wedding and the favour was a scratch off ticket?

Small Talk, etc.

Are you good at small talk?
Are you good at remembering details of acquaintances' lives?

I just got back from a childhood friend's grandfather's funeral. (that was a mouthful) I found everyone there was asking me about my new job and congratulating me on passing the bar while I had trouble remembering what they did for a living. I cannot seem to get that shit straight. And I don't trust myself to ask "how's teaching going?" b/c I half expect their answer to be "I'm a doctor" -- I fail at this shit.

Care to share any embarrassing stories about awkward social encounters with acquaintances?
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My fiance and I are planning on going out for dinner and a movie tomorrow night for Valentine's Day. This will probably end up costing upwards of $100 based on the restaurant we're going to, price of movie tickets in our area, and possibly popcorn at the movies. I originally told him that we could just eat at home to save money and then hit the movies, but he insists on taking me out.

He thinks that because he's a man, it's his "job" to treat me because it's Valentine's Day (which he says is "all about the man treating the woman.") I told him that Valentine's Day is about love, which is about mutual respect and sharing (in addition to being a totally commercialized holiday that's strayed away from its original meaning).

Should I just shut up an let him pay, or do you think we should go dutch? Why or why not?
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My PS3 eats discs. I am going to buy a new one soon. What can I do with the old one other than throw it out? Do you think if I put it on Craig's List anyone would buy it for parts or to repair or something? How much would it sell for?

It stills plays downloadable stuff and Netflix and works fine other wise. It's a fat 80 GB version.

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Male genital having folk: Where do you put your junk when you poop? Do you sit far enough forward to rest it on the seat? Keep your thighs tight together so it sits on top of your legs? Let it hang free and hope it doesn't dangle in the water or get grazed by the piece of poo coming out? Some other configuration of genitalia?

I've been unable to stop wondering about this.
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Adobe Premiere Pro

Slightly urgent question....Adobe Premiere Pro was being weird and let me have one more session, even though my trial expired months ago. Of course it would have to freeze as I saved my project, and upon trying to open again, I can't use it anymore. Does anyone know of somewhere to DL a legit keygen or any way to get a serial number? I need this fast!

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Serious question.

I would like to please get opinions from you guys. Is there anything I can do to discourage my 23-year-old son from going down the same alcoholic path as his father, grandfather, uncles and practically every male in our family? Even the DUI he got last year didn't result in him drinking any less often as far as I can tell. He lives in another state but I know from others and what I see on facebook, etc. that his life is still all about drinking. It's hard to sit by and watch him do this. Thanks.

ETA: Thanks for the support and understanding everyone. I have been talking to him about his drinking since the first time he got drunk and got sick from it (age 14), and when he got his first MIP (age 15), etc., etc. It has been an ongoing stuggle. I faltered some when he was 17-18, overlooking some of the drinking and parties because of some personal struggles of my own. I don't drink or do drugs though, haven't for 15 years.

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I'm going on a first date on valentine's day. kind of weird, but this weekend didn't work out and whatever, we thought it'd be kinda cute. that's not my question. she is coming over here, and we might end up just having a night in cuz the weather will be bad and we're broke. We're going to cook, hang out, drink, whatever. I don't want us to be BORED though. she is really into film and has seen a lot of movies so I want to have some good ones.

tl;dr: what movies do you recommend to watch on valentine's day? what about other things to do e.i. games etc keeping in mind it's a first date?
also can I just wear comfy clothes ei jeans or should I wear a cute dress or something?

eta: she just texted me saying that she doesn't know what to wear either, and then she said she doesn't want to overdo it but she will 'look fly'. lol.

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What are your thoughts on the following Facebook status? How (if at all) would you respond to it? I keep telling myself, "must bite tongue... must bite tongue."

i almost feel bad that i have pretty much no sympathy for whitney houston. there are innocent babies suffering and dying from cancer and diseases all over the world so when people choose to put that shit in their bodies and die from it...deserves no media attention.
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Ok, so there was a very small anime con last weekend. Buncha kids in cosplay, yadda yadda. And there were quite a few homestuck costumes.

Now, I've read at least 4 or 5 acts of this. It's interesting, it's done in a very interesting manner, and it's pretty compelling most of the time. There are times it's been rather annoying. But there's some HUGE thing over the goblins.

and I just... don't get the huge big deal this has become. What am I missing?