February 6th, 2012

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If you just got engaged and your future husband gave you an awesome ring, would you post a status with a photo of the ring on Facebook?

If not, why ?
What would you think of the person that did make such a post ?
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Yesterday my co-worker called me 3 times to see if I would trade shifts with her today. I was not available to take the calls, nor was I able to return the call until very late in the evening. She left a voicemail all 3 times, and in the last one all she said was "Thanks for calling me back" in a very hateful tone. Needless to say the last message really irked me, and if it hadn't been too late to call already, I probably wouldn't have returned her call because of her rudeness. My question is, if I see her today (our shifts would overlap if she shows up for work) how do I handle it? I feel I don't owe her an explanation, but do I say something about the nasty voicemail or just pretend like nothing happened?

pls help me see the bright side

so im currently sleepin on a stretcher descirbed as ''uncomfortable as hell'' by the aunt that ever so politely decided to take my bed, I havent has a good nights sleep in over a month, im sharin a room with four people, my pop just died and today when it was dinner time I couldnt even find a freakin spot at the table cause everyone in my extended family seems to forget they r actually in someones home....
i'm one small shove away from screamin bloody murder and I have three days at least to go....
make me laugh. wat would u do in my situation??

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I'm taking two night classes that let out around 10pm. When I walk to my car, I'm usually alone and walking through a part of campus where no one can really see me. Every day since I've registered, we've had emails about security issues.

Should I try to make a friend in class to walk with me to my car?
I don't think I would mind if someone asked me, but I don't know if that's a weird request.

What was the biggest birthday gift you've ever received?
My friend and his boyfriend are giving me an iphone for my birthday today and I'm sososo excited! :D
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When you watch movies by yourself, are you able to sit still during the entire movie and focus just on that, or do you have to pause every so often and do something else? What's your movie behaviour like with other people? What about when you watch TV?

I've been watching The Lovely Bones on and off since about midnight. I get fidgety during movies regularly, but when I watch them alone, it can take a few hours to get through one because I just can't focus on it for long periods of time. TV is completely out of the question unless it's really interesting and for very short amounts of time.

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As I was walking to work earlier this morning, I ran into the girlfriend of my newly ex-boyfriend's friend (he's also sort of friends with her). We made like 30 seconds of small talk, and to be polite, I said, "well, maybe we should get coffee sometime since we work so close to each other." I'd only hung out with her 2 or 3 times when my ex was in town (we were long distance), so I don't even know her too well.

She just sent me a FB message asking if I'd like to get together this weekend. I'll be out of town so I can't. But even if I could, is this even a good idea? Since my ex is living in a different continent and because the breakup only happened about 2 weeks ago, I'm assuming that she doesn't know about the breakup yet.

In this situation, would you just tell her you're going out of town and then never set up another time to meet? Would you meet up with her? If so, would you give your ex a heads up?

I'm going to write back to her to tell her that I can't meet up this weekend as I'll be out of town. If it is inappropriate and unnecessary to hang out with her, I feel it'd be rude to not get back to her at all about rescheduling or coming right out and saying, "Ex-bf and I broke up, so I think it'd be better we don't meet."
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What is that?!

So, I was watching one of my favorite movies last night. There's one scene, where the main character is handed a bundle containing bullets -- and something else. Now, I have NO IDEA what this thing is, and it's been driving me nuts for years. Take a look:

...What do you guys think it is?
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What would be good sources of evidence that I could talk about having these essential traits in a phone interview?

• The ability to think critically, make sound judgments, and generate multiple solutions to challenges

• Exemplary professionalism, including reliability in meeting commitments and deadlines, professional oral and written communication skills, and professional interactions with others
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Will you post two or three pictures of your bedroom or favourite room ever so people can comment on cool, interesting, or eye catching items, or just to show off? Do you have any plans for that room (repainting, moving furniture, new bed)?
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Assuming you bought a e-book copy of an author's book, do you think it would be deemed offensive to go to a book signing and ask that author to sign the back of your Kindle/Nook/e-reader/whatever instead of a paper copy of their book?
Firefly ; shiny!

Hair Care

I recently switched to Aussie Sun-Drenched Shine shampoo and conditioner, and my hair is so soft and smooth and shiny now. BUT, I've noticed that soon after I made the switch to Aussie, I've been plucking out a lot more grey hairs then ever before (I'm only 24). I'm not sure if it's because of the Aussie shampoo/conditioner, or if it's because of the increased stress this school term (in my final year of university). Has anyone ever had this problem with Aussie?
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How would you live your life differently if we actually WERE all going to die in December?

(Inspired by a random car conversation on the way home from the grocery store.  I couldn't decide on anything myself.)

