February 4th, 2012


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Which one's bigger, the right one or left one?

Is it just me, or is it getting happier the more I pet it?

do they like being kissed? Cause I want to

You know we're talking about kittens, right?

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Your friend tells you s/he feels s/he suffers from Gender Identity Disorder. Other than listening attentively and just being there for conversation and support, how do you express your care toward him/her?

Serious answers preferred.
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 So the theatre on my university's campus is screening 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' on the eleventh, and I was thinking of going. However.

1)  Would it be weird to go by myself?
2) I don't know any of the call-backs or anything. Again, would it be/feel weird to go by myself?
3)  ... what should I wear?  Hypothetically.

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Do you ever receive movies from Netflix and figure, “Where the hell did THIS come from?”

Yesterday, we got a movie called “Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story.” I guess it’s a documentary about people who answered ads in the back of magazines looking for songwriters. The thing is, I never requested this film, and my wife denies ever hearing of it, either. This has happened before. Sometimes, it seems as though Netflix just sends us random movies, like their algorithm decides, “I just KNOW they’ll love this one!”

Have you ever gotten something odd from Netflix?

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I did NaNoWriMo (a writing thing) and I’ve been going to a writing group that has tried to continue on meeting in cafes in non-NaNo months, but it has fizzled out to 2 or 3 people going (the third being my friend). So the other guy let’s call him Mike has invited me, just me, to his place today to write. I feel uncomfortable about this because a. I don’t know him all that well - I’ve only sat by him to write and chat sometimes. b. he is unemployed, lives in a bad neighborhood. c. he seems REALLY keen on me coming to his house, always inviting me over for dinner etc. I am a lesbian and not interested in him, and what if he is just coming on to me? Or he could just be being nice, but I cannot tell. I am more reserved and just don’t trust him completely. I’d feel guilty if I said no though.

I would much rather write by myself, or continue meeting in coffee shops with more people. Am I being ridiculous and I should just go? Or how do I tell him no indefinitely while being polite? I could come up with an excuse for this weekend but then he’d ask me again next weekend.

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I have a cold. It is snowy and cold out. I also need to go out and pick up things from local businesses today for a charity basket my company is putting together for an event on Wednesday.

I am thinking a shower would make me feel better, but then I would have to blow dry my hair, and thinking about that just makes me feel tired. Should I just go, and get back quick so I can go to bed? Or wait and see if it gets better out? I can still see grass, and the road looks to be plowed, so that's not really a problem.
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as a few of u know my pop died a few days ago. and because he lived with us my house is now a refugee camp for all my 50 cousins. this mornin my parents announced how my room is now my uncles room and I have a camp stretcher in a room with four other people...
I grieve alone.


would it be rude to ask if I could live in a tent for a week???

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Is your family (immediate and extended) concentrated in one area of the world? Or are you all pretty much scattered?

My entire family on both sides (which is a BIG family) with the exception of one aunt and uncle live in only two states, Arizona and Alaska.

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How would you feel if you were at a really fun and funky concert at a club and someone sprayed some ultrafine pink glitter on you? They don't ask, and they didn't expect you to even notice. They think they're spreading sparkly cheer.

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I am getting very confused.

I was sort of seeing this guy (lets call him LW) - it was good fun sometimes, but when we fought it was often pretty bad. Over a period of months I really fell for him, but then after seeing his bad side my feelings changed. I told him I didnt have the same feelings any more, so I left his house. But he followed me. He started screaming at me down the street. I dont remember what he was saying because I was too scared. I started crying and asking him to please just leave me alone and saying that I just wanted to go home, could we talk about this later. He kept getting in my way and trying to physically stop me from walking. I was terrified by that point. He wouldnt stop screaming at me. Eventually I just sort of tripped/fell down/collapsed. A stranger ran over and I was just begging the stranger to take me home (which he eventually did after he got rid of this crazy guy).
1. LW has since told me it is/was ok for him to yell at me and make me scared. Is that true... ? It doesnt seem like it to me... I understand that he was hurt but I dont see how its ~acceptable for him to act that way towards me and literally scare me. 
2. LW says it is my fault that he screamed at me and that he takes no responsibility for his actions. What do you think about that? Again.. I know I upset him but he is the one who chose to react that way .... 

