February 12th, 2012


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Does anyone here read tarot?

Do you have a favorite deck? or a specific deck you use for certain types of questions?

If you don't read tarot, have you ever had your fortune told? How was your experience?


My husband has caught a baby mole in our living room. It's the middle of winter and where I live it goes below -30. I've never even SEEN a wild mole, let alone one in my house!

What do we do with this creature other than let it out into the cold? What would you do?

Alternatively: have you ever caught any small creatures in your house?

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My doctor's put me on Effexor XR for depression and anxiety and while I guess I don't have too many complaints about the drug (its been about two months), I'm terrified of some of the withdrawal symptoms that occur when I miss a pill. Is that enough to be asked to be put on something else? I hate that my body can become that dependent on a drug. And the confusion and lightheadedness that comes with missing a pill or two is no picnic.

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Can you decipher this text I got tonight?

This is it...verbatim:

Hi. mrs. i laov you. you must call me and allso i will be wed whit you if you acspte this aploy, allso this masseg is from my grand fother

Allso...should I reply to teh grand fother?
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OMG!!! Keanu Reeves is DEAD according to this site... what do you think about stupid sites like this and the idiots who believe it? This bullshit is all over twitter and Facebook.

What is good to eat when you want a midnight snack?

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I have fibromyalgia and I get disrupted sleep, waking every 1-3 hours, every night. This has been going on so long so excuse the maybe dumb questions here:


Do you sleep all the way through the night? without waking? Is that the norm? I genuinely can't remember if it is.. Do you wake up during the night? More than once? Every night?


Tell me about your nights sleep please :)

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What's your favorite salad dressing (brand and/or type)? Do you prefer homemade or store-bought? I wish I liked store-bought because it's so much more convenient but I'm always disappointed with the taste.
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When you're going to a BRIDAL shower (for the bride only), are you supposed to bring a gift that the couple registered for? Or is that for the WEDDING present, and the shower gift is supposed to be more personal for the bride herself?
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If you have vacation time at your job but don't go on vacations, would it be ok to break up your vacation time by taking a day off here and there?

If you didn't have utensils to eat your food and were too lazy to drive somewhere to get some, would you use your hands to eat? What if the food you plan to eat has gravy on it? I'm not sure what to dooooo!
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For all the single ladies/menz:

What's the best thing about being single?

For all of the married folk:

What's the best thing about being married?


very superficial question

If you had to choose between :

a. being very slender but having small or nonexistent boobs & ass
b. being normal/average with luscious boobs and curves*

*Sorry, there seems to be some inherent bias in my question, so let's make "average" mean "what chubby women call themselves on dating sites".

Which would you pick? (Or if you had to date someone with either of those qualities, which would you pick?)

I lost a bit of weight recently and went down a cup size. I love my waistline, but have been mourning my boobs all week. I used to be the only Asian in town with big, natural boobs dammit!
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We’re planning a trip to Europe for next year, or perhaps the year after that. We will spend a month there, and would like to visit England, France, and Italy. What are the “must see” things in each of those countries?

I'll probably ask a number of additional questions in this regard.
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My mum downloaded the monkey island app onto her ipad and it gets to a certain point then just freezes. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but that hasn't helped, and now I have no idea what to do. HEEEEEEELP.

ETA: Oh it's fixed itself now but why does this happen?

DK/DC: show me things you have bought recently.
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regifting honestly=bad present?

My sister's birthday was last week. I have been super busy and not able to get out and find her an interesting present. Neither of us is wealthy and we usually keep presents to $25 and under. I sent her a card and told her I'm getting her something, just not on the day (we live far apart).

I have a $25 DSW gift card that I haven't used...have been carrying it around for months. I can never find any shoes there that fit me. My sister's a lot easier to fit, and she likes to shop, and she's usually glad to have gift cards since her discretionary spending is somewhat limited. Would it be terrible to just send her this GC? I had to scratch off the PIN on the back to check that it still has the full $25 balance (it does). So I should probably tell her I've had this but haven't been able to use it. Is this a really sucky thing to do?
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In explanation for why they chose Chris Brown to perform at the Grammy's again this year, the exec producer said
“We’re glad to have him back,” said executive producer Ken Ehrlich. “I think people deserve a second chance, you know. If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.”

Do you think it's even possible to name all the ways that The Grammys were the victim of Chris Brown?
How do you think we, as a people, can make it up to the Grammys?

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Are you/have you been engaged?
Do you want to be?
How long were you together before you got engaged?

Inspired by the fact that my boyfriend blurted out while drunk that he doesnt plan to propose til some time in summer 2013. We've been together for a year and a half, and known each other since 2007. I can't help but be a wee bit sad.. we're going to Paris for our 2nd anniversary in August and a little part of me really got my hopes up.. :(
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I need to make cookies for a potluck on Tuesday. I have a bag of cookie mix that says "best by Dec 30 2011". It's only a month and a bit past the 'best by' date. I'm okay to use it right?
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Does anyone still update their LJ? Seems like the last time most people posted was in 2009, lol

EDIT: If you don't update your LJ that often, what social networking site or service (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) do you post on more regularly and why?

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Does anyone know of some good independent dance music labels? For instance, I just found out that Skrillex, Martin Solveig, and Chromeo are on Big Beat, which is an East Coast-based label. But I'm wondering if anyone knows of some even smaller labels to find new music?

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I assume everyone knows about the man who destroyed his daughter's laptop as punishment, and posted it online. Opinions?

How is it in this society, if a man did that to his wife he'd be abusive, but if a parent does it to their kid, it's just parenting? It's abuse plain and simple, and I hope the nursing home this young lady puts her father in one day will be terrible.

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A question for those familiar with California driver's license policies circa 1997/1998... I've done the research but want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly.

A teenager (age 16-17):
1. Gets their learner's permit
2. Completes driver's education course
3. Completes ~50 hours of practise driving with someone over the age of 25

...and then if they take the driver's test and pass it, they get their license and can now drive by themselves?