February 7th, 2012

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Hey TQC, I signed up to audition for The Voice in a little over a month. I've never really watched the show, but I'm supposed to have two songs ready to do acapella...how do I decide which ones to go with? I sing classical (would use Con Te Partiro), pop (Adele?), and country (Miranda Lambert's The House That Built Me). Any ideas/tips?

DK/DC: What is your favorite snack food?

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When writing an assignment, do you typically reference things as you go, or leave it until the end?

I always write my assignment then add in references after it's done, but I think it seems kind of silly of me to do it that way. Then again I don't think it really affects my grades.
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If you could be a doctor, what would you specialize in? Let's say that all options are on the table-- everything from dentistry to psychiatry to podiatry to even veterinary medicine.

Crazy Cat Lady/Cat Repellent

Our next door neighbor is a crazy cat lady. She leaves food outside several times a day and feeds all sorts of stray cats, not to mention a slew of racoons and possums that live in the tree between our yards.

My issue is with a particular cat that is ALWAYS on our porch furniture and in our yard. I loathe cats, and they make me sneeze, so I can't sit on my patio because of the damn cat. Do you have any remedies to keep the cat(s) away from my porch/yard? I've tried spraying it with a hose, scaring it with a can of coins, etc, but I'm thinking more along the lines of a odoriferous material that will keep it away, kinda like the opposite of cat nip. HELP!!

dk/dc: Will you tell me about your nutty neighbors??
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Inspired by idlemandjustice.

It's the year 2099, a new law is being voted on for topless men to have to cover up their torso in public.

Do you vote for it? How much do they have to cover up? What do they wear at the beach? Would you support swimming suit one-pieces? Would it be okay for them to be topless at the same time their female SO is topless and breastfeeding their baby? Is the male torso sexual?

This is obviously very serious and should garner serious replies only.

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1. Are you a vegetarian who grew up eating meat but later made a personal choice to be vegetarian? If so, do you feel healthier or any different post-no more meat?

2. If you smoke cigarettes regularly (at least one every day), do you ever plan on quitting?

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saw this while reading an advice column:
"No one should marry their first serious boyfriend/girlfriend unless they live on some weird island and can’t get off it. There is so much to learn before you make that kind of commitment."

agree or disagree?
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I have a math problem.
I also have the answer to said math problem.

"If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hour, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?

2 hours and 24 minutes"

My question is what is the formula for solving this?

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Does anyone remember those Princess Diaries book series? My friend says she remembers reading some, but from a slave's point of view, like the opposites of the princesses. Does anyone remember this series? Please no passing on to another community, thank you.

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I just had my second little girl a month ago. My oldest is very excited to be a big sister! I grew up with a brother, and I love him, but I don't know what it is like to have a sister. (I even have a bunch of cousins, but they were all boy/girl sets). My best friend has one and they are indeed very close but I know that doesn't always happen. If you identify as female, do you have a sister? What is it like? Any advice on parenting two little girls?

Also, I'm the oldest kid, and my husband is an only child. We, as well as our firstborn, both have the stereotypical traits of that birth order (strong-willed leader types, in both a positive and negative way). While not everyone conforms to the stereotype and this new one may very well end up with a personality like the rest of us, any tips on parenting the baby of the family?
Feel free to answer as either the parent or the kid (or both) for both questions, if they both apply.

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Who here watched the television premiere of Smash last night? What did you think of it, so far?

(I've been following it since the summer, I loved it, it met and exceeded my expectations, and expect great things for this season!)
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Tell me of your Valentine's Day feelings (or Singles' Awareness Day, if that's how you swing).

What do you think of it? Wonderfully romantic? Way overblown? An excuse to get in someone's good favour by presenting them with a gift? Muh? Hate? Adoration?

Do you have any plans for this day of joint wonder, uncaring, and hate?

Do you celebrate the 15th, otherwise known as Half Priced Chocolate Day?

Used to hate it for a while, now I really don't care- I'm more interested in the holidays that fell around or on the 14th that were incorporated to make a more "sanctioned" holiday.

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TQC, what have the posties been doing with my international mail? In the last 24 hours I've had two assumed-missing parcels turn up. One was posted on October (from the US), the other in November (from Canada). They normally take about 5-10 business days to Australia, so 70+ days is extraordinary. Where has my mail been all this time?

Would you buy tickets to a mystery holiday destination? Ticket includes one night of accommodation at the destination, and return flights.
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What do you think about a child-free woman selling her eggs just because she wants the money?
What about if she's extremely vocal about not having children because there are too many in the world and is extremely pro-adoption?
Does it make a difference in your opinion if it was a man selling sperm?
If such a person was your friend and told you they were doing this, what would you say?

Have you ever sold/donated your reproductive material? Why?

dk/dc: What's your favorite candy?
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Orange you glad I didn't say "banana"?