LW also once said 'sometimes I feel like stabbing you in the chest'. He felt like I wasnt listening to him or something.. I dont exactly remember the situation. (That was a few months ago). He is still angry at me that I dont love him, and he told me that he is allowed to be mad at me for not loving him (and it is ok for him to actually take his anger out on me for me not loving him) and that basically its my fault that he said the thing about the stabbing. Is it my fault?

Whenever I tell him how he is making me feel with all of this crap he eventually ends up getting angry at me. He says that I am punishing him and that he is sick of hearing my spite and resentment towards him. But I am just trying to explain that he is hurting me.....

I am in two minds about the whole thing right now..... One side of me just thinks its crazy that it could be my fault... I didnt choose to not like him and I didnt do anything that horrible to make him want to stab me........  but because he just keeps drilling it in my head that it is ok for him to scream at me... apparently i need to see a broken hearted man....  I'm just confused...

Edit: Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I have blocked/deleted LW from facebook.

I feel so stupid that I actually liked him

Edit 2: Thank you again to everyone that has since commented. I re-read my update and all the comments and I just thought 'holy shit girl!! what have you been thinking!?'. So yes, I am seriously not going to talk to him any more. I've blocked him from fb and I've blocked his friends who were rather rude to me following me deleting him. I havent figured out how to block his texts but so far there havent been any! So thats good :) If they do get nasty, I will get outside assistance asap!

I am so grateful for all your support <3 I was seriously stuck in a bad place but I feel good now that I've made the decision to stay safe & not talk to him any more :) Seriously, thank you to everyone that replied <3

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Oh hay thar

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You know how when you are explaining something you're really passionate about and the person you are talking is moving their lips to what you are saying? What is the technical/scientific name for that? I know there is one, I read about it before, but Google isn't helping.

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I ordered an item online that's been shipped from Canada to the US via "Expedited USA" shipping.  It was shipped on 1/31 and on 2/1 the status was updated to "International item has arrived in a foreign country"; there have been no updates since then.  Does anyone have experience with this shipping method and know approximately how much longer it should take and what company will be delivering it?

ETA:  anthylorrel so smartly pointed out that I can throw the Canada Post tracking number into the USPS site, and it's in my city!

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What's the standard format of a debate?

I vaguely remember doing one in middle school. I remember something like the affirmative made a point, the negative made a point and they each got time for a rebuttal, but I don't recall order or anything like that.

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If I dont have vanilla will it ruin this cookie recipe?


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Dk/dc/cant photoshop for shit: What is the last thing you did that your proud of yourself for?

I just went grocery shopping and only bought ingredients for meals rather than our normal habit of just buying easy microwave meals since Jasper was born...Im going to attempt to get back on track with meal planning.


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Has anything someone said recently confused/annoyed you? What did they say/What was your reaction?

Based on me walking out of the dinner hall with a couple of plums for an afternoon snack and some guy with a full plate of  bacon, what looked to be at least six hash browns and four sausages yelled out piggy. :(

What are you up to at the moment?
I'm knitting and watching the A Team on tv, so wonderfully cheesy :P
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Let's assume you live in a medium-sized city, with a relatively low violent crime rate, in a pretty nice neighborhood, in a pretty safe apartment complex community (that is gated and requires a keycard to get into/out of), you live with your spouse and 2 cats (no kids), and you are both home, piddling around the house on a Saturday afternoon.

Poll #1816661 To Lock or Not To Lock

Do you keep your front door locked?


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Does your state allow gay marriage? How do you feel about it? Mine is just about to legalize it, and I’m all in favor of it. I can’t for the life of me think of any logical reason to oppose it.

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I have an assignment for a class that is VERY open-ended and will serve as the basis for a group discussion. It's a "what would you do in this situation" question where there are no 100% correct answers. Would it be in poor taste to ask a friend who has actually been in that particular situation what they would do? I have very little idea as to how I should answer it otherwise. (It's not being graded)

If this means nothing to you:
How is your day? What's new? What's going on?

annoying question

You take over someone's lease and pay February's rent. The girl whose lease you're taking over says she'll be out on February 3rd. You ask her to text you so you can meet up and get the key from her. She does not text you that night, and when you eventually text her, says that she left the key with her roommate. You ask her when her roommate will be home (as you don't have the roommate's number), but she doesn't respond.