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For those of you who have already filed, how much are you getting back on taxes?

We are getting just over 6k back and Im seriously excited!!!!

What are you planning to buy?

Im planning on upgrading my Nikon DLSR (Going to a 5100) and a trip to Florida to visit my Grandma who I havent seen since I was 12 and again, IM SO EXCITED!!!

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Do you think that Facebook is a good platform for people to discuss politics and current events that matter to them, or do you think it's inappropriate (and if so, when)?

What are some things that you think are off limits to talk about on your Facebook (religion? politics? complaining about job? etc.)? Or do you have the attitude, "it's my page; I can discuss whatever I want and the same goes for others"?

ETA: I ask because I posted this picture, which I partially created, to my FB and I worry that it's over the top.

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Poll #1817134 Uncomfortable sex questions

The celebrity you find the most desirable is sitting right next to you and your best friend at the bar! He/she smiles at you and makes conversation and you guys are hitting it off. The subject of threesomes comes up, and he/she said that they'd like to try it, and if you two (you and your friend) would like to be the 2 other people in the menage a trois. "It's going to get pretty filthy up there, and we're all going to get pretty acquainted with each other". He/she has no interest in having sex one-on-one with you, but only as a threesome. Would you be willing to have sex next to and possibly WITH your best friend in order to have sex with your celebrity crush?

A few more drinks and I may be talked into it

You bump into an attractive stranger at a party and you two hit it off. You have so much in common! There's something really familiar about this person, but you can't place it. Maybe your'e soulmates! Against your better judgment, you go back to his/her place and you end up having sex. It's really good sex. You're about a minute away from orgasm when you see a photograph on the back wall. It's your aunt and uncle! Holy shit, you're banging your cousin! Now, considering how close to the finish line you are...do you finish, or do you stop the sexing right there?

Stop. Jesus. I can't possibly continue

You're at a ritzy bar, alone, when Newt Gingritch sits next to you. "You look absolutely delicious. You're just 'my type'. I insist you come back with me, to my room, where we'll have sex ALL night long. My viagra is kicking in. Now, I realize that not everybody is thrilled at the idea of hooking up with me, so I'm willing to pay you. Just tell me when to stop". He pulls out a money clip and starts laying $100 bills on the table, one after another. How much money would have to be there for you to take him up on his offer? Be honest. What's the minimum you'd bang Newt for? Not how much you'd press him for, but the least amount of money you'd sleep with him

$10,000 (this is as high as he'll go)
I have a figure, but it's waaay higher than 10k
There is no monetary figure high enough to make me put out for this guy

You're with your best friend at a ritzy party. Your best friend is in a committed relationship. At the party, oddly enough, is the celebrity crush that he/she is the most hot for. They talk. They hit it off. Your friend says that he/she HAS to hook up with this celebrity tonight. It's the only shot they have. Please hold her purse (or his cell phone) until they're done. They go upstairs. You're waiting downstairs, shocked at the turn of events. Suddenly the cell phone rings (it's inside the purse if your friend is a girl). It's your friend's significant other. He/she sounds like there's something on their mind. He/she asks you, after you explain that your friend isn't around "Is my partner cheating on me? I have this suspicion. I don't know why. Please...be honest with me. I'm going nuts here". What do you say?

"My friend would never cheat on you! He/she loves you! Now, go to sleep and when my friend is available, he/she will call you and tell you how silly you are for worrying"
Sigh "I don't have to have to tell you this, but I can't lie to you. Yes. Your lover is cheating on you, but you have to understand why". You then explain the situation
You don't intend to reveal what your friend is doing, but if his/her partner makes some good guesses, you'll divulge the scenario
"Are you psychic? Cause you sure seem to know a whole lot about what's going on. You should go buy some lottery tickets"
"Um...I can't talk now. It's too busy. Your partner will call you back soon. Sorry. I just can't talk now"

You're dating someone new. One day, your lover asks you to housesit for him/her. Needs you to look after the pets. Just for one night. You agree. That night, while you're at the house, you're perusing your bf/gf's dvd library for something good to watch, when you come across a small porn section. Curious, you sift through them all. Among them is a burned disc that simply says "Chris and I". You know that Chris is his/her ex. Do you watch the dvd?

Yes. I am compelled
No. That's just an invasion of privacy
No. I can't handle what's on that dvd
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Where can I buy a really nice towel rack with a shelf?
I don't want one that's plated with chrome that will chip off and rust (or look cheap) but don't want to spend 200 dollars at Pottery Barn either. Any ideas?

What was the last DIY project you did?
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How readily do you spend money on your pets? Is there a limit to how much you'll spend on their medical needs?

