February 5th, 2012


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Should I turn around and slap my husband in the eye if he makes one more passive-aggressive comment to the baby about being cranky and him not having a boob while I am finally eating dinner at ONE IN THE MORNING?

Carrots and peanut butter yea or nay?

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So, I have insanely curly thick hair (i.e. an afro) and I'm pretty naive when it comes to hair. I know that if your hair is that curly you're not supposed to wash it very often. But what confuses me is that if you put hairspray or gel in, you have to wash it out that day right? So then you have to wash it every day...unless I'm missing something. Can anyone explain this? I always flat-iron my hair but damn is that a pain, is there a way to make managing this kind of hair less insane?

Whether or not you're curly, how do you manage/cut/style your hair? Have you ever gotten a haircut that you thought would look good on you but ended up regretting it?
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1. what is your favorite documentary? (if you had to pick one)

2. what is your favorite nail polish color?

3. are you more introverted or extroverted?

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My daughter is going on a trip.
I am going to buy her a day pack.
HOW do I convince her to get the back pack I want her to get ($66 USD) instead of the one ($120 USD)she wants to get??????
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EDIT: bc my question has been answered and I talk about shoes too much!

Do you have a favorite sheep's milk cheese? I have recently started eating Petit Agour all the time. Some review I read described it as smelling like dewy wool or something.
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Where or how can I get the March issue of British Vogue (I'm in the US)? They've closed down Barnes & Noble and that's the only place I've seen it in my city. I do not want to subscribe to the magazine just for one issue--one I won't start out with anyway.

Please help. It comes out tomorrow.
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I'm trying to get in touch with someone I haven't seen since 2004 - and the only thing I know about him is his occupation.

He was a NYC bus driver.  I know what his route was back then, but that is the only thing I know.  Is there any way one might go about accessing such MTA records?

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Around 3am, some guy sent me a text looking for someone else. We started texting back and forth and ended up talking for at least an hour. We were both drunk-texting but surprisingly coherent. We told each other to keep in touch.

Would you text the mystery person again?

What are your hangover cures?

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anyone of effexor xr?

ive been on 150mg for 4-5 years, but i was not really thinking this morning and i'm 99% sure i took it twice so i'm pretty sure i downed 300mg. is this why i'm really hyper? am i going to have a seizure? if i have a seizure can i get out of cleaning my room?

how much do you hate effexor? have you ever done this? what happened?
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Do you read the comics in your paper, and if so which ones? I used to, but now I get the Kindle version of my local paper and it does not include the comics. My favorite was Dilbert, but I used to love The Far Side back when it was around.
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free credit report

Where can I find my free credit report?
I tried using freecreditreport.com but they wanted money for it. There was a site I'd used a couple years ago that was actually free, but I don't know what that is at the moment.

I want to start getting my debts cleared, and building my credit.


Thanks for answering the previous post, folks. It was helpful.

So it is Sunday, and I have nothing to do except hang with the dogs.

Should I got get a bottle of liquor, some ice cream, and make drunk-shakes?


Suggestions on what kind are also welcome.
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Is there something that you LOVED to eat that the company doesn't make anymore?

My brother LOVED Rice Krispie Treats Cereal, they stopped making it a couple years ago but he recently found it again. I love Caramello but I haven't been able to find them in 6 months.
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what is your relationship with/ feelings towards your extended family?

what are some personality traits that you've probably inherited from your family members (whether your immediate or extended family)?

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TQC, I am working on a tattoo idea. I'd like to get a visual representation of the idea that there is nothing more important than passing on skills, honing young minds (an indirect quote by Dumbledore).

What do you picture when you think of passing on ancient skills/honing young minds/education in general?
(Hoping for something other than a stack of books or an apple or something stereotypically school-ish)

Bonus points if it will look good with a bumblebee incorporated.
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If you're a super bowl half-time performer - do you *have* to lip sync your performance? I mean, is it required?

dk/dc - I'm going to San Francisco in a few months. Where should I stay and what should I do?
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What is your opinion (if any) on stretched ears?
What is you opinion (if any) on wearing fake high-gagued earring? (Like these)

Wanna show me pictures of your various piercings and tattoos?

*Edit because I worded it incorrectly. Wanted opinion more on the piercings and not so much on the people with the piercings.
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if you were having an interview for an au pair job in istanbul (or anywhere, for that matter), what are some less obvious questions you would ask the family? they've already discussed their kid's daily schedule, what my usual tasks would be, and the living accommodations. i feel like i should have some questions prepared, but i'm drawing a major blank.

have you ever been to istanbul? did you feel safe? what sights would you recommend seeing?
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Yuck, I still feel like crap. Is it better to drink hot or cold liquids with a sore throat? Both make it feel better, but I am sure I read an article once where it said hot is better because it can kill bacteria/viruses in your throat. What do you think?

and, have you see any good Superbowl commercials? I'm only seeing them as ads on youtube, but they are kind of blah.
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Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you watch the Puppy Bowl?

Which was better iyo?

I sat there playing the sims during the game and didn't actually look at the players until the last five minutes or so unless my mom was yelling anything particularly loud. I didn't know who was winning except at the quarter ends. The Puppy Bowl however is the greatest thing I've ever seen.