The next day you drive to the townhouse, and a different roommate answers the door. She says the roommate who has your key is at work but gives you her number. You send her a text to which she does not respond, but you figure she may still be at work and decide you'll just have to play the waiting game.

Would you be annoyed in this situation? I feel like the girl whose lease I took over is giving me the run-around, and it's kind of irksome because I've already paid for the whole month of February.
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For those of us who are not watching the Super Bowl tomorrow, what are you doing?

I plan on getting a coffee and hunkering down in front of my computer, starting the book I just bought or start the third season of a TV show.

and because I feel this needs to be added:

I think I might go crazy and do pearler beads as well. I haven't done that in ages!
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How often do you tell your SO that you love them?
I like to at least once a day, but yesterday he told me it felt like we were trivializing it. :/ I didn't really know how to respond to that one. :/

DK;DC; What is your favourite toy/tv show from your childhood?
I'm a 90's kid and I really miss the Magic Bus show. I only got to see the ones we checked from the library, but I always loved the show. :)

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just because i've heard a lot of people say this

if a woman says that she tends to prefer male characters to female characters because she finds them more interesting, do you think that is indicative of internalized misogyny or do you think it's a result of the way female characters are presented by the media? would it depend on the type of show/book/movie/game she was talking about (i.e. a video game written with a male audience in mind vs something more general)?
a few fave things

Valentine cheesy lines...

I need help coming up with words for art I drew.

Chibi (Japanese term, small version cute) vampire, biting/sucking on a heart, a heart that kind of have flames/spikes. What would be a cheesy lines, or witty lines be for that art picture?

I can't think of anything witty to say.

do you know this artist?

I like how he comes up with these cute witty things to say! there kind of strange but so cute! I like his art what they say...

anyone think of witty stuff like that?

Also how do you get motivated to do your work outs?

What are simple easy work outs, that would be simple easy to motivate to do?

I have a work out bike I get pretty good about using that while playing video games, then I get to boss fights don't think I can finish up in a hour or quickly and then not do my bike for a while! I tend to go I'm SO TIRED after work I don't want too!

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I sprained the living hell out of my foot about a week ago. I actually would have bet my life that it was broken for the first 3 days, but the x-ray showed otherwise.

I saw a PA at a local urgent care center, and she's been really... unhelpful. When she called to tell me the results from the radiologist, I asked if I could potentially damage my foot further if I were to walk on it. "No, it should be okay." Later in that conversation, she stressed that it was crucial for me not to put any weight on my foot or walk on it for several weeks. Uhhh..

Because I have a kid. And a job. And live in a big city where I walk several miles a day and use public transit. I haven't been bedridden or hobbling around on crutches for hours a day. I keep it wrapped in an ACE bandage all day, but the minute I take it off, my foot starts protesting HARD to the point where I can't walk anymore. I don't know if that just comes with the territory of having sustained a bad strain a week ago, or if I'm doing something to hurt it further.

I said all of that to say this:
Am I actually doing further damage by walking on this foot?
How long does it normally take to regain some kind of normal use of the foot?


Have you gotten a great deal on something lately?

Mine: I went thrift shopping this afternoon and got a sweater for $5, a skirt for $6, a purse for $5 and a book for $1.50.
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I recently read an article which compared shows like Intervention, Hoarding, shows about people who weigh 600+ lbs, etc as the modern day version of circus freak shows. We would never go to a circus to look at the bearded lady now, but because we can watch these things in the privacy of our own homes we can watch and judge and all that without anyone else knowing.

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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Big news! We have successfully made a building, with windows for viewing, on another planet that is safe for humans to live in! There is a free flight out there and a home for anyone who wants it. Would you want to move there? If not, would adding anything like internet or calls back to Earth change your mind? Would you be willing to visit relatives who did move there?

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The basics:

What is your favorite color?

What are your favorite movies?

Who is your favorite music artist?


If you had to spend the rest of your life doing only ONE activity, what would you choose to do?

If you had to be reincarnated as either a) a rhinoceros beetle or b) a star-nosed mole, which would you choose?

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Can you refrigerate a cream puff? My friend just dropped one off in my room and I've already brushed my teeth.

Have you done anything new in the past 24 hours that you haven't before?