Have you ever done any of these things?

eaten raw meat or fish
bathed in something other than water
wondered what that blue stuff is that they use in diapers and maxi pad commercials
wished you had a robot maid like Rosie
gotten ink all over your mouth from chewing on a pen
dipped the peanut butter knife into the jelly
spit out food you didn't like while in a restaurant
paired a red wine with fish
folded a piece of paper more than 12 times
kissed a total stranger on the mouth
buried treasure
lied about having done your homework
peeled a grape
stopped to smell the roses
Noooope. Never done any of those things

Random Adventure Vacation

My boyfriend and I have been saving for a "random adventure" vacation since last year. Basically, we go to the airport on a Friday, pick a place to travel to for the weekend (a flight that is leaving that day), and book a hotel and plan what we'll do there once we get there/on our layover, before our flight.

I just found out he got two round trip airtran vouchers, so we are definitely doing it. Where would be a cool place for us to visit?

We live in Orlando and would have to be back before Monday morning. I know I shouldn't be asking and just be "spontaneous", but I want to dream! NYC in my opinion takes more than just a weekend, and we've already been to New Orleans, Boston, Savannah and Chicago.
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I'm applying for an audition, and I don't feel very confident. I mean, I know if I got the job, I could do it. It's just the whole audition process that I have difficulty with. And I need to come up with something in my email other than 'hi there, here's me resume!'

What should I do to make myself feel awesome, so that I can sell myself in the email?

How do I stop feeling like a total mess?

Have you felt like you tanked an audition/interview, and then got the job? Will you tell me about it?
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If you were going to an all you can eat taco bar to raise money and admission was listed as "donation", how much would you donate?

*it is to help raise money for some travel costs associated with a co-workers grandson having heart surgery this spring
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unrelated questions

Is there a song that is just an average or common song to everyone else, but bothers you when you hear it for some reason?

Do you know why that is?
How frequently do you have sex dreams?
How frequently do you have nightmares?
How frequently do the two overlap?
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Anyone else annoyed with the "I'm a Mormon" commercials on youtube? I am.

They are so condescending. "I'm a mom, a student, a friend. And I'm a Mormon." And? that doesn't make you special. I'm not shopping for freaking religion. I want to make one saying "I don't lie, steal or cheat. I don't murder people, I believe everyone is equal. And I'm an Atheist." blah. I really dislike religion.
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Do you think you're more intelligent than the average person?


Does this make you proud?


Have you ever, do you currently, or are you intending to attend an institution of higher learning?


Does having a formal postsecondary education mean a person has academic privilege?


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I have to take my foster kittens to an adoption event this weekend. I've grown very attached. How bad is it going to suck when they get adopted?

My tummy hurts. Will someone sing 'Soft Kitty' to me?

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Okay, this might be vague but bear with me...

Do any of you have that comic where it's like "what men see" and it shows a girl complaining about her boyfriend and ignoring ~the nice guy, and then it's like "how it really is" and it shows the guy is actually creepy and clingy in retrospect? 

Since my original question was anwered:
What trend do you hate the most?  Show your work (if applicable)!
Or, what fashion no-no have you committed?

I am queen of Ugg boots in public, don't even curr.
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How do you feel about advertisements urging people to become vegetarian? The last ad I saw was in the subway and said something along the lines of "You wouldn't eat your pet dog, so why a pig?" Who's paying for these ads anyway?
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Help Needed: Contest Naming

So, a friend and I, who are pretty much the bar tenders for the Mid South Con Hospitality (Con) Suite in Memphis are trying to start a new contest.

This one is for trying to guess how many bottle caps are in this huge Animal Crackers container (Stauffer's brand, 78 oz big jug that you find at Sam's Club) and the prize is at least one of these.

So far, we've come up with Bottle Cap Mania, but I'm not sold on that name.  :)

The text of the contest is:  "Are you sober enough to guess how many bottles we went through last year?  If so, write down your best guess!  Winner announced on Sunday for this lovely prize.
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My new roommate just told me that she loves the Twilight series because they're so "well-written" and "Stephenie Meyer is an excellent author." Sigh.

What's the last thing someone said that made you sad for humanity?

NSFW gif

I'm trying to find a totally NSFW .gif file. In it, a young woman is giving a blowjob to her partner (who is filming) when suddenly a cat hops onto the bed. It sniffs the penis curiously and then hastily backs off. Totally hilarious. Anyone know which one I'm talking about?

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have u ever discovered urself in a situation where the thing that comforted u the most about u is changed...
my family mean the world to me but amongst the conversations about drug abuse, screwin peoples partners and the like I find some myself. discovering I am less like my family then I ever thought.
there is nothin to discuss... I am my grandfathers grandchild, my fathers daughter and the conservative but playful bug is the only bit of my family I got.


have u ever experienced one of these moments??

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