February 10th, 2012

lol weirdest question

Would it annoy you if you were sleeping with a SO/prospective SO/crush and s/he kept you awake for most of the night, like, cuddling up to you, kissing your face and making sure you were warm/tucked in enough? You have to wake up a little early, but nothing too bad.
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Between a half hour from now to two and a half hours from now the comcast guy is supposed to get here to hook up my internet. Do they just hook it to... the wall? Or what? My computer is in my room but I want the wireless thing in my living room. I don't need to move itn do I? Will he need my wireless router... thing?

I had it hooked up in my apartment, but I was not there when it was installed lol.

DK/DC: what does your shampoo and/or body wash smell like?


Sometimes I hear certain women referred to as non-threatening, which is something I don't understand. In the case of celebrities, I've heard people like Jennifer Aniston called non-threatening whereas women like Madonna or Angelina Jolie are called threatening. The thing I don't get is: threatening in what way? Threatening to men? And what's the point of being threatening in the first place?
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How much do you tip at buffet restaurants? Particularly if the server brings you one glass of water, doesn't pick up your plates, and you go to the register to ask for your check? I've been tipping like at a regular place, but I wonder if that's too much/unnecessary.
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banking woes

TQC, who should I talk to get a straight answer?

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teal dear: It's fucking February. My card stopped working in December. No one can tell me why I haven't got a replacement. I can't pay for anything unless I make a stop at the bank's ATM to get cash.

Who should I complain to? I normally live & let live with bad customer service, but this is ridiculous.

ETA: can't switch banks right now. Husband doesn't want to.

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I have $25 left on an ITunes giftcard I got for Christmas, and I have no idea what to download. suggestions? - preferably for alternative/indie stuff thats harder to find in CD stores....

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I'm trying to get a hostess job at TGI Friday's.

Have you ever been a hostess at a similar restaurant? How much did you get paid/how did that work/ how much do you think you made per shift?

The manager said hosts get $5 an hour plus tipped out from the servers. I just want a ballpark range.
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Vacation & AirBNB

My SO and I are booking a vacation this summer at the beach for my birthday. It's my first real vacation since I was around 13!

We've booked a nice condo through AirBNB. I saw it on Conan and thought it was worth a try since the prices were a lot cheaper than a formal hotel. The place we booked has a ton of pictures, looks very nice, and the owner has many positive reviews.

Has anyone else used AirBNB? Any advice? Any things I need to remember to bring that the place wouldn't provide, like toilet paper or frying pans or plates? Those were the first things I thought of!

What do I need to bring to the beach that I'm forgetting?!

Also, we're bringing my dog. We were thinking about getting her a little life-vest but I don't think she'll be brave enough to swim! Beyond toys and the possible vest, anything I need for my little dog at the beach?

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Which is the better Irene Adler: Rachel McAdams or Lara Pulver?

What's something you're a little paranoid about?

What's something that you own that is very valuable sentimentally speaking, but has little or no monetary value?
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What apps are there that are like Instagram but for Android and Mac?

(not necessarily one for both, just apps that work on an android phone or a mac)

shut up I like stupid hipster photos
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I've been emailing a CPR training company asking for a list of courses that a specific instructor named Guy will be teaching, because I found him charismatic and rather enjoyable the last time I had to get re-certified.

Am I just that bad at articulating my question in this email or is the customer service representative just not getting it?

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I want to bake some cupcakes for my birthday on Monday, I already have a recipe for salted caramel and toffee cupcakes but want to make another type.
What are your favourite flavours of cupcakes? Will you share recipes with me?

What is your favourite party food?
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I have some tilapia. Should I:
a) bake them with some butter, lemon juice, and capers
b) coat them in some lovely panko crumbs and some herbs, top with lemon slices, and then bake them?

I have red potatoes that I will do... something with, and some fresh green beans that I will toss in some balsamic.


What is your favorite hobby or interest and what sparked your initial interest in it?

Feel free to answer the question as you see fit.
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What kind of characters would you say you and your friends are? For example, I consider myself The Straight Man, a.k.a. the one that's always reacting to wacky friend's actions/speech. I'm also the quirky one; I keep changing my hair color/style.  I used to be the quiet one, but I don't think of myself that way anymore. I also used to be the more naive/virginal one of the group, but also no longer applies to me. My friend Jessie is the perpetual child, my friend Jenn is the cynical one, as well as being the...ahem... promiscuous one. My boyfriend is the insane one; he says anything that comes to his mind(and I mean anything), and pulls wacky faces, usually accompanied by a noise of some kind.

So, again, what kind of characters would you say you are your friends are?

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Why is everyone in this community so obsessed with "hipsters?" I just joined this community, and I've seen that word used in at least three different threads in this comm in the past two hours; and I think the last time I heard it was probably 1991.

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If your former employer has typed up a letter of rec, would it be unprofessional looking if it was just printed on a straight piece of paper/or e-mailed? I'm asking since most letters or recs I've seen are printed on an official looking piece of paper/have some kind of seal on it..

