February 11th, 2012


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I live in an on-campus apartment with three other girls- one I love, one I tolerate, and one I want to shove down a laundry shoot. Awful roommate hated all of us before she moved in. For the last semester and some odd time, she's done everything to make all of us miserable, but it seems to bother me most. Overall, she's just generally rude, almost constantly drinking/drunk (on a dry campus, mind you), and saying really unnecessarily mean things about all of us on her (very public) facebook- for example, she refers to me as 'acne faced skinny ugly roommate.' I've tried everything from talking to her, to talking to the RAs, to talking to her with the RAs. Nothing has worked and she even threatened to stab me on her twitter an hour following our mediation (I did report that, but she didn't use my name, only 'acne faced skinny ugly roommate') and it won't be enough to get her removed. 

I've been passive aggressive and just a plain snitch (and I do revel in her early hour community service for getting caught drinking...) but I don't know how to make it through the rest of the semester without seriously harming someone. It's all of our senior years and I'm bogged down with so many things and moving out isn't an option (all of the dorms have bedbugs atm...)- how would you deal with this? I just don't know what to do at this point.

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So my coworker has to work on Valentine's Day, and I thought I'd visit and possibly bring her a little present in hopes of making her day brighter (as apparently Valentine's Day really bums her out). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can bring her? I'm considering baking something, but I'm not sure.

Serious and non-serious.

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What are you people like?

I don't give a FUCK if this has been asked before. I know it probably has. So shut the fuck up with that shit.

1. How old are you?
2. What are you doing with your life?
3. Are you single?
4. What is your biggest motivation in life?
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Cat question.

1. Do you know any good cat communities on LJ?
2. Can you answer this question? My female cat is getting spayed on Tuesday but she has recently gone into heat. Since this has happened, she has twice (that we've seen) peed on the wall or on some clothes, which she has never done before. Could this be related to her being in heat?
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OW OW OW ! I strained my back in the gym. How long do I let it rest?

Big baby? Want momma to rub it?
1 week
gym? lol...I bet you were jerking off
2 weeks
no pain no gain!! get back in there ya big pussy
a month
Nevar! your lifing days are through. Buy pink spanx and hit a treadmill
ice! hot! ice! hot!!!
moar ticky

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Has anyone replaced a motherboard on a laptop before? My other laptop crapped out and all sources say I need to replace the motherboard. I can buy one myself and save hundreds of dollars if I can install it myself versus having a service do it. What would TQC do?

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My friend wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner about 45 miles away.
It's been snowing/raining all day with no accumulation but it's supposed to get REALLLLLLY cold tonight. My only driving phobia is driving on icy roads.

Do I cancel our plans or just go?

if you do not care:

How are you?
What's new?
Anything you'd like to talk about?

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Has anyone ever tried to do something nice for you and it really backfired? How do you express your feelings about it without the other person feeling like total crap?

My boyfriend and I have been doing one thing nice for eachother leading up until Valentines Day. It can really be anything... from creative to spending money to just random. He's done a lot of nice things so far.. but I feel like he kind of crossed the line today.

I had all of these people that I barely talk to write on my wall this morning telling me how they wanted to hang out, and some old friends tell me how I'm an awesome person. I was feeling pretty good about it although I did think it was a little weird, but come to find out his "nice thing" was to message some of my friends (many of which he doesnt know) and ask them to write something on my wall that they think they haven't said to me. So, basically all of the people randomly wanting to hang out and complimenting me were all forced. Idk if I'm just being whiny and I know he meant well, but it really bothers me and is just.. idk. Really embarrasing, that my boyfriend has to go out there and fish for compliments for me from people he doesnt even know :(. Idk TQC.. am I just being silly? I kind of want to delete my facebook and hide in a hole

EDIT: JESUS CHRIST it just wont stop! lol people I haven't talked to in years just keep writing on my damn wall. Seriously tempted to just delete my facebook for the day
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I know nothing about nail care! Can you help me?

I believe we have some manicure enthusiasts in the house, and so I bring this situation to you:

Collapse )

I'm looking for recommendations for a good cuticle nipper and a good clear nail strengthener/hardener (if those products even work! If they're all just snake oil, I'll take recommendations for a nice clear polish that won't chip instantly). I'm thinking I should avoid Sally Hansen products (for reasons listed above), but I know nothing about where to buy these things or what brands to look for. Can anyone give me some suggestions about what to buy? I'm in Tucson, AZ, and willing to order online if necessary.  Thanks a million.

