February 9th, 2012


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I've spent the past month or so in some intensive treatment for mental illness. What are some amusing lies I can tell nosy people who ask me what I've been up to?

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1. Let's say your stressed and could use a break. Would taking a day off work relieve some of that stress, or would missing the time at the office add to the stress?

2. Let's say you have to borrow a very large amount of money for an unexpected emergency. It's for something EXTREMELY important, so whoever you're borrowing from totally understands (so none of this "it depends what it is" business). What's the largest amount of money you think you could borrow and where's it coming from?

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what is the ideal peanut-butter-to-jelly ratio?

what kind of jelly?

crunchy or creamy peanut butter? or do you prefer a different kind of nut butter?

does anything else go on your ideal pb&j?
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Medical Question

Does anyone know of an over-the-counter pill/peroxide I can use to ease Gottron's papules? They're small, tiny red bumps that spread out over my knuckles. Not exactly painful, but they throb and they're uncomfortable and ugly.

I'd like to go to a dermatologist, but I'm low on cash this month and don't have off until Saturday when none of them are open, and these bumps are really bugging me and kind of embarrassing to look at.

A pic if you need it. The bumps are on my thumb and pointer finger:

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I'm at work right now and have bad menstrual cramps, so all I can think about is going home :( BUT...it's not even noon yet!! I already took Midol 15 minutes ago.

If I don't necessarily want to ask to go home, what are some things I can do for immediate relief? Dying here!
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For those of you who were in school on 9/11, what was it like? How did teachers and administrators react? Did it change your schedule for the day?
I was homeschooled, so I have no clue what it would've been like. But I am trying to write a scene about a national tragedy of similar scale and have no realistic reference point.

How can I curb my hunger? I always feel like eating. I try to drink a lot of water to feel full and occupy myself, and to keep my teeth brushed as a deterrent to snacking, but I feel like I need more help. It's not true hunger, it's more boredom eating than anything. :(

If you had a week to go anywhere in the US, where would you go?
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What is the worst thing anyone has ever done to you? How did you get over it (if you did)? How did it change you?

What is the kindest, most selfless act you've ever personally experienced or witnessed?

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when you think of a female deer, do you sing the song in your head?

inspired by the girl who was asked what a female deer is called, and she didn't know. -facepalm

dc: what do you love/not-love the most about your SO/best friend/parent?

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Do you watch Dance Moms?

Do you think it's odd there is a group of 9/10 year olds and one 14 year old dancing with them? Is this normal for dance? I thought they would be more with their age group.

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I just got shit for opening my bag of chips too loudly in a quiet study area. How can I make chips quieter in the future? Scissors are not an option.

How much trouble am I going to get in when I open this can of Red Bull that's sitting next to me?

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Hello TQC, hoping some of you are good with technology, as I am not and my powers of google are not helping me.

I have an old (5/6 years?) 80 GB ipod classic, and whenever I connect it to my computer (also a mac), it says it is corrupted and needs restoring. I do this, and still whenever I connect it, the ipod needs restoring.

It mostly works alright when I'm using it, but when I play something it freezes for a while, and I can't skip/change volume/look through what else I have for about 20 seconds.

It it just dead? Got a virus? Problem with the actual ipod?

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I need some new shows to watch on Netflix (streaming)
I just finished Doc Martin and the IT Crowd. I'm a huge fan of British tv, and I like drama, comedy, etc. Not too into fantasy/sci fi.
Any suggestions?
dk/dc - What's your favorite tv show?
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Hey TQC,

I'm considering getting an account with the internet provided here at student accommodation. What do you reckon would be the most bang for my buck?

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Most recent purchases?
I got this, I'm picking it up tomorrow :D

What are you up to at the moment? I'm watching the first season of Merlin while knitting :)
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How often do you eat Nutella?

Do you ever make your own nut butters? What kind? Do you add anything interesting to them?

I've made honey peanut butter and raw almond butter. I want to make almond butter with a bit of powdered sugar and some cocoa powder.
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Do you have any cooking resolutions for 2012? What are they?

Did you make any resolutions at all this year? If so, how are they going so far?

ETA: Any idea why LJ isn't letting me comment on posts or reply to comments? It lets me type in the comment field but when I hit the post comment button, it doesn't respond and the button just becomes un-clickable. Is anyone else having this problem? Its been like this since yesterday.
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I work at a small hotel...there are 4 front desk employees. We're all sick. I come into work today, and there is a note on our thermostat that says 'SANDIP SAYS DO NOT TOUCH'. Sandip is owner of our hotel, and the bastard left the heat setting to 58 degrees F. It's 33 degrees outside.

Will I be fired if I bump it up to 70 to get it to warm up in here? y/y?