Frozen yogurt or gelato?

What's your favorite chaser?
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Who is usually invited to a wedding's rehearsal dinner? Is it just brides/grooms and their wedding party? Or is it like a family and friends thing?

This is for a story I'm writing. Would it be totally weird for a groom to invite a long-time (but since lost touch) friend to his rehearsal dinner even though he's not in the wedding party?

Edit: Thanks everyone! I've only been to one rehearsal dinner but I was in the wedding party so I wasn't sure. 
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I'm going to create a facebook page for a parenting group that I am a member of. When I click on "create a page", I have lots of options for the type of page I would like to create and I am stuck between two choices.

Would a parenting group go under "Company, Organization, or Institution" because it is an organization or would it go under "Cause or Community" since it is simply a group for parents in the community to connect and do activities with their kids?

FM transmitters

Is there any real huge difference among FM transmitters (for mp3 players) when it comes to quality? Do they all basically do the same thing?

Edit: I would use an aux-in if I had one, trust me. This is my only choice. BOOOOOOOOOO

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Am I a shitty daughter for leaving my mom in the hospital by herself?

I had to come home because I needed to eat and then it started to snow so there was no way I was getting back there. But now she's there by herself and is getting a CT scan and I feel HORRIBLE for leaving her there by herself all night.


Thank you guys. You're right, she probably will understand that I couldn't get back out there. I was just more focused on freaking out then thinking rationally about it.
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A car is parked on my one-way street the wrong way on what would be the wrong street of a two-way street. The car is blocking my driveway, so I had to park on the street. I called 311 to get it ticketed and I have to call a towing company myself. My roommate said it would be kind of a dick thing for me to do because I "don't want to start shit with the neighbors" (I'm in a completely residential area) and it's "not that big a deal to walk a few extra feet".

If you were in this situation, would you get the car ticketed and/or towed?

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Of all the celebrity deaths, which has had the biggest effect on you?

Oh, and please don't mention a celebrity that died before you were even born. I swear to god, if another 12 year says how horrible Bob Marley's death was, I'm gonna flip.

For me, it's Michael Jackson. I'll never forget the day he died.
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so lj is dying. the less people who comment on my posts, the less i post - the less i post the less people who comment on my posts. let's keep our journals active by sticking together. can we have a friending post?

fill this out:
what you do alone these days:
what you do with friends these days:
what your journal is about:

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It's Friday and you're on a livejournal question community. Explain yourself. Why aren't you hanging out with your friends or at a bar like a normal person?

My explanation: Having a life is stupid.

Calling all plus-sized girls!

So I'm finally going to see my favorite Cirque Du Soleil show, Quidam, in 2 weeks. I'm excited and I'm getting a little cash this tax return and I want to buy myself a new outfit. I have many choices of shoes and accessories, but nothing as far as dresses. I usually shop at Lane Bryant, but I don't really like any of their dresses this season. I've scoured the internet but everything is either too plain or only comes up to a size 14 and I'm a 28

Anyway, I need suggestions on where I can order a cute dress on the interwebs in my size, cause I'm not finding anything.
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My son is a teenager, and he has a question.

How can he tell a girl that he's not interested in dating her, without feeling like a dick and hurting her feelings?
He asked me for advice, and I really could not help him. The few times that has happened to me, I have botched it up incredibly bad. Not only did I know I said the wrong thing as I was saying it, I still feel bad all these years later. (Yes, I actually said "I don't want to ruin our freindship")
How would TQC spare this girl's feelings?

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1. Have you ever been part of a massive amount of people tormenting/bullying a single individual?
2. Why did you do it?
3. Would you have had the balls to do it had no one else been doing it as well?
4. If you haven't done something like that, has it been done to you? How did it make you feel?
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So after seeing the video of the dad put 9 rounds into his daughter's laptop for being a mouthy little brat on facebook, I'm curious:

What was the worst punishment you got as a kid/teenager? What did you do to get it?

Now that you're older, do you think your actions merited the punishment?

DK/DC: What was the first car you ever owned, free and clear?

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i had a fucking terrible internship and my ex-boss occasionally emails me to turn up for gatherings and shit. every time he emails me, i am reminded of the bad experiences all over again and it turns my day upside down.

should i email him back to stop emailing me, and tell him WHY exactly he should stop emailing me? he seems to think we are still on good terms (for the better good, i did part on good terms but with a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu face behind my you know, face.)

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Recycling old questions!

"When you write the same post in more than one community, do you add the words "x-posted" or similar? Do you also list the communities that you have "x-posted" it to?

Why/Why Not?"

Alternatively, have you ever posted the same question to TQC more than once?

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Can we have a xaviermorphine appreciation post?

I love this guy so much I'm SCREAMIN! He is the breath of fresh fucks this community needs. He brings an air of I don't give a booty poppin' flip what you think and that's been missing from TQC for a long ass while. If he gets banned, I wil hold five, COUNT... five motherfucking candlelight vigils outside the mod's homes.