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So I'm in cosmetology school now, TQC, and we have all have mannikin heads to practice on. Our teachers call them our babies, but that weirds me out a little, so I've been calling mine my severed head. Apparently, that's too macabre, and I need to come up with something new. This is her, if you want to make your decision based on appearances.

This poll is closed.

What shall I name my head?

Head-y Lamarr
Tippi Head-ren
Don't mess with what works. Leave her as Severed Head.
You're missing very obvious head reference that I'm going to point out in the comments.
The lack of tickies in this poll make it invalid.

DK/DC: What was the first thing you remember telling your parent/guardian that you wanted to be when you grew up?
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My BF and I are going to a Famous Couples party tonight as Zeus and Hera. We've got togas, belts, and sandals, but I have no clue how to do my hair! It's pin-straight, mid-back length, with mild layers and overgrown side-swept bangs. What do? (I have access to a curling iron, hairspray, and gel and that's about it.)

Have you ever told anyone off before? I am a very mild/friendly person and have never been able to snap at people, even when they deserve it. Let me live vicariously through your stories?

What do you put in your meatloaf?
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If you remove the hair on your legs, how do you do it? (Shaving, waxing, Nair, whatever.)

If you wax your own legs at home, what brand/kind of wax do you use? Do you have any ~tips?

If you leave the hair on your legs, what are your plans for tonight?

inspired by a previous question

What would you do if you were at a party or social gathering and your ex was there? Let's say this is an ex who you no longer talk to and you've been out of contact for a long time. Would you be able to be friendly and polite to them, or would you pretend you didn't know them?
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My boyfriend, whom I live with, gets sad that I'm not excited to see him more often. Do you think I'm a bitch for not being excited to see him more often (since we live together and see each other every day) or does he have unrealistic expectations?

How often do you miss your SO? Do you live together?

Preventing Hangover

Going out to a club tonight and I plan on drinking. I am a light weight so drinks always effect me. What are something that I can do to help minimize the hangover tomorrow? Not drinking is not an option for me and I am going out with family tomorrow and it can't be avoided (the hangover or the family outing).
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Hi guys, I am holding a candlelight vigil at dusk in front of a map of Salt Lake City in honor of our fallen hero, xaviermorphine.

Who will be attending and what will you bring?

I am bringing medical school receipts and a tub of cottage cheese.

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What is the dumbest injury you've ever received?

I tried a home waxing treatment once when I was like 13/14, and...it didn't work. The wax was too thick, and nothing I did would get it off, so I took a towel and tried to rub/scrape it off my skin. I ended up giving myself some really, REALLY horrible abrasions that actually left big road-rash looking wounds and scarred slightly. In retrospect, I probably was supposed to use warm water to remove the wax, but...I was dumb. Hence, this is my dumbest injury.

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Do you like cottage cheese?

What's the largest amount of times you have seen the same movie in cinemas?

What's the largest amount of times you have seen the same live show?

What board game do you think you are/would be best at?

How many Blu-ray movies do you own?


I saw HP & the Philosopher's Stone and Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe four times each in cinemas, I think.

I've seen the Australian production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies 3 times - twice in Melbourne and once in Sydney. I'm super glad they filmed it so now I can watch it whenever I want :D

If they made a Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit I'd be a boss at that. I'm pretty good at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.


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Would you rather use an ipod (read: easy to use, functional with computer system, small etc) which only holds the music you listen to most/favourite music (16gb) or an old mp3 player (read: bulky, uses bootleg OS for mac compatability, confusing sync) which fits all of your music on?

Dk/dc: do you ever delete music, even if you havent listened to it in ages?
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For the Canadians in this community:

Which Canadian fashion magazine should I subscribe to: Lou Lou, Fashion or Elle Canada?

I used to subscribe to Flare but I didn't like it too much.

For anyone else: do you subscribe to any magazines? Which one is your favourite?
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So I have deleted my facebook because it's un-productive and I am in a place in my life where I am getting (need to get) out of the rut. Since cutting the internet off completely would be like cutting my arm off, I've decided to spend more time on websites that spark my creativity. Right now I am obsessed with Pinterest and am a non-stop pinner. 

What websites gives you that push when you need some creative/artistic/motivational inspiration? Are you on Pinterest too? If so, gimme yo site!!

Oh and, more obscure-ish sites are preferred as opposed to sites like tumblr (cuz, duh).

Thanks in advance!