I brought my cats in for checkups and vaccines and had to leave one (see icon) for dental work and to remove a small mass my vet spotted in his mouth (which I'm sort of wigging out about). That will probably be at least another $1000, and fingers crossed that it isn't malignant because I'll end up spending my last dime giving that cat a clean bill of health. I'll also be dropping about $3000 this spring on eye surgery for my newly adopted dog who is blind as shit.

Meanwhile, my clothes have holes in them, my lawn hasn't been cared for since last spring, and I bring my garbage to work so I don't have to pay for trash pick up.

edit: So happy to know that this community is full of animal nuts like myself, lol
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Do you think having more material wealth would make you happier?


On the whole, do you trust your fellow citizens?


Do you think anyone can accomplish whatever they want if they just put their minds to it?


Do you ever feel socially isolated?


Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder?

I'm not telling you that

Would you sacrifice economic growth for social equality?


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Medical peeps: what is the procedure before putting an unconscious person through an MRI?

I have a paranoia that medical staff wouldn't check for my piercings and they'd get ripped out by the machine D:

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My boyfriend's dad had a stroke this weekend and has been in the hospital. He's going to be coming home this week. My boyfriend and I live too far to go see him, but we want to send him something. I was thinking a care package.

What should I include in a care package for a 50-some-year-old man that just had a stroke?

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TQC, my dad's boyfriend broke up with him today (I think) because he thought my dad had too much baggage. Never mind that I kind of agree with the boyfriend's (or ex boyfriend, maybe) assessment. What should I do to keep my dad from crying while we're watching the Bachelor tonight? It's our Monday night thing and he'll be getting home from work in a few minutes. I've already made dinner and am planning on making tea for us. How do you help your parents through a breakup?

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Which of these should I make for my boyfriend's birthday? He loves Funfetti. I made him a standard Funfetti cake last year for his birthday, but after my brother's birthday (where I made a carmelized banana peanut butter cheesecake) my boyfriend said he wanted something "fun" for his next birthday, but still wouldn't give me any guidance other than Funfetti.

Which of these should I make?

Which should I make for my boyfriend's birthday?

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I'm looking at car stereos. A lot of them now have "iPod USB" ports and AUX ports. If I plug my iPod into the USB port, does the audio go through there into the stereo or does that just charge it? Do I still need to use the AUX port too or just the USB one?
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Anyone have a subscription to the 100 books by Easton Press? I'm thinking of doing it and wondered if anyone had any experience with them. 11 years to collect seems kind of comforting in a strange way. Wouldn't it be amazing if NatGeo did something similar in quality?

Do you collect anything?

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In an opinion letter in my local newspaper, a person stated that requiring religious institutions to purchase government approved healthcare plans - ones that happen to cover sterilization and contraception - were a "violation" of his beliefs and "the first step toward the government decreeing what all citizens must believe and support".

I wanted to write a rebuttal and included the line: "Paying for health insurance that also covers birth control does not imply that one supports it any more than paying for car insurance would imply that one supports drunk driving." Obviously that was a bad analogy.

I have three analogies and I can't decide which one:
1. Paying for health insurance that also covers birth control does not imply that one supports it - it implies that you have the compassion not to exclude the many people who do not share your faith but desperately need that healthcare.

2. Paying for health insurance that also covers birth control does not imply that one supports it any more than paying taxes would imply that all taxpayers support Congress members' six-figure salaries.

3. Paying for health insurance that also covers birth control does not imply that one supports it. When you've paid for an airline ticket that includes a television, you might not watch it - but boy is it a luxury for the family with small children who need that distraction.

Which do you think is best?

If you're interested in commenting on my full letter, Collapse ) Constructive criticism would be great.

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1. I've never had to formally quit a job before. Am I supposed to type up a short, official letter of resignation? (Btw, this isn't a part-time job. It's a full-time 9-5 position).

2. What is all the hype over Downton Abbey? Is it worth watching?
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So when is it appropriate or good timing to discuss, upon entering a new job, previously made plans for being away? I have a vacation weekend already planned with other people, in mid-March. I would need Friday to Monday off, and it is also the last weekend of Spring break. The last bit is important, because I'll be working at Publix that is practically on campus here.

So... when is it a good time to bring up said plans, in order to ensure I get the most opportunity to actually be able to go?
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What was the last thing that exploded in your microwave?

I just tried making spaghetti-in-a-box. Turns out the part about leaving the lid open is very, very crucial.
Your sarcasm AMUSES me!

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Does it bug you when people are in the way when it was well within their power to not be in the way?

If so, then why the fuck are you in the way when it was well within your power to not be in the way?