February 8th, 2012

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just lost my shit at 8 of my older cousins after they walked into our share room, woke me up on my stretcher bed and were talkin about leavin the house after my dad (who is unbelievably hard to piss off) announced they could no lnonger stay here in future....


nothin brings the family together quite like a death... and nothin keeps it together quite like callin them disrespectful f***wits in a moment of rage....


anyone else screwed up immensely lately???

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My son graduates Basic Training in a month. What is an appropriate graduation gift?

full body massage
six pack of budweiser
other in comments

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I know there is a different group for this but I'm trying here first. I'm looking for a specific statistic website. They have stats/fun facts on lots of stuff but unfortunately the only bit I've been on is the name stats. You put in your name and it tells you what it means and a graph of when it was most popular and the average age of people called the name.
I think the home page was orange..? And had a sort of explosion thing around the search box... I'll recognize it when I see it... Any ideas?

I have tried looking but I'm only finding specifically baby name stat sites.. I wish I knew what else was on this site!! I think it covers all subjects.

Edit: its not a baby website. I wish I knew what else was on it but I'm not sure :(

Edit: the website is now in the comments. Thank you!!

Whata the common age of people with your name? mine is 60!! :( I'm 21 lol (aka my name is an 'old people' name!

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Do you think pop music from the past was better? I try not to be biased against modern-day pop but I can't help but feel that 80's Madonna and even some early 90's pop was just better written and more...emotional? (don't know if that's the right word to describe what I'm getting at) than all this present day synth-pop.

What say you all?

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What was the last rude thing someone has done to you?

I'm in an architecture studio and we get our own desks w/computers. I had a really bad throat infection for the past two weeks and ended up missing 2 weeks of class. And my fellow students completely trashed my desk, took it over and used it for their own use and ripped down my name tag which we were asked put on our desk on the first day of class. I'm rather irritated with their lack of respect.
Jimi Hendrix

TQC, I need your help.

I just completed a 30 day photography meme, and I really enjoyed having a list of things I had to capture with my camera and went all over the place getting them. I want to continue, but I'm stymied as to what mundane things I should capture on camera.

Here's the original meme under the cut. Will you guys read this and just throw out random events and things I can take photographs of? I hope to get another 30 days' worth.

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side tattoo

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what are good sites or comms to sell old books? (other than amazon and craigslist)
is it even worth it to try to sell books like the sweet valley high/babysitters club/gossip girl series?

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TQC, I'm feeling really down and blue right now, and don't want to do *anything*. I'm almost never this blue, but it's a hard week for me (three years ago my mom died on Valentine's Day and three years ago today was the last time I had a real conversation with her). My boyfriend's coming over in about an hour, so I have to make dinner, and then we're going out to hang out with some friends of ours. I *have* to make dinner, but there are a huge amount of dishes in my sink and I just don't want to even think about them. Should I just buck up and do some of the dishes? Or am I allowed the mope time? What cheers you up when you're going through a rough time?
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I have half a bottle of white wine in the fridge. It's been closed and in the fridge for almost two weeks since I opened it... would it make my food taste funky if I cook with it?

I have two twin sheet sets that I want to upcycle for a fundraiser sale thing. Can you think of anything small that I could mass-produce out of sheets? One set is white and the other is pale pink. I was thinking little dolls that I could stuff with old t-shirt scraps, but idk if anyone would want to buy them.

Anyone else here not like fruit very much? I always prefer veggies (unless pineapple or peaches are available!)
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

Fashion Historians?

Hai Guyyzzz....

I've got an idea in mind for a picture I'd like to work on, I've sketched out the roughs, but I'm struggling to find reference material. I know the sort of dress I want, but I don't know what era it's from to find picture refs.

My mental picture is most similar to the one on the far left - it's the closest I can find.

Any ideas which era might have produced something similar to that?

DK/DC - What historical fashion fad do you want to come back?
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So I recently purchased a Camelbak water bottle (it's the colorful kind with a sucker) and just mindlessly drank about 2-2.5 L of water within an hour while I was studying.

Should I be worried?

tacos > drugs

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TQC, I need some Tijuana Flats nachos in my life. Should I go to the location that is closer but has crappy parking, or the one that is farther away but better parking? I'm getting them to go.

Edit: Closer it is! New question, what do you like on your nachos? Mainly I just like lots and lots of cheese but if toppings are necessary I'm good for beans, meats, lettuce, tomato, and onion. I'm not a fan of sour cream/salsa/guac.

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what's the best Verizon Android phone currently? HTC is better even.

I have a Droid Incredible (got it when it came out); a couple of years later, it still works pretty well but I'm looking to upgrade.

I don't want an iPhone, despite having all Apple products otherwise (MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, iPod, Shuffle, etc).

Websites seem to be random and all ad-based.

Thoughts? Do any of you have informed opinions?

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Seen any good/funny/weird bumper stickers lately?

I saw one today that said "My truck was made by Americans with wrenches, not by chinks with chopsticks"

The truck also had those weird truck testicles and a rebel flag window cling thingy...

Yay southern Indiana... -_-

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Dear TQC tea addicts, 

I'm giving up caffeine because as much as I love coffee, my body hates it. I do still want to drink hot drinks though, and don't fancy decaf. Can you recommend any nice herbal teas? I'm not a big fan of fruit teas, but I'm willing to give anything else a go. 

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1. I seem to have topped out at 16% wins on Windows Solitaire. Is that pretty much the theoretical limit?

2. How would I figure out a fair asking price for a guitar? It's a Gibson, from back when they were made in Kalamazoo, acoustic guitar, looks to be entry-level but I don't know what to judge by. I'd rather list it on craigslist and sell locally instead of putting it on ebay and having to figure out how to ship it. There is no case.

harry styles → eiffel tower

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Is there any way to recover a deleted YouTube video? I accidentally deleted one of my videos and unfortunately I don't have a copy as it got lost when I got a new computer a while back. So far I've read that there was a way to do it up until about a month ago. Just wondering if anyone here may know of a different way that works? :/
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My SO's birthday is tomorrow. He loves ice cream, in particular a certain brand and flavor that isn't available in the town that he lives. So, I was thinking that I could bring him some as a gift (we're in a LDR). The other issue, though, is that he's on a diet. Nothing extreme or ultra restrictive, but he wants to lose about 20 lbs and become more fit. I'm concerned that the gift may be unappreciated b/c it would inhibit his diet. WWTQCD? Also, what gift(s) would be good for a geeky metalhead who's a horrie